All About TENS Machine Pads

Are you looking to purchase professional-grade Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine pads at a reasonable cost? In that case, we offer everything you need for your condition. We can also assure you that all of our iTENS pads fulfill the Australian requirements for longevity, conductivity and effectiveness. The reusable TENS machine pads are self-adhesive, non-woven fabric electrodes that are long-lasting and sturdy. 

Tens pads are also referred to as TENS electrodes, TENS gel pads and TENS patches. TENS machine pads are where the TENS machine will deliver nerve stimulation through contact places on your skin. The device’s efficacy is directly affected by the characteristic of the pads. With our premium quality pads, you can be confident that your TENS machine will keep operating as intended. 

How to place TENS machine pads

  1. The pads should be put straight across or near the region of pain as feasible by determining the exact location of your discomfort and highlight the most sensitive part of the ache. It is highly recommended to use two or four pads around the pain area simultaneously if the area is in need of more treatment. 
  1. You may modify the passage of the electric power by changing the angle between the pads and its position in one of three ways: vertical, horizontal, or angulated. 
  1. When the pain is more concentrated on a minor part of your body (for example, calf discomfort), place the pads parallel to the pain. And when the pain is more widespread (for example, over your shoulders and underneath your neck), you may put the pads on the left and right sides of your spine in a vertical position. 


The pads will typically last around 2-3 months based on your skin condition and how frequently you use your TENS machine. Cleaning them properly by prepping your skin before using the them can extend their longevity. Replace your TENS machine pads if you detect a change in the efficacy of your TENS machine or a shift in the way that electrical stimulation performs on your skin. Continued use may weaken the efficiency of your machine. And lastly, TENS machine pads should not be kept in the refrigerator. They must be stored at temperatures between 5°C to 27°C. 

Before placing a TENS machine on a person’s body, healthcare professionals may perform a detailed examination and considerable research to determine the specific cause of pain. The similarity is that pain impulses are blocked from entering the brain. At this point, the TENS machine pads that provide electrical pulses to the skin are being implanted. 

If you are looking for TENS machine pads that are affordable, simple to use and last a long time. I suggest the iTENS gel pad. It is available in various sizes and are reusable. Replacement gel pads can be used at 15 – 20 times each set.

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