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What is a TENS Machine Good For?

Pain is our body’s natural response to something wrong that needs attention. All of us experience pain to lesser or greater degrees. It is also one of the most constant sensations we will feel throughout life. When we feel intense pain, we seek professional help to treat the cause. However, certain health conditions cause pain to recur. Therefore, the right strategies and techniques are crucial to managing pain effectively. Fortunately, there are effective methods to lessen the pain. Medications, physical and electrotherapy are commonly used techniques for pain management. Some people use one or a combination of these methods for most relief. In particular, a TENS machine uses mild electrical currents to relieve pain. 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy targeting the nerves to relieve pain. Accordingly, the Pain Gating theory states that the spinal cord has a gating mechanism that controls the flow of pain signals. TENS works by flooding the nerve pathways with electrical stimulation to block the pain signals to the brain. Additionally, the electrical stimulation induces the release of endorphins, natural hormones that help suppress pain. Thus, there is an overall decrease in pain perception. For some people, a TENS machine is for managing pain. For others, they use it to reinvigorate sore muscles. An excellent TENS device for managing acute and chronic pain is iTENS from iTENS Australia. 

TENS Machine for Acute Pain

Acute Pain is a temporary pain type and lasts no more than three months. Often, it is a direct result of injuries of soft tissue damage like sprain, bruises, or cuts. Minor injuries can heal on their own, requiring little to no remedy. However, some acute pain needs more intensive treatments like medications or TENS therapy. For example, a TENS machine can help alleviate pain after surgery or sudden injuries. In particular, the iTENS enables you to manage pain while recovering. TENS helps relieve body aches caused by the overuse of body parts from working all day. It helps ease the pain in the arms, shoulders, back, hips, legs, and feet. In addition, a TENS machine is also suitable for minimising period pain. Acute pain will go away once the underlying cause heals. 


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that persists for three months and longer. Underlying health conditions cause chronic pain from recurring. Chronic diseases are progressive with no end in sight. Sometimes, pain can become chronic if the pain signals remain active even if the injury or illness has healed. In addition, some people suffer chronic pain even when there is no past injury or ailment. When this happens, the affected area continues to send pain signals to the brain for no apparent reason. It can also strike anytime. For people with chronic, it makes easy tasks difficult. It also interferes with daily activities affecting the overall quality of life. Therefore, a TENS machine is excellent for people with chronic pain. The iTENS is a cost-efficient device to manage pain easily whenever they happen. TENS is best for relieving symptoms for the following:

iTENS: Benefits of TENS Machine

The iTENS is the best wireless TENS machine to serve various needs. Aside from blocking pain signals and endorphins release, a TENS machine improves blood circulation. In particular, the continuous tingling sensation from the iTENS increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area. As a result, it stimulates sore muscles to relax and facilitate faster healing of damaged nerves. Therefore, a TENS machine relieves pain while accelerating recovery. For instance, athletes use TENS while they are under rehabilitation. 

A TENS machine is a safe and non-invasive way to treat pain. If you are looking for a drug-free alternative, the iTENS is effective. Unlike oral painkillers, there are no adverse side effects from using TENS. Therefore, you can use it frequently guilt-free. A helpful feature of the iTENS is its wireless electrodes with Bluetooth connectivity. In particular, the wireless iTENS enables you to manage pain while you are working. Unlike the standard wired TENS, the iTENS lets you move freely without inhibition. As a result, the wireless iTENS drastically improve managing chronic pain. You can carry on with your daily activities without taking medications or regularly going to the doctor. 


Features of the iTENS App

The iTENS connects to a smartphone app to facilitate treatment. The app features several pre-set programs for efficient pain management. You can access several therapies based on body parts or conditions from the app. For example, if you want to use a TENS machine for back pain, select the program for back pain and the stimulation will begin immediately. Furthermore, the parameters are fixed based on the optimum settings for each condition. So, anybody can use a TENS machine safely and effectively. The app is user-friendly, with clear and easy instructions to follow. 

Another feature of the iTENS is its programmable settings. You may customise your treatment by setting your parameters under manual operation mode. For instance, you can input your desired frequency, pulse rate, pulse width, waveforms, and treatment time in manual mode. In addition, experimenting with different intensities of a TENS machine allows you to find the most optimal relief. However, it is vital that you start with the lowest frequency and gradually work your way up. For example, you will feel a tingling sensation when the treatment begins. Then, as your body accommodates the electrical stimulation, you can slowly increase the intensities. Keep on doing it until you feel most relieved. Also, you mustn’t turn the frequency too high to avoid making the pain worse. 

TENS Machine – Effective Pads Placement

The iTENS comes in three pads sizes. The wing-shaped pads are designed to fit most body areas with ease and convenience. In addition, the gel pads are flexible but firm to stick to the skin. To manage pain, start by positioning the pads over the area of pain. If you experience multiple body aches, it is best to start with the most painful body part and move to the next area. Moreover, the iTENS is portable and discreet to use. You can use a TENS machine while working or doing physical activity. Ensure that the unit is off before you attach and remove the electrodes on the skin. 

TENS Machine – Risk and Safety

A TENS machine is generally a safe medical device with little to no known risks or side effects. However, there are certain circumstances where caution is necessary. Do not use a TENS machine on the following:

  • Open wounds
  • Irritated skin
  • Near the eyes, throat, and chest
  • In or around water
  • While driving
  • While sleeping
  • During pregnancy, except in the early stage of labour
  • People with cancer, epilepsy, heart disease
  • People with cardiac pacemakers or defibrillator 

If you are looking for a TENS machine, ensure that it has passed international standards. The wireless iTENS has FDA approval to be an effective and safe device for pain relief. For best results, consult your physician or therapist before using TENS. A TENS machine is available over the counter without a prescription. You may also purchase the iTENS directly at iTENS Australia.

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