Advantages of a Wireless TENS Massager

People dealing with all sorts of pain use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) as a long-term ally to relieve pain. TENS is an innovative modality for pain management and works by blocking or reducing pain signals through electrical stimulation. People who use a wireless TENS massager find the experience more liberating than a traditional TENS machine.

The TENS unit is a small portable device that creates small electrical currents and floods them through the nervous system through electrodes attached to the skin. The currents block the signal of pain receptors going towards the brain. The endorphins released from TENS therapy also act as a body’s natural painkiller, reducing the sensation of pain. The wireless TENS massager, like iTENS devices, comes with plenty of benefits.

Health professionals recommend using a wireless TENS massager, like the iTENS device, as it could be highly effective, reliable, durable, and drastically improve one’s quality of life. 

Wireless TENS Massager: Advantages

  • Relieve pain – the primary function of TENS treatment is to alleviate acute and chronic musculoskeletal pains. A wireless TENS massager can also treat several conditions like sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms without booking physiotherapy sessions.
  • Ease of Use – Unlike the wired TENS device, a wireless TENS is more convenient to use. You peel and stick the gel pads onto the skin and adjust the settings from your phone. Through Bluetooth connection, there’s no bending over for the controls when starting your self-session.
  • Unrestrictive Pain therapy – the key feature of a wireless tens machine is the absence of wires. A wireless TENS makes pain treatment more comfortable. The pads can be placed in the body underneath the clothes, discreetly hidden from view. Undoubtedly, this wireless feature allows for more unrestrictive movement as you go about your day at home or work.
  • Smart – the wireless TENS massager, like the iTENS unit, comes with helpful app features on the phone. There are pre-set programs for specific therapy like lower back pains, shoulder pain, etc., ready for use without manual adjustments. The app can also help you track your usage times and results.
  • Cost-effective – wireless TENS massagers are rechargeable. The gel pads are reusable, and it takes a long time before it needs replacement. Consequently, the cable wires from a traditional TENS machine are prone to wear and tear. While a wireless TENS unit may cost more, it will help you save in the long run.

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