TENS Therapy for Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Most people experience back pain due to physical stress or overuse. It can usually go away with rest, massage, or exercise. However, chronic back pain is a long-term discomfort lasting longer than two weeks. In some cases, a sudden injury caused by sudden movement or impact results in overwhelming pain in the lower back. The pain may persist even if the wound or injury has healed. In such situations, doctors recommend physical therapy or electrotherapy to help recover from injury or chronic pain. Many people prefer to undergo Transcutaneous Electrotherapy Nerve Stimulation (TENS) as a natural method for relieving pain. TENS therapy is a safe and convenient way of reducing pain symptoms from acute or chronic conditions. Devices from iTENS Australia lets you manage pain in the comfort of home without going to a doctor or taking oral medications regularly. 

Chronic Back Pain Symptoms

Understanding the causes of the pain helps in managing the symptoms efficiently. Even though body aches are common, persistent pain can affect daily routines. In particular, many adults develop chronic back pain due to an underlying health condition as they age. Additionally, the severity of back pain varies widely. The sensation can be a constant or dull ache. At other times, it can be sharp or stabbing pain. Therefore, a cost-effective method helps in managing chronic back pain. Chronic back pain symptoms come on gradually and may worsen over time. Moreover, treating constant pain is challenging because some have an identifiable cause, such as fractures, while others have no clear or specific reasons.

Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can originate from many sources. Most often, nerve or tissue damage can result in inflammation, soreness, or numbing pain. Furthermore, diverse conditions can also contribute to chronic pain. Fortunately, the iTENS wireless TENS device can help relieve symptoms of various ailments. TENS therapy can help manage back aches due to the following causes:

  • Overuse or repetitive movement – manual jobs or activities involving repetitive motion can strain the muscles or tendons.
  • Muscle deconditioning – inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle leads to a rapid decrease in muscle strength and stability. As a result, the weakening of the back muscles may not be able to support the ligaments and vertebrae, causing pain or being prone to injuries. 
  • Trauma – sudden falls or high-impact events like a car accident can affect the spine and trigger chronic pain. 
  • Improper posture – bad posture can cause muscle strain and stress to the upper and lower back. 
  • Structural problems – structural back pain affects the spinal column. For example, the narrowing of the spaces within the spine can pinch the nerves. Additionally, it can be due to genetics or wear and tear.

TENS Therapy: Chronic Back Pain Relief Without Surgery

Severe conditions from accidents or sports injuries may require intensive treatments, including surgery. Additionally, long-term pain that does not ease with home remedies may need medical assistance or proper diagnosis. However, various techniques can help relieve chronic back pain without invasive procedures like surgery. Specifically, TENS is a type of electrotherapy using mild electrical currents to reduce symptoms of body aches or health conditions. People can administer TENS therapy through a portable device called a TENS machine. Each TENS unit comprises electrodes that produce and deliver electrical pulses through the skin. Moreover, iTENS Australia offers a wireless TENS device called the iTENS to enable fast and efficient pain relief. 

TENS therapy relieves acute and chronic pain affecting different body areas. The mild currents provide sufficient nerve stimulation to reduce symptoms without taking oral analgesics or painkillers. Moreover, TENS can minimise pain based on the two main functions: Pain Gate Control and Endorphin Release. According to the Pain Gate Control Theory, a bundle of nerve fibres in the spinal cord act as gate controllers for pain signals. However, TENS treatment overrides the nerve fibres to close and block the pain signals from reaching the brain. Meanwhile, low-frequency settings of TENS induce the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins are natural hormones that reduce stress and give pleasant sensations. Therefore, TENS therapy devices like the iTENS can benefit people with chronic back pain.

iTENS: Wireless TENS for Pain

Previously, people could only avail of TENS therapy in clinics or treatment centres. A standard TENS machine has electrode pads connected by wires to a remote control. Fortunately, modern electrotherapy devices like the iTENS utilise wireless electrodes for hassle-free pain treatment. It has wing-shaped gel pads easily fitting in common pain areas of the body. For example, the iTENS large wings are suitable for chronic back pain treatment due to their wide coverage. To use the iTENS, place the wireless electrode pads over the pain site. You may position the pads on either side of the most painful area if the symptom is on one portion or side of the back. Alternatively, if the back pain is wide, place the pads on the left and right sides of the spine. However, avoid putting the electrodes directly over the spinal cord. 

The wireless iTENS can be used alone or connected to a smartphone app via a Bluetooth connection. You may begin immediate pain treatment by turning on the iTENS and adjusting the intensity on the device. Alternatively, the iTENS app lets you customise treatment or choose from a wide array of pre-set modes. The pre-set modes have fixed settings optimised for different kinds of pain or conditions. For example, you can select chronic back pain conditions, such as sciaticafibromyalgia, or arthritis. Furthermore, the wireless iTENS have the following advantages:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy and mess-free electrode pad placement
  • Convenient access to pre-set modes
  • Does not limit the range of motion


TENS therapy is a safe and all-natural solution for acute and chronic pain. Many people opt for a drug-free solution to chronic back pain to minimise the harmful risks of oral painkillers. This is because TENS therapy devices like the iTENS do not produce adverse side effects. There are also zero to minimal risks in using TENS. You may use a TENS machine multiple times a day to manage chronic pain. However, allow a 20-minute break between sessions. Aside from back pain, TENS is also suitable for conditions like headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and post-surgical pain. It can treat chronic ailments and reduce discomfort from tendonitis, bursitis, period pain, and other neuropathic pain. 

Chronic back pain can be debilitating without the right pain management. TENS therapy is an excellent solution for any kind of pain without the adverse risks of drugs. Moreover, a wireless TENS device like the iTENS lets you manage pain without missing work or other events. You may use the wireless iTENS device while doing chores, exercising, and other physical activities. You may check iTENS Australia for a suitable wireless TENS device for your condition.