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Chiropractor TENS Machine: The Need To Know

A wireless pain relief from iTENS with accessories

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is growing in demand. A chiropractor TENS machine is a portable device that provides pain relief. It delivers mild electrical currents into the nerves. This helps in blocking pain signals from reaching the brain or releasing endorphins. As such, the machine has many benefits. It can treat different pain areas, is user-friendly, and has an adjustable setting. The device is also accessible, as it can be bought in a physical store or online.

The machine is a drug-free and non-invasive supplement to chiropractic care. People often seek medication or go to doctors or chiropractors to manage pain. Fortunately, there is TENS to handle the aches without adverse effects. However, if the condition is severe, professional guidance is still advisable. This article will present more about the machine and how it works, its advantages, and where to buy it.

How Does Chiropractor TENS Machine Works

The chiropractor TENS machine is a method that helps in relieving pain. As such, it works by sending low-level electrical currents into the skin of the pain area with the use of electrode pads. These impulses stream through the nerves, which helps block the pain signals from reaching the brain. Thus, it points to the pain region, providing relief and loosening muscle tension.

In addition to using the machine, the electrodes are attached directly or near the area of pain. As the device is activated, the electrical impulses will start passing through the pads and into the body. Aside from stimulating the nerves, the process can also prompt the release of endorphins. These are the natural painkillers of the body and aid in easing pain.

Also, the machine has an adjustable setting, allowing users to have a customisable treatment experience. They can modify the intensityfrequency, and duration of the therapy. Moreover, some machines offer pre-programmed modes for specific conditions, which is convenient for users. Nevertheless, guidance is important for a more effective therapy.

What Condition it Can Treat

The machine can treat numerous pain conditions.

  • TENS units can aid in easing pain for chronic conditions like back pain, arthritis, or fibromyalgia.
  • The device can treat acute conditions, such as muscle spasms and strains.
  • It is beneficial to provide relief for headaches, especially tension headaches and migraines.
  • The tool helps in managing nerve-related pain like sciatica or neuropathy.
  • TENS therapy can support pain relief for joint pain. This is the case of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The machine can also loosen tense muscles and improve blood flow.
  • It is a valuable tool for supporting post-surgical recovery and other sports injuries.

TENS as a device that is simple to work and operate

The Advantages of Chiropractor TENS Machine

A chiropractor TENS machine provides several advantages as a tool for pain management. The device is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative. Hence, the treatment does not include any surgical process or the use of over-the-counter medications. This is beneficial for people who are opting for a cure without the need for invasive procedures and the adverse effects of medications.

Furthermore, the TENS machine has modifiable settings that enable users to have a customisable treatment. The intensity, frequency, and duration of the electrical currents can be changed to meet and conform with the needs. Also, the electrode pads can be directly positioned over or near the pain region. Thus, it delivers a more effective reach to the area of pain.

The machine is also convenient, enabling people to have access to pain relief at any time of the day. Therefore, it offers versatility as it can treat many pain conditions, whether chronic, acute, or other pain. Also, TENS therapy can complement other treatments like chiropractic fixes, massage, or other therapies.

Limitations of the Machine

There are some limitations to using the TENS machine. Firstly, it does not address the root cause of the pain. Thus, it may require a continuous utilisation of the device for relief. Secondly, improper pad placement can lead to adverse effects. This can cause further pain or discomfort and may cause skin irritation.

Also, the machine is not suitable for people with severe medical conditions. These are individuals with cancer, heart health issues, epilepsy, pacemakers, and other implanted devices. Moreover, the effectiveness of the machine varies among individuals. This is due to the factors of pain threshold and body absorbance of the stimulation.

An elderly using a TENS machine for comfort

Where to Buy a Chiropractor TENS Machine

With the effectiveness of chiropractor TENS machines, people often seek where to buy such devices. A TENS machine is available in many physical stores and online. In-stores that offer medicinal supplies often have the machines. As such, the devices can also be accessible in an over-the-counter transaction without the need for prescriptions.

For people who prefer buying the machine online, trusted brands like iTENS Australia offer such compact devices. The platform provides concise and detailed information about the product and displays customer reviews. Buying online is also convenient as buyers can compare different prices, the variation of the products, and what is suitable for specific needs. Also, the wireless iTENS  units are FDA-cleared, ensuring a safe and secure product.

Nevertheless, the machine offers a wide range of options for buyers to choose from. There is a device that has wired electrode pads connected to the controller. Also, some devices are wireless, which connects to a smartphone app through Bluetooth. Furthermore, the electrode pads come in different sizes and shapes to cater to specific needs and areas of pain.

Safety Guidelines

In using a TENS machine, guidelines are crucial for safe use. Before the utilisation of the device, read the user manual or consult an expert to ensure effective usage. This is also to make sure that the tool is suitable for certain conditions. Cleaning the skin and the correct positioning of electrodes is also vital for operative therapy.

Moreover, start the treatment with a low setting and moderately increase the intensity to comfort level. The duration of the therapy should only be 15 to 60 minutes. For longer treatment periods, it is advisable to take a 20-minute break before continuing the therapy.


People often utilise a chiropractor TENS machine due to its effectiveness in providing pain relief. The device functions by using electrical currents, which stimulate the nerves and provide relief. As such, the stimulation can also trigger the release of endorphins that can help in easing pain. There are many advantages to using the machine. For instance, it lessens the need for surgery or medication. Additionally, users can have a personalised setting and compact device for pain management.

The TENS machine is available in many physical and online stores. Moreover, there are wired and wireless devices, like iTENS from iTENS Australia. They offer small and large wing gel pads to suit the specific needs of the buyer. Nevertheless, it is vital to recognise the pain conditions that the tool can treat. As such, it is equally important to know the safety guidelines for an effective and secure TENS therapy.

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