TENS Unit for Back Pain Relief

Anyone can develop back pain at any life stage for varying reasons. The most common causes of backache are muscle sprains or strains due to overuse. For example, lifting heavy objects, periods of inactivity, or bad posture can add stress to the back. Back pain can range from shooting or stabbing sensation and may worsen with slight movements, such as bending, standing, or walking. Fortunately, simple home remedies can help relieve mild to moderate backaches. Some people also take medications to lessen the discomfort. Meanwhile, some people use electrotherapy for back pain relief to avoid drug intake. A technique known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) can effectively relieve pain in the back and other common pain areas in the body. Additionally, iTENS Australia offers a revolutionary TENS device called the iTENS wireless unit. This device relieves pain efficiently without sacrificing comfort and mobility. 

How Does TENS Provide Back Pain Relief

A TENS unit is a compact battery-operated device comprising the use of electrodes to deliver mild electrical stimulation to the body. The electrodes produce low-voltage electrical units, passing through the skin to reach the nearby nerves. You may find traditional TENS units in clinics or physical therapy centres to help patients with acute or chronic pain. However, the contemporary device from iTENS Australia employs wireless electrodes for more convenient back pain relief. But how do TENS relieve back pain? TENS therapy works by sending modulated electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves. At varying intensities, the electrical stimulation causes the nerve pathways in the spinal cord to block pain signals and induce the release of endorphins. 

According to the Gate Control Pain Theory, the electrical pulses from a TENS machine induce the “neural gate” to close, hindering the pain signals from reaching the brain. Additionally, the pulse rhythm from a low-frequency TENS stimulates the body to release more endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that have natural morphine-like properties, which help inhibit pain sensations. Thus, they are known as the body’s natural pain relievers. Using a TENS unit for back pain relief provides effective treatment for acute or chronic conditions. 


Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can happen due to sore muscles or ligament strain. A sharp, shooting sensation may be felt on one side or the entire back. Likewise, back pain may also radiate to the arms or legs. Thus, in using a TENS unit for back pain relief, it is crucial to know the actual cause of pain. Although common, back pain may indicate a serious health issue. Therefore, it is best to get a diagnosis from a medical professional, especially for severe symptoms that last over a week. The common causes of back pain are:

  • Pulled muscle – the most common reason for aching back is straining a muscle or ligament due to heavy lifting or sudden movements. Likewise, constant strain on the back can cause painful muscle spasms.
  • Fractures – injuries or broken bones in the spine may compress the nerves in the spinal cord, causing numbness.
  • Ruptured disks – disks act as a cushion between the bones in the spine. Disks can bulge from their position and press on a nerve. 
  • Structural problems – spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spaces in the spinal column. It includes numbness or tingling in the back and neck. It is common as a person ages. 
  • Arthritis – involves the inflammation or the degeneration of joints. In particular, osteoarthritis affects the lower back. 
  • Osteoporosis – painful fractures in the spine as the bones become porous and brittle. 

How to Use TENS for Back Pain Relief

TENS therapy is a painless and non-invasive technique for treating chronic back pain. Using a TENS unit for back pain relief is easy and does not need professional supervision. First, identify the area of most pain and adhere the electrode pads over or beside it. With the iTENS wireless electrodes, simply peel off the protective cover of the gel pads and place them on the pain site. Next, turn on the device and select the treatment you need based on specific body pain or condition. For example, if you have sciatica that radiates down to the legs, you may use the iTENS long strip wings to cover elongated pain areas. However, avoid placing the electrode pads directly over the spinal column. Furthermore, many people report that TENS is most helpful for chronic back pain when used while being active. 


Best TENS for Back Pain Relief

There are many considerations in choosing the best TENS unit for back pain relief. The efficiency of a TENS machine may depend on your preferences and use of the unit. Considering the following features of a TENS machine will help pain management more effective: 

  • Electrode pads – electrode pads come in different types, sizes, and shapes. Traditional TENS use wired units, while some have wireless electrodes like the iTENS. Moreover, the TENS machine pads have a small or large size to treat different body areas optimally. For example, small pads are ideal for joint pain, while large pads are suitable in broad areas like the back for maximum coverage.
  • Treatment mode – although the TENS unit uses electrical stimulation to reduce pain, each TENS have different pain or treatment mode. In choosing the best TENS machine, it is important that it can treat many conditions as possible. For instance, the iTENS has pre-set settings for the lower back, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis
  • Intensity level – the advantage of TENS therapy is allowing you to control the level of pain relief you receive. You may set the intensity of the stimulation from mild, moderate, to intense. 

iTENS: Why Choose a Wireless TENS Unit

The iTENS is an entirely wireless TENS device that has the efficacy of TENS but without the hassle of wires. A wireless TENS unit for back pain relief enables you to move freely without restrictions. Using a cable-free TENS device eliminates the risks of small shocks or burns due to wire breakage or improper wire connections. Therefore, a wireless TENS device is more durable and does not need a longer time for pad replacement. Moreover, the wireless iTENS pads are light, slim, and flexible. Wearing the wireless electrode pads under the clothes is discreet and unnoticeable. You may use the iTENS while working without interfering with activities. Lastly, through the iTENS smartphone app, you can access various pain treatments in one place. 

Many people use a TENS unit for back pain relief as an alternative to drugs. In addition to the pre-set modes of the iTENS, the programmable settings also enable you to find the optimal effect. The iTENS is a wireless pro-grade TENS unit that allows you to manage mild to severe back pain issues. The wireless iTENS is an easy-to-use and modern solution to the most common affliction, such as back pain. It lets you manage pain safely without the harmful risks you get from oral painkillers.