Where to Buy a TENS Unit with Rechargeable Batteries

The struggle of pain management is a common issue globally. Pain can cause discomfort to anyone experiencing it. It can come gradually or instantly, depending on your health condition or injury. Pain can present itself as a shooting, burning, throbbing, or sharp sensation. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective and highly innovative methods to help with your painful sensations. Oral medications, physical therapy and electrotherapy, are common and effective pain management treatments. Electrotherapy is a pain treatment that uses electrical currents to reduce pain. You can get electrotherapy treatments in treatment centres (physical therapy rehabs) or at home. Nowadays, highly effective and innovative personal TENS devices are available for home use. You can buy high-quality devices like the iTENS on websites like iTENS Australia. The iTENS is a wireless TENS unit with rechargeable batteries. 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that uses low-voltage electrical currents to treat pain. The iTENS is an excellent example of an effective TENS device. TENS devices use the “Gate Control Theory” of pain management to treat pain. The theory states that when we provide electrical stimulation to our nerves, we can close certain sensory pathways. These pathways are where our body’s pain signals pass through to reach the brain. Closure of the pathways could have fewer pain signals reaching our brain, thus reducing our pain sensations. Effective TENS devices like the iTENS TENS unit with rechargeable batteries can effectively provide this reaction. 

What TENS Unit with Rechargeable Batteries Should I Buy?

There are plenty of devices options available for pain management, some more effective than others. You can use the iTENS, a TENS unit with rechargeable batteries from iTENS Australia. There are plenty of this to consider when buying a personal device. The most important things to list are cost, effectiveness, ease-of-use, and available accessories. The iTENS ticks all the boxes to be a highly effective TENS device for personal use. You must pick a device you can rely on. Moreover, it is also vital to choose a safe device to use. Additionally, the iTENS has more added features that you may not find on other devices, like Bluetooth capabilities and interchangeable electrode wing pads. 

It is also essential to note what a TENS device can treat. The iTENS TENS unit with rechargeable batteries can help relieve the pain symptoms of several painful health conditions. The iTENS can help reduce the pain symptoms from arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and many more. Furthermore, the iTENS is highly compact, allowing users to attach it to almost any part of the body. The iTENS can easily be attached to areas like the back, legs, arms, ankles, and knee to help treat pain in those areas. It is crucial to have a highly compact device because you never know when pain can strike next. 


Where Can You Buy the iTENS TENS Unit with Rechargeable Batteries?

You can buy the iTENS device from iTENS Australia. Since it is a well-known device, you can also find iTENS on other online platforms like eBay. Moreover, you can purchase this TENS unit with rechargeable batteries in health stores and pharmacies. Furthermore, you do not need a prescription when purchasing the iTENS. iTENS Australia also has all the iTENS accessories available. Having all the accessories available allows you to treat various health conditions and body areas. iTENS Australia is capable of express and standard delivery nationwide. The iTENS is a highly reliable rechargeable unit. One charge cycle of the iTENS could provide treatments for 24 to 36 hours, depending on the treatment frequency and intensity. 

Using the iTENS: A Wireless TENS Unit with Rechargeable Batteries

You should follow some crucial steps when using the iTENS TENS unit with rechargeable batteries from iTENS Australia. It is important to remember to attach the device to your body before turning it on. Doing this will prevent shocks and skin or nerve irritations. Furthermore, you should also note what size pad to use to treat a specific area. Using the right electrode pad size can help optimize your treatment. TENS therapy relies on effective electrical stimulation for its effects. Therefore, having pads that cover the appropriate treatment surface area can drastically help provide more effective pain relief. The iTENS has three pads available, and they can give reliable stimulation to specific body areas. You can use this as a guide on what sizes to use: 

  • Large iTENS electrode wing pads: These pads are for big areas like the back and shoulder 
  • Long iTENS electrode wing pads: These pads are for elongated treatment areas like the leg up to your back. These pads are effective for conditions like sciatica. 
  • Small iTENS electrode wing pads: These are mainly for small and flexible areas like the ankle and wrist. You can discreetly wear these pads under your clothes during treatment. 

iTENS Compatibility and Other Advantages

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is an entirely wireless TENS device capable of Bluetooth connection. This connection allows access to the iTENS app through your phone. The app will enable you to set treatment parameters and control the TENS device. The innovations of the iTENS have made pain management seem more effortless and convenient. You can select specific pre-set treatment parameters for a particular condition or body area. Having pre-set settings allow users to begin their pain management treatments instantly. Furthermore, having optimal settings ready can drastically help those with no prior electrotherapy experience. Without a doubt, the iTENS TENS unit with rechargeable batteries makes for a very reliable personal device. 

Users that prefer more personalized parameters may also use the device in “manual mode”. In the manual mode of the iTENS TENS unit with rechargeable batteries, you can manually input your settings. You can manually set the frequency, intensity, pulse duration, and pulse width to your liking. Furthermore, having a manual option helps make TENS therapy feel more comfortable. You may set the exact amount of electrical stimulation that best suits your comfort. However, it is essential to remember that you should start from the lowest frequency and intensity possible. You may then gradually increase your parameters. This method allows your and your body to accommodate the electrical stimulation fully. Doing this can also prevent sudden shocks or nerve and muscle irritation.      

Is Electrotherapy Safe?

Electrotherapy with TENS devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia is a non-toxic, safe, and all-natural method for pain relief. Unlike some oral pain medications, TENS devices do not have any adverse side effects. Furthermore, the iTENS TENS unit with rechargeable batteries has FDA approval to be a safe personal pain relief device. Moreover, before purchasing your first TENS device, consult a doctor or physiotherapist. You can check if electrotherapy can benefit your condition or injury. People with epilepsy, cancer patients, pregnant women, and people with cardiac pacemakers should avoid TENS devices.