Do TENS Machine Work?

Do TENS machines work? The best way to find out is to try it. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a highly recommended pain relief solution for most body aches and pain in health and physical therapy institutions. Most users report being instant relief of their condition while using the device. It is also a great complementary technique to other physical treatments like exercise and stretching. An excellent example of a machine to pair with stretching and exercising is the wireless iTENS machine.

How do TENS machines work in relieving pain? TENS treatment sends out low electrical stimulation from the small TENS machine device to the body through the skin. The TENS machine has two electrodes that conduct small soothing electrical pulses to the nerve fibres. The pain-gating theory states that the stimulation of the nerves blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain and aid in the release of endorphins, thus reducing the sensation of pain.

Do TENS Machines Work: Purposes

What kind of pains do TENS machines work against best? TENS is the ideal solution for back, shoulder, neck, arms, legs, and feet pain. It can also be for people with period cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. The TENS machine comes either wired or wireless. The wireless iTENS is a revolutionary approach to pain management. The iTENS is a Bluetooth-compatible device that works by placing the electrode gel pads onto the skin and is controllable through the iTENS app on the mobile phone.

How do TENS machines work if it is wireless? Wireless TENS machines are easy to use and administer by one’s self. Additionally, there’s no complicated assembly procedure to get started. Peel and stick the electrode pads onto the skin near the area of pain, connect to your phone’s Bluetooth, and turn on the device. Carefully adjust the settings of TENS by slowly turning it up until you reach the right frequency. The TENS machine also has pre-set features specifically for the back, neck, shoulders, thighs, etc., so you don’t have to set it manually.

Do TENS machines work without side effects? TENS machines are a virtually safe and non-invasive form of pain relief with little to no known side effects. Undoubtedly, users who want a natural pain relief process through nerve stimulation without the side effects of taking oral pain-reducing medications prefer using TENS machines. The iTENS is an FDA-cleared TENS device and is available to buy over the counter or online without a prescription.

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