TENS Unit for Back Pain Relief

Many people have successfully relieved themselves from back pain using a TENS unit. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) effectively treats back pain and gives relief from chronic back pain. It will treat many different types of surrounding back pain, including sciatica, muscle strains, sports injuries, stiff neck from sleeping in an incorrect position and bad posture while using a computer or laptop.

Best TENS Unit for Back Pain Relief

While all TENS unit can relieve back pain, some may do a better job. But it depends on your preferences and how you are going to use the unit. If you are going to use TENS to treat yourself at home and need chronic or minor back pain relief, the iTENS unit is an easy-to-use, wireless, affordable, wearable and discreet product. It is one of the best TENS units for back pain relief.

Using the iTENS Unit to Treat Back Pain

The iTENS unit can treat back pain simply by applying the device directly to the affected area and adjust the settings using an app with your smartphone to relieve the pain. Since there are different types of back pain, there is no single best way for using iTENS on back pain indications. Follow the instructions given, and you need to adjust the impulse waves until you find relief. It is how you use TENS units for all types of pain. Using iTENS can speed recovery and reduce pain. Acupuncture like iTENS is excellent for treating muscle spasms and the trigger points often found in back muscles.

With iTENS, you don’t have to worry about back pain relief using a device where the wires hang out and potentially get caught on something and pull the wires out of your unit or pull the patches off your back. Its wireless modern-day features make it the best TENS unit available in the market.

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