All About TENS Machine Pads

TENS pads are also called TENS electrodes or TENS gel pads, or TENS patches. TENS pads focus on your skin, where your TENS machine will coordinate the nerve stimulus. The standard of the pads directly determines the effectiveness of your machine.

Which Tens Pads to Purchase?

Replacing TENS electrode pads can be tiresome and costly, particularly if you have obtained a used Tens machine. Electrode pads come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, connections and quality. The Tens pad’s size and shape will be decided by individual inclination and their appropriateness to the portion of the body for which they will be utilized. For example, rectangular Tens pads are in a perfect world suited to treat huge areas of the body such as the back, midriff and thigh; the littler circular pads are more suited to treat zones such as the knee or elbow. The square electrode pad is the most typical Tens electrode pad and doubtless the foremost versatile. It is often used appropriately on almost any area of the body and is more suitable for targeting specific pain points than larger pads.

There are generally two types of connection, the prewired electrode pads or stud pads. The prewired electrodes sometimes referred to as pigtail electrodes, have wires attached to Tens lead wires with pin connectors. These are nearly always standard 2mm pin connection that slot into the Tens electrode pads’ wires.

If your Tens lead has a snap connector on end, this can be more complicated as, unfortunately, the electrodes with stud connections have different sizes of the stud. It is especially problematic if you have purchased a secondhand machine and you do not have any original pads for reference.

If you’re looking for affordable, easy to use, long-lasting tens pads, I recommend purchasing the iTENS gel pad. It comes in different sizes. These Peel ‘n Stick gel pads are reusable and replaceable gel pads that are good for 15 – 20 applications per set.

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