TENS Unit for Pain

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device is a battery-powered device used to alleviate pain. TENS unit for pain functions by sending tiny electrical impulses through electrodes with adhesive pads attached to the user’s skin. These electrical impulses overwhelm the nerve system, impairing its capacity to send pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. The same electrical impulses also encourage the body to generate endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relievers. 

TENS therapy is a proven and tested treatment for back, muscular and joint pain. TENS unit for pain includes applying conductive adhesive patches and attaching them to a power pack, which can be programmed to deliver electrical signals through the skin to intercept pain signals before they reach the brain. iTENS, a novel unit for pain, is intended to provide pain relief without the hassle of, the usually tangled, cables of traditional TENS devices. 

iTENS for your TENS Unit for Pain

The iTENS is a portable device comprising of a rechargeable battery-operated unit and reusable gel pads. The iTENS unit is attached to a gel pad, then put on the affected region and can be operated manually or through Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android Smartphone. This makes this unit for pain an efficient and effective device for pain treatment. 

The iTENS unit for pain comes with a set of small or large wings suitable for use on the back, shoulders and other broad treatment regions. Small wings are recommended for discomfort in the wrist, knee, elbow and other small locations. Another option available are the spare wing long strips used for sciatic nerve pain, difficulties with tendons and other lengthy areas need relief. 

iTENS unit for pain is generally recognized as safe form of pain therapy. In some cases, an electrical current may be too intense for a patient. In rare instances, it may produce burning or irritation to the skin. Some people who have skin allergies may be allergic to the electrode pads that come with the devices. People who have pacemakers, infusion pumps, defibrillators or other similar devices should avoid being exposed to the electrical currents generated by a TENS machine. 

Make pain management tolerable with iTENS

Pain may interfere with every area of your life, making even the most ordinary activities intolerable. Instead of relying on pain medications or highly addictive opioids, there is now an alternate solution: the iTENS, which can help you alleviate acute and chronic pain while reducing or eliminating the need for medication. Because of this, iTENS is a highly recommended TENS unit for pain. 

You can just apply the iTENS to areas of pain and get pain therapy right then and there. This TENS unit for pain is considerably easier to use because of its all-in-one design instead of the separate pads of a typical wired device. You can get instant relief by wearing the iTENS at various times throughout the day and utilizing it as needed. 

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