Using iTENS for your Home TENS Machine

Nowadays, personal TENS machines have become more and more effective and reliable than ever before. Choosing the suitable device to use as your home TENS machine could go a long way to improve your quality of life. Especially when suffering from acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) pain. With plenty of options available, one should always consider machines like the iTENS unit and the key features that come with it. Hence, choosing a high-quality and durable machine could be the difference between having efficient and effective pain management treatments. The iTENS unit is readily available on the iTENS Australia website, along with its many accessories.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS, is also commonly known as electrotherapy. Electrotherapy is the use of electrical impulses as a medical treatment to relieve pain. A TENS machine sends tiny electrical impulses to the nervous system, disrupting pain signals and then stimulating endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers. Hence, electrotherapy using TENS floods the nervous system to reduce the ability of pain signals to reach the brain. Furthermore, pain relief using TENS can still carry over its effects even after the TENS unit is no longer in use. Thus, providing further pain relief for an additional another hour or two. Therefore, TENS electrotherapy can be very beneficial for people who need quick and effective pain relief. Consider the iTENS wireless device, available at iTENS Australia, as the home TENS machine of choice.


Why Buy a Home TENS Machine?

Owning and using a home TENS machine used to be more difficult not that long ago. It is because not everyone was able to set up the machines. Training and constant practice was needed to operate a TENS machine optimally. Moreover, the machines were costly treatments as physical therapists who charge hourly rates were the only ones who were able to provide treatment using the TENS machines. Nowadays, with devices like the iTENS unit that already have ready-to-use pre-set settings, pain therapy can now effortlessly be utilised in the comfort of one’s home.

An effective pain management therapy will heavily depend on the quality of the device you are using. The wireless iTENS home TENS machine can provide safe and efficient pain relief without having to set up the device extensively. The iTENS’s wire-free nature enables you to move without any inhibitions on virtually any sort of daily household routines. Furthermore, the reusable gel electrode pads are easy to clean and maintain. Thus, allowing you to use the iTENS wireless home TENS machine in long term pain management therapies. Consequently, reducing overall maintenance costs. They are also easily replaceable at an affordable price at the iTENS Australia website when the time comes to change them.

Home TENS Machine Benefits

Using the iTENS machine as your home TENS machine could also mean you would  be able to save time when having your pain management treatments. The iTENS machine, being a wireless device, can easily be used even when performing other activities such as household chores. Whether cooking, cleaning or getting ready for work, you could save precious time as it does not limit you to staying in one place. The iTENS device is also compact, allowing it to be taken almost anywhere. Pain management can now conveniently be done on your bus ride to work or when you’re heading to the gym before your workout. Portability is one of the iTENS’ most admirable features.

How to Use the iTENS as your Home TENS Machine

The iTENS wireless device is easy to use and accessible for convenience and modifications by the user. Hence, making it a very effective home TENS machine. The iTENS can be set manually in the device itself. Alternatively, through an iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth connection, making operating it as easy as ever. Moreover, it provides users with the ability to control and modify the program’s intensity to suit their own pain relieving needs via the iTENS app. The iTENS app can give various modes with pre-set options for different kinds of pain relief. Furthermore, users can track and be able to chart pain reductions achieved simply by using the iTENS app. Thus, making it an efficient home TENS machine for pain relief therapy. Follow these simple and easy steps on how to use the iTENS device:

  • Peel off the plastic on the gel electrode pads.
  • Place the sticky electrode pads over the point of pain.
  • Turn on the device and adjust the program’s intensity manually or via the iTENS app using your smartphone, wherein you can control or modify the settings.

iTENS Products available at iTENS Australia

TENS Pain Relief Kits

  • Small Wings Kit
  • Large Wings Kit

Accessory – Spare Wings

  • Small Spare Wing
  • Large Spare Wing
  • Long Spare Wing

Accessory – Gel Pads

  • Small Gel Pads
  • Large Gel Pads
  • Long Strip Gel Pads

The iTENS wireless home TENS machine is the world’s first FDA-cleared, true wireless TENS therapy device. Moreover, its innovative wing-like design for the pads make it highly flexible for many different pad placement for specific types of pain. The selection of spare wings comes in different sizes that can fit almost any area in the body. Even hard to reach areas such as forearms, knees, ankles, and the curves of most joints. Thus, making the iTENS device one of the best wireless TENS machines in Australia.


Having an effective home TENS machine, like the iTENS unit available at iTENS Australia, can help provide comfort throughout the day with little to no restrictions to movement. Pain will always be a lingering issue for many and having the option to reduce it at the comfort of one’s home with no side effects will always prove to be an invaluable investment for anyone. Effective TENS machines also negate the need to take pain medication that might have disruptive side effects.

Dealing with pain, whether acute or chronic, is challenging and difficult to live with. Pain-relieving methods should definitely ease the situation allowing you to do activities you enjoy. Therefore, a wireless home TENS machine is the ideal option of pain relief. The iTENS wireless device replaces traditional wires devices with a Bluetooth-capable connection to enable wireless electrical stimulation for pain relief. Furthermore, the sticky electrode pads can attach to different parts of the body without the hassle of dealing with cables. Therefore, the aggravation of having to untangle wires before pain relief can even start is nonexistent. In conclusion, you are able to wear the iTENS wireless home TENS machine pads discreetly underneath your clothes without any limitation to your movement. Thus, being able to do any household chores or exercises hassle-free.