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Labour TENS Machine For Hire in Melbourne: Factors To Consider

A pregnant woman sitting down in a chair while holding her abdomen

Pregnancy can cause women intense contraction pains during their labour. Doctors typically prescribe medication. However, there are natural alternatives to avoid adverse side effects. One of which is by using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). They can avail of labour TENS machines for hire in Melbourne. However, there are factors to consider, such as the process of acquiring the machine and the device type and features.

TENS works by flooding the nervous system with low-voltage electric currents. The stimulation either triggers the production of endorphins or blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. As a result, people feel more at ease and experience little to no pain. Hence, pregnant women find it beneficial. They can hire a handheld TENS machine for a certain period. To learn more, the article will present the factors to consider, such as how to get it, the rental period, and features.

Labour TENS Machine For Hire in Melbourne: How to Get One

People typically find a TENS device in hospitals or therapy centres. However, there are options nowadays to acquire one for personal use. They can buy or hire it. Generally, they can purchase a unit online or in physical stores like pharmacies. However, hiring is different. Pregnant women or their partners can visit online sites that cater to pregnancy needs. They commonly provide services of labour TENS machines for hire in Melbourne.

The process starts with them deciding on their rental period. Afterwards, the kit arrives before the labour period begins. Once the hiring period ends, they must send it back through post on time to avoid penalties.

It is important to consider how to get one because it can take a while for the TENS unit to arrive. Some months can be fully booked. Hence, it is necessary to reserve in advance. Likewise, it is essential to know the delivery speed. Some women who are due soon and booked late may receive the kit at an inconvenient time. There are service providers that express sends, so they must look into it if they are in a rush.


Hiring a TENS unit for labour pains has many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Affordable – Renting a device is less expensive than buying one. It can cost around $50-$80, depending on the unit.
  • Convenient – Pregnant women can experience TENS by going online and hiring. They do not need to go out.
  • Minimal drug intake – Hiring a machine allows women to not rely on medication as much anymore.
  • Effective pain relief – It helps lessen lower back pains during labour.
  • Low risks – TENS is generally safe, even for pregnant women. However, it is still necessary to consult a doctor before getting it.

A pregnant woman sleeping on a bed while touching her abdomen

Labour TENS Machine For Hire in Melbourne: Rental Period

Another factor to consider for labour TENS machines for hire in Melbourne is the rental period. It is common for businesses to rent for four or eight weeks. They send it to the customer before the indicated hiring period, and then the customer must send it back at the end of the rental date.

The eight-week period is more suitable for peace of mind. Pregnant women can use it for a long time. They can also have more time to return it without the risk of incurring penalties. The four-week period is for women who are having their babies soon. In addition, it is for those who were not able to plan the hiring process but need the device. Companies have options for express shipping to ensure it arrives on time.

Some businesses also have emergency stocks for women who need a device as soon as possible. This can happen to anyone; hence, it is useful to know so that they have options. They can compare the services and conditions of each service provider to decide on the best option for them.

Who Should Consider It?

TENS is effective, but it does not work for everyone. Thus, it is important to set the right expectations when getting it. This is especially true for people who will operate TENS for the first time. It is more advisable for those who have had success in utilising TENS before for other pain conditions.

Moreover, people cannot use the unit in conjunction with water as it is an electronic device. Hence, women who are doing water birth can only operate it before going in the water. Generally, they can use the machine with other relieving techniques like massages for further relief.

A TENS kit including a replaceable wing and its essential information

Labour TENS Machine For Hire in Melbourne: Features

TENS devices specifically for labour have additional features. A unit typically has boost or burst modes. These offer more support when contractions are severe. However, TENS units for labour are improving, and some are more advanced than others. Thus, pregnant women should consider this before availing of the labour TENS machine for hire in Melbourne. They must compare the specifications of the units to see what suits them the most.

The features of the latest unit of TENS machines for labour include a built-in contraction timer, backlit display, and pelvic mode. These factors can be beneficial because a timer helps the support system of the pregnant woman know when to use the device on time. A backlit display is useful for when the room is dark, as they can still see the buttons. Moreover, the pelvic mode is good for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles of women.

Pregnant women can rent the older units if they think they do not need the added features. It is generally more affordable than the new ones. The final decision is dependent on what they believe will aid them best during their painful moments.

Difference Between Regular TENS

Labour TENS units are quite different from regular ones. One of the most evident differences is their features. The former has special features that are specifically for pregnant women, such as the modes. Furthermore, the device type also varies as labour TENS typically are handheld, while regular TENS have wireless units.

Another factor is that regular TENS is more cost-effective than units for labour. This is because some regular TENS machines have pre-set programs that are for different kinds of pain. People can use it multiple times for various reasons. Also, wireless devices are more convenient as individuals can use their phones.


Pregnant women experience severe pain during labour. It is essential for them to find relief at this time. They can typically find it in painkillers. However, they can also have adverse side effects. Thus, natural pain relievers like TENS are important. Labour TENS machines for hire in Melbourne are available. They can check online to see the kits they can get. It is necessary to consider factors before availing, like the rental period.

Hiring is an affordable way to get TENS therapy. Women can then get access to immediate relief. If they find it effective, they can buy a personal unit instead. It will be more cost-effective in the long run. Also, they can opt for the regular but reliable unit if they do not need the additional features of labour TENS. Meanwhile, some devices are 3-in-1 units, like the iTENS from iTENS Australia. They have multiple modes, such as massage.

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