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Where to Buy a TENS Machine Near Me: Online Sales and Service

What is TENS? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS therapy work by producing tiny electrical impulses that stimulate nerves to provide pain relief. In addition, TENS therapy can also help induce endorphin release, the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins can help reduce pain, improve mood, reduce stress, and provide body relaxation. If you are wondering “where to buy a TENS machine near me”, you may find that iTENS Australia provides the ideal pain management tool. The iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS machine. Having FDA clearance ensures that the product is tested and safe to use.

Pain management is an essential part of the lives of people suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions. Convenient and efficient pain management devices like TENS therapy machines can significantly help reduce pain and discomfort. In addition, TENS therapy is safe, 100% drug-free and a non-invasive method of relieving various painful symptoms. If your goal is to reduce the intake of oral painkilling medications, TENS therapy is the perfect alternative pain management method. Moreover, TENS therapy does not have adverse side effects compared to oral medications. When searching “where to buy a TENS machine near me”, you may see iTENS from iTENS Australia to be readily available nationwide. The iTENS wireless TENS is a highly convenient and cost-effective pain management device. 

Is TENS Therapy safe?

TENS therapy is 100% safe and an effective pain management method. In addition, you can use a TENS machine multiple times daily. Undoubtedly, the iTENS from iTENS Australia is the ideal option when looking for “where to buy a TENS machine near me”. However, we recommend taking breaks between TENS sessions to avoid skin irritation. Before purchasing a TENS machine, you must know its primary purpose. We suggest consulting your doctor or medical specialists if TENS therapy will suit your needs. In addition, there are some precautions to be taken, and some groups should avoid using TENS therapy machines. For example, people with cancers, heart illness, epilepsy, and cardiac pacemakers should avoid using TENS machines. 

Furthermore, iTENS Australia offers users three different electrode pad sizes. Varying electrode pads enable users to treat specific conditions and body areas optimally. This innovative feature makes the iTENS an excellent option when considering “where to buy a TENS machine near me”. In addition, ordering online from iTENS Australia removes the hassle of going out to purchase the device from a retail store. iTENS Australia offers customers readily available products and fast delivery. Here are the products available on the iTENS Australia website: 

  • iTENS Small Wing Kit – perfect for treating joints like the wrists and ankles.
  • iTENS – Large Wing Kit – excellent for treating large areas like the back and shoulders
  • Spare Wing Long Strip Pads – treats elongated pain areas like the legs. In addition, it is best for treating sciatica.

Where to Buy a TENS Machine Near Me: Choosing the iTENS 

If you seek the best TENS machine and ask, “where to buy a TENS machine near me,” it would help if you considered looking at the different types of TENS machines available. Nowadays, innovative TENS devices are readily available in online stores. An excellent example of a reliable and effective TENS machine is the iTENS from iTENS Australia. The iTENS is an entirely wireless medical device that can provide pain relief instantly. In addition, having wireless features removes the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. Moreover, the iTENS offers users various beneficial features. For example, the device provides users with Bluetooth connectivity. This feature enables users to connect their TENS device to any iOS or Android smartphone. The free iTENS app will allow users to activate and control their TENS devices through their smartphones. 

Furthermore, the iTENS app provides users with pre-set programs that can treat specific painful conditions and body areas. This feature is perfect for those who are new to TENS therapy. When searching online for a place where to buy a TENS machine near me, it may be challenging due to the wide variety of TENS devices. However, you can go directly to iTENS Australia online to purchase the wireless iTENS. Aside from being an entirely wireless TENS therapy machine, it offers various advantageous features that other e-stim devices may not provide. 

Where to Buy a TENS Machine Near Me: Benefits

People suffering from painful conditions and injuries typically search for “where to buy a TENS machine near me” as an alternative to oral medication. TENS therapy is now becoming more popular due to its convenience and efficiency in providing pain relief. Furthermore, innovative devices like the iTENS wireless TENS offer a more convenient pain management tool. The iTENS is portable, compact and highly discreet. In addition, they can have access to instant pain relief whenever they need it. As it is a discreet device, users can wear it underneath their clothing and use the TENS device without anyone else noticing. Moreover, wireless devices give users the freedom to move around during TENS therapy sessions. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is effective in treating various pains and conditions, such as period pain, arthritis, bursitis, endometriosis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, tendonitis and diabetic neuropathy.


Guidelines in Operating a TENS Machine

Besides wondering where to buy a TENS machine near me, you may want to look at the available features the device offers. For example, the iTENS from iTENS Australia provides users with features that make it easy for people to use the device. As a standard guide, you may want to follow the following instructions for safely using the iTENS machine: 

  • Wash the skin with mild soap and water before placing the pads.
  • Place the electrode pads near or directly on the pain point.
  • Turn on the device. You may opt to connect the iTENS device to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.
  • Launch the iTENS smartphone app and select the desired treatment from the menu. You may choose according to specific body areas or painful health conditions.
  • You may manually create and adjust the TENS treatment. This feature helps you find the most suitable treatment.
  • The iTENS will produce a slight tingling sensation. Remember, TENS should not hurt. 
  • After the TENS session, remember to switch the device off before removing the pads.
  • It is recommended to wait 20 minutes between TENS therapy sessions.


If you are searching for “where to buy a TENS machine near me”, iTENS Australia is the go-to place. iTENS Australia offers the most suitable and effective TENS machine for acute and chronic pain. Aside from provisioning users with multiple electrode pad sizes and various TENS accessories, the iTENS have other beneficial features. The iTENS is USB-powered, so it does not require changing batteries. You can charge the device, and a fully charged iTENS can run for 24 hours and provide efficient pain relief. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is undoubtedly an excellent and efficient pain relief tool to help people suffering from various painful conditions.

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