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iTENS – The Electronic Massager

The electronic massager is simple to use and very convenient. Compact and portable, these hand-held devices are perfect for use on your arms, legs, shoulders, feet and back. It is an incredible thing to have at home. It іѕ known аѕ Trаnѕсutаnеоuѕ Elесtrісаl Nеrvе Stіmulаtіоn (TENS). A modern-day electrotherapy device that merges technology with the proven results of TENS therapy is iTENS.

iTENS is an app control device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet. It has adjustable wings getting 360° of movement for a full range of motion. It’s is made of an ultra-thin material that provides maximum comfort and flexibility. iTENS is a pain relief that is perfect for the modern world and is very beneficial for many people. It helps reduce pain and discomfort, and sometimes psychiatrist’s and mental health experts recommend using the electronic massager for anxiety and depression as the electric current connects through to the brain, sending positive signals. It travels diffusely into the brain by receiving a tiny electric current that stimulates the underactive area and calms the overactive spots. 

TENS also offers relief to individuals with soft tissue damage due to an accident, stroke or sporting injury. iTENS is very cost-effective and convenient and eliminates the need to visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor frequently, as well as paying fees each time. You can use iTENS in the privacy and comfort of your own home while reading, working on your computer or watching television.

iTENS is a combination of as follows:

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) – A pain relief method for people with chronic pain
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) – A mild electrical pulses through the skin to help stimulate injured muscles or manipulate nerves to reduce pain
  • An electronic massager, as mentioned above.

As a modern-day technology machine, iTENS comes with a USB rechargeable battery that will fully charge for 2 hours and will last for 24 hours run time. You can also use the device even if it’s not in full charge.

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