Why You Should Consider TENS machines for Pain Therapy

You may have explored various options for treating your chronic and acute pain, such as medications, physical rehabilitation, and maybe surgery. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is another method that has grown in popularity. Let’s go over everything you need to understand about utilizing TENS machines for pain therapy to get the most out of it and how iTENS can assist you. 

What are TENS machines for pain? 

TENS is used to relieve pain that employs a moderate electrical current. TENS machines for pain are battery-operated gadgets that sends electrical impulses to the surface of your skin using electrode pads. The electric impulses activate nerve fibers in the painful region, which reduces pain signals to the brain. Your body may also produce natural pain-relieving hormones as a result of the electrical current. TENS machines are also helpful because of their tiny size, convenience, and apparent transparency. People can keep a TENS machine in their pocket to guarantee pain treatment whenever they need it. You may wear it beneath your clothing whether you’re going outside or staying at home.

iTENS as Pain Relief 

ITENS’ TENS machines for pain therapy are an excellent way to promote healing in those who have weak or damaged joints. The main benefit of utilizing the iTENS machine is that it uses nerve stimulation to divert pain receptors and lessen chronic and acute pain. From back discomfort to arm pain, the iTENS unit can provide natural relief. The impulses then help to release endorphins, which are natural pain relievers with no adverse effects. 

Two features distinguish the iTENS and make it a superior pain treatment option. These wireless TENS machines for pain includes a range of modes and settings that can be operated by an iOS or Android mobile smartphone through Bluetooth. The machine also allows you to manually make and save subtle variations and set preferences for easy accessibility of the patterns and applications you use the most. 

TENS for Wellbeing 

TENS machines for pain also overrides or inhibits impulses from nerves to the brain, which helps to improve regional blood circulation and functioning. Reduced discomfort allows your body to be calm without worrying about the injury or nighttime spasms. As a result, one of the benefits of using the iTENS unit is that your sleep quality will improve and increase blood circulation. 

Wireless iTENS 

The iTENS machine is completely wireless which has more advantages than a typical TENS machine. This makes it a smart investment for daily comfort because there is no need to waste time and effort connecting electrodes to wires. You don’t have to retrieve the gadget from its storage place and untangle the cables. Fortunately, if you use wireless TENS machines for pain, you won’t have to worry about this issue. You can use the iTENS to alleviate chronic and acute pain no matter where you are and wear it beneath your clothes, and no one will notice. This machine permits you to obtain the relief you want whenever it is convenient for you.

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