iTENS: Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine, otherwise known as TENS, is a device people use to treat pain. A TENS device functions under the Gate Control Theory of pain management. It employs low-voltage electric currents to stimulate nerves and block pain signals from reaching the brain. With this method, there could be a reduction of pain, and in some cases, complete relief from it. TENS allows for a more relaxing time for those seeking recovery or dealing with painful conditions/disorders. A TENS machine can treat all sorts of pain spanning the neck, shoulder, lower back, and knee. It can also deal with pain coming from disabling conditions like sciatica, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  

TENS devices typically use electrode pads connected via wires to help them induce electric impulses to the nerves. The electrode pads are placed either on the painful site (for muscle pain) or around it (for joint pain). These placements allow for efficient stimulation of the nerves around the painful area. With wireless devices like the iTENS, pad placement and pain management have now been made easier. Having no restrictions as to machine placement and movement has dramatically affected the effectiveness of TENS therapy. This wireless innovation drastically improves the capabilities of TENS devices in the areas they can treat. This advancement also allows for more fluid TENS therapy sessions, including exercises or when a person is on the go. A wireless feature on an electrical nerve stimulation machine significantly increases the frequency of available treatments throughout the day. 

Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine: iTENS Advantages 

With all the available devices for self-treatment, one of the most recommendable devices available is the iTENS. Having Bluetooth capabilities is one of the main reasons why iTENS outshines its competition. It can connect to iOS, Android and Google devices and is controllable via the ITENS app. One main key feature the app has is the pre-set settings for TENS sessions available. This feature lets users choose from a wide array of options on what they’d like to treat. Having pre-set settings allow for more effective treatments done even when alone. This feature enables users to efficiently treat their problem even with a lack of electrical nerve stimulation machine experience. iTENS units also have interchangeable wings (electrode pads), allowing them to treat more areas around the body.  

When looking to buy an iTENS machine, one should also note that it already has FDA approval. Additionally, no prescription is needed why buying this medical device. However, people should consult a doctor or physiotherapist to ask about the electrical nerve stimulation machine. 

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