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TENS EMS Machine Australia Buy Guide

Person with muscle pain in the shoulder

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machines are growing in demand in recent years to relieve pain and improve muscle functions. These machines work by sending electrical impulses from the electrodes through the skin. Although similar in many aspects, TENS and EMS are different therapies.  Before getting TENS EMS machines in Australia, it is vital to look at the purpose of the treatment, functions, and features.

Many people are turning to electrotherapy as a non-invasive and natural method to manage several conditions. TENS and EMS are common procedures used in treatment centres and rehabilitation programs. Nowadays, individuals can purchase portable machines for personal use. To help choose the right device, knowing how each therapy works is essential. In the following sections, we will talk about TENS and EMS uses and benefits, factors to consider, and usage guidelines.

TENS EMS Machines in Australia: What is their Difference?

TENS and EMS machines are battery-operated units with adhesive pads worn on the body. The electrodes deliver mild and painless electrical impulses through the skin. However, these impulses work differently for each device. Before getting a TENS EMS machine in Australia, you must know what kind of treatment you need. 

A TENS machine stimulates the sensory nerves to relieve pain. It works by inducing the nerve pathways in the spinal cord to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Additionally, the low soothing pulses from TENS help release more endorphins. These natural chemicals inhibit the nerve cells from sending pain messages. As a result, the brain receives and processes fewer signals. 

On the other hand, EMS therapy targets the muscles. It contracts and relaxes the muscles repeatedly to improve strength and endurance. By stimulating the muscles, it achieves the same effects when doing physical exercise. Thus, it is beneficial in training and sports programs. Moreover, EMS uses a higher frequency than TENS to cause these contractions. Thus, many use devices that combine TENS and EMS functions to help manage pain and improve muscle functions. 

Benefits of TENS and EMS

  • TENS stimulates the nerves for pain alleviation. It helps relieve acute and chronic conditions like arthritissciaticabursitisfibromyalgia, tendinitis, and period pain.
  • TENS aids in repairing damaged tissues, tendons, and nerves.
  • EMS stimulates the muscles for strengthening and retraining. It also reaches deep muscle fibres that may not be activated during an exercise.
  • EMS prevents muscle atrophy or thinning of the muscle mass.
  • EMS maintains and regains muscle activity.
  • TENS and EMS boost blood circulation, reducing inflammation and accelerating healing.
  • TENS and EMS help improve mobility or coordination.
  • TENS and EMS can both be non-invasive pain relief after surgery. 

iTENS long strip wings and refill gel pads

TENS EMS Machines in Australia: Considerations When Choosing a Device

There are several factors to consider when choosing a TENS EMS machine in Australia.  Firstly, determine the specific needs and goals for using the device. You may buy TENS or EMS for nerve or muscle stimulation alone. However, if your condition needs pain relief and rehabilitation, a machine with both functionalities would be more beneficial. 

Secondly, examine the features of each unit. Electrotherapy machines differ in the type of electrodes, number of channels, intensity levels, and pre-set programs. A TENS and EMS machine may either be traditional or wireless. Different intensity levels may also help treat mild to severe pain. Moreover, check the available programs to see if it has a pre-set mode for your specific condition. 

Lastly, consider the additional accessories that you might need. You can purchase extra electrode pads for TENS EMS devices for treating several body areas. For instance, iTENS Australia offers small, large, and long strip wings. By checking these factors, you can choose the most suitable device to help achieve the desired results. 

Other Factors

Aside from the main aspects of electrical stimulators, several device features can also impact the pain management experience. These include the type of battery and control. Sufficient battery power is vital for lasting stimulation. Additionally, a rechargeable unit is more cost-efficient for long-term use. It eliminates the need to buy new batteries constantly. 

Device control is another important consideration. Conventional machines have a handheld controller where you can adjust the stimulation settings. Before use, you need to attach the wires to the electrode pads. In contrast, a wireless TENS unit, like iTENS, utilises Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone app. 

Using a wireless TENS machine on the wrist for pain relief

TENS EMS Machines in Australia: Operating Guidelines

More people get TENS EMS machines in Australia because it gives access to pain relief whenever needed. The device is portable and easy to use. It also minimises the need to go to regular therapy appointments. Before operating the device, initially, place the electrodes on the area you want to treat. The pads must be on the side of the pain area for TENS treatment, while EMS require positioning directly on the target muscles. 

Once in place, power on the machine and start at the lowest intensity level. Gradually increase the settings until you feel the desired effects. The currents should feel strong but comfortable. In addition, you may customise the treatment or select from the pre-set programs. Manual settings allow you to set the frequency, pulse duration, and treatment time. 

After the treatment, turn the device off before removing the pads. Also, check the condition of the skin and ensure it is not irritated. To avoid side effects, follow the guidelines when using TENS EMS machines in Australia. These include using the correct frequency and intensity levels. 

Safety Precautions

When using TENS and EMS devices, it is essential to take safety precautions to avoid potential harm or injury. First and foremost, electrotherapy may not be suitable for some individuals. You must consult a health professional if you have a heart condition, epilepsy, or implanted devices. It is also not advisable for pregnant women without medical advice.

Furthermore, do not place the electrodes on broken skin or wounds. Also, avoid sensitive areas like temples, head, throat, chest, and spine. Likewise, do not use TENS while sleeping, driving, bathing or in water. If you feel discomfort, check the intensity and readjust the settings.


TENS and EMS therapies offer people a safe and non-invasive way to relieve chronic pain or improve muscle conditions. The device is portable and easy to use. Thus, TENS EMS machines in Australia are steadily growing in demand. Nevertheless, it is vital to know how they work and what the considerations are before buying a device. TENS treatment targets nerve endings to control pain signals. Meanwhile, EMS is ideal for strengthening the muscles. 

Choosing a device takes careful consideration. It includes checking the device’s accessories, features and functions, such as intensity levels and the number of programs. Additionally, these features impact operation and treatment. For efficient pain management, a wireless TENS unit offers faster pad placement and convenient control through a smartphone app. Finally, operating the device correctly is vital to attain effective results and avoid safety risks. You may consult a doctor or physical therapist for advice.

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