TENS Machine to Ease Pain

Pain is our body’s natural response to alert us that something is wrong. Typically, we would immediately check the area where we feel pain. Pain may feel sharp or dull and throbbing or burning. We would have to endure severe pain during an injury until it heals over time. However, even after healing, some pain still lingers. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than twelve weeks. Mostly, it is due to developing or existing chronic health conditions and injuries that have not healed properly. People with chronic pain manage it through medications, exercise, and therapy. Oral medications are popular because they are accessible and affordable. But sometimes, medications may not be enough. Alternatively, you can use a TENS machine to ease the pain. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a treatment that uses low-voltage electrical currents to target the sensory nerves.

How it works

A TENS machine delivers electrical currents to your nerves which helps block pain signals from reaching your brain. According to the Pain Gate Control Theory, the spinal cord has a gating mechanism or “neural gate” that controls the passage of pain signals. The neural gate would close and prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain during TENS. TENS also induces the release of endorphins, which is our body’s natural pain reliever. Together, these two functions decrease the perception of pain. A conventional TENS machine is a set of electrodes connected to pads through lead wires. It is attached to the skin around the area with the most pain. Conversely, some TENS machines like the iTENS eliminated wires to facilitate more convenient pain treatments. The iTENS is the world’s first TENS device with FDA approval for wireless pain relief. The iTENS combines mobile technology with the efficacy of TENS therapy.


iTENS: A Convenient TENS Machine

The wireless iTENS machine consists of electrodes controllable via Bluetooth and can pair seamlessly to most iOS or Android devices. The iTENS is a portable wearable unit that facilitates pain treatment efficiently through the iTENS smartphone app. Right out of the box, the device can easily sync with a smartphone, and you can begin treatment immediately. Despite its small package, it can still deliver effective therapeutic effects to help ease our pain. TENS is popular among people with chronic pain, but it is also beneficial for those recovering from injuries and surgeries. TENS is suitable for relieving pain symptoms such as:

Furthermore, TENS can boost the blood circulation to the affected area, rehabilitating damaged nerves or sore muscles for faster healing.

The iTENS have flexible, slim, wing-like, small and large electrode pads that can fit discreetly under your clothes. The large wing pads are perfect for large body parts such as the shoulders, back, and legs. In contrast, the smaller wing pads are suitable for hard to reach or tricky areas such as the elbow, knees and ankles. Additionally, the wing-shaped pads are flexible and can curve with movement, so you can treat your pain without limiting your activities. Moreover, the iTENS is ideal for activity-induced pain, so you can use a TENS machine while working, exercising or doing chores. Furthermore, the wireless iTENS makes it easy to manage pain with the convenience of a smartphone app.

Using a TENS Machine

Operating the iTENS device is easy. Turn on the device and pair it to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection for the first use. After pairing, you may manage pain conveniently. Just place the pads on the pain site and launch the iTENS app. Firstly, ensure that the skin is clean and dry and has no cuts or open wounds. Then, select the treatment you need from the pre-set programs. You may choose according to the body part or condition you are treating. Also, you may adjust your settings (like intensity) according to your specifications and comfort. Under the manual mode, you can control the pulse rate, frequency, and duration for convenient use. Set the TENS machine at the lowest frequency and gradually increase when looking for a comfortable intensity. The pre-set settings of the iTENS allow for optimal self-treatments even for those with limited electrotherapy experience.

Managing Your Intensity

As you begin the treatment, you will feel a tingling sensation. The mild electrical impulses should feel firm but not uncomfortable or overpowering. The sensation will drop slightly after a few minutes because of accommodation. Gradually increase the frequency until you reach the most effective pain relief, but make sure you are comfortable with the intensity. Moreover, do not turn the TENS machine too high to avoid overstimulation and skin irritation. A single session can last 15 to 30 minutes, and you can use it several times a day whenever you feel pain. Because pain works differently between individuals, the effect can also vary. Some users report immediate pain relief, while some may need longer treatments. If you need additional treatments, make sure to have at least a 20-minute break between sessions.


Pad Placement

Sometimes, pain strikes in different areas and at other times. Having a TENS machine near you can efficiently manage chronic pain. Follow the iTENS pads placement guide for effective and optimal pain relief. For instance, the pain of fibromyalgia is widespread. The pain usually affects the neck, shoulders, upper back, and buttocks. Place the iTENS electrode pads near or around the painful region, depending on where you feel pain. You may adjust the pads slightly around the area to optimise the pain relief. Generally, place the pads over the muscles, avoiding the spine or joints. Also, avoid using TENS anywhere on the head or throat.

TENS is a safe and drug-free alternative for pain relief. Using TENS frequently does not cause adverse side effects, unlike oral analgesics. Additionally, a TENS machine is non-invasive. The electrode pads stick well to the skin, and you can easily remove them. In case of redness or irritation, clean your skin with mild soap and water. Furthermore, TENS is not advisable in certain circumstances. For example, women cannot use TENS during pregnancy except in the early stage of labour. A doctor must supervise using a TENS machine to help with labour pains. Additionally, TENS is not advisable for people with:

  • cancer
  • epilepsy
  • people with cardiac pacemakers


You can use a TENS machine conveniently, even without the supervision of a therapist. TENS devices like the iTENS, which have pre-set settings, allow for safe and efficient self-treatments. However, professionals recommend that first-time users consult a physician or physiotherapist regarding the proper use of TENS. Finally, you may purchase the iTENS without a prescription required in any leading pharmacies near you. Or, you may have the iTENS unit delivered straight to your doorstep through ordering online at iTENS Australia. The iTENS is your reliable partner for quick, safe, and effective pain relief treatments.

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