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Where to Buy an EMS Machine in Australia

Muscle or body pain can occur after a day of manual work or hard exercise. Lifting weights or overuse of muscles can cause muscle tightening or soreness. Likewise, stiffness may also take place after periods of inactivity. For example, you may feel muscle tightness when getting out of bed or sitting in a chair the whole day. Additionally, muscle soreness can cause discomfort and affect your activities. Therefore, many people seek fast methods relief to get back to their normal routine. Fortunately, there are various techniques available to treat muscle pain and conditions. One of the top remedies is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS is a form of electrotherapy that can provide muscle relaxation naturally. You can buy a TENS and EMS machine in Australia, like the iTENS, to help you manage a wide range of muscle pains. 

Buy EMS Machine in Australia: What is EMS

An EMS machine is a battery-operated device consisting of electrodes connected to wires and pads. The electrodes are placed on the skin to transmit mild electrical pulses to stimulate key muscle groups. The electrical pulses cause involuntary contractions, especially in weak muscle fibres. They stimulate resting muscles as if the person has been physically exercising. Additionally, muscle contractions are one of the most effective ways to reduce swelling and inflammation. Hence, many athletes incorporate EMS machines in their training programs. Moreover, modern EMS machines are more portable and cost-effective. Buying an EMS machine in Australia can help people relieve muscle pain and improve their conditioning. An EMS machine can provide the following benefits:

  • Speed up recovery time
  • Relieve muscle pain
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Improve performance
  • Prevent muscle atrophy

EMS Machine Benefits

Individuals with injuries can buy a TENS and EMS machine in Australia, like the iTENS, to help them recover. The electrical signals uses varying frequencies, causing the muscles to contract and increase blood flow. As a result, the increased blood and oxygen flow deliver more nutrients that can help accelerate healing. Additionally, circulation can reduce swelling without requiring additional exercise. People recovering from post-surgery can also benefit from EMS with faster rehabilitation. Therefore, you can effectively use EMS on your road to recovery. 

Nowadays, even people with no injuries can buy an EMS machine in Australia to help strengthen their muscles and improve physical performance. During a workout, the electrical impulses enhance muscle contraction for longer periods. For example, it allows athletes to extend contraction time while wearing the device while doing their workout routine. As a result, it leads to faster muscle growth and building. Additionally, it can improve their strength, power and endurance. Moreover, EMS can also helps restore the range of motion from muscle stiffness and improve overall excerice performance. 

Another reason why people buy an EMS machine in Australia is to prevent muscle atrophy and further damage. Muscle atrophy is the thinning of muscle mass. The symptoms include numbness and tingling in the limbs. It can also cause one limb to be smaller than the other. Since EMS contracts the muscles without voluntary movement, the pressure on joints is minimised. These effects can help people suffering from injuries and who are immobile.

Using an EMS Machine

Anybody can buy an EMS machine in Australia without a medical prescriptions. The machine is quick and easy to use. However it is important to remember that EMS is most effective when you target it in the right areas. To use the device, place the pads on the skin at each end of the muscles. EMS connects to controls where you can set the intensity and duration. You can set it to low intensity for improved blood circulation, tissue repair, or muscle stimulation. At high power, EMS is suitable for muscle strengthening. You may use it while at rest or during a workout session. However, do not overuse EMS devices to avoid irritations. Moreover, EMS machines come in different varieties. You can use EMS alone for muscle treatments or buy an EMS and TENS combo unit like the iTENS.  


TENS and EMS Combo Machine in Australia

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is another form of electrotherapy or e-stim device for pain relief. However, unlike EMS, which focuses on the muscles, TENS targets the nerve fibres. In particular, TENS stimulates the nerve fibres to block the pain signals in the spinal cord from reaching the brain. Additionally, the electrical stimulation induces the release of natural hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are known as the body’s natural pain killers, which help reduce overall pain perception. People with acute or chronic conditions use TENS to relieve pain. You can buy an EMS machine in Australia with TENS features to efficiently manage muscle and nerve pain. A TENS and EMS machine combo is available at iTENS Australia through iTENS. 

You can buy and use an EMS machine in Australia with TENS features if you are also dealing with symptoms from arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia or tendonitis. Additionally, the mild electrical pulses from TENS are beneficial for relieving sore or aching muscles due to strain from exercise or physical activities. It can help ease muscle tension, loosen muscle knots, and reduce spasms. The iTENS is a wireless TENS device for pain relief with the benefits of EMS. The iTENS machine has a set of wireless electrodes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for more convenient pain management. The wireless electrodes are easy to place on the affected body areas without the hassle of tangled wires. It also does not restrict movement, enabling you to continue working as you treat pain. 

iTENS: Buy an EMS Machine in Australia

Many people choose to buy an EMS machine in Australia with TENS therapy for more efficient use. The wireless iTENS is a portable Bluetooth-enabled device for wireless pain relief. The iTENS wireless electrodes and adhesive gel pads fit well on most body parts and common pain points. Additionally, iTENS Australia offers small, large, and long strip wings suitable for a variety of body areas and conditions. Moreover, the iTENS companion app provides targeted therapy, with its pre-set treatment parameters, for various conditions. Therefore, pain management is more efficient through the iTENS advanced features. Through the app, you can access the following programs:

  • Pre-Set modes for body diagrams – Safe treatment for specific body parts like neck, shoulders, back, elbows, hip, knee, hands and feet. 
  • Pre-Set modes for ailments – Relieve symptoms from acute and chronic conditions, including injuries, muscle massage and relaxation. 
  • Manual mode – fully customisable parameters for achieving optimal relief for your specific condition.

Where to buy a TENS and EMS machine in Australia? You can view or purchase the wireless iTENS at iTENS Australia online. Furthermore, it is worth noting that a TENS and EMS combo device like the iTENS is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free alternative to oral medications. It does not have the adverse side effects that oral painkillers have. Therefore, you can use the iTENS for pain relief or muscle stimulation many times a day. For best results, consult your physician or therapist for the proper use of TENS or EMS. 

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