What is a Mini Stimulator Machine?

Electrical stimulation (E-stim) is a popular form of physical therapy technique used by millions of people. Depending on the type of e-stim, it mainly treats pain (acute or chronic pain) or stimulates the muscle for contraction. There are multiple types of E-stim therapy employed by physical therapists to treat their patients. Nevertheless, no matter which type of e-stim it is, there is one thing in common. They both use a device called a mini stimulator machine. Moreover, these devices use adhesive electrode pads to send low-voltage electrical currents through the skin and then into either the nerves or muscles. Subsequently, these effective devices are now available to purchase for personal use, and iTENS Australia offers one such device. The iTENS wireless unit is a revolutionary device for treating various pain disorders with added convenience. Find out more on E-stim and the innovative iTENS mini stimulator machine below.

The Two Main Types of Electrical Stimulation (E-stim) Using a Mini Stimulator Machine

There are two main types of electrical stimulation (E-stim). These are Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Both types employ the use of a mini stimulator machine to acquire their desired results.

Firstly, E-stim therapy using TENS can treat chronic (long term) and acute (short term) pain. A mini stimulator machine for TENS uses mild electrical impulses to target the nerves to suppress pain. Furthermore, the stimulation causes the nerves to intercept the pain signal from reaching the brain, thus reducing pain perception. Additionally, it can also effectively reduce pain symptoms from conditions such as:

  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • fibromyalgia
  • sciatica
  • tendonitis
  • labour pain
  • period pain
  • nerve pain
  • joint pain
  • pain from surgery or injury

On the other hand, E-stim therapy for EMS mainly focuses on muscle stimulation. A mini stimulator machine for EMS uses electrical currents to pass through the skin surface in order to reinnervate muscle fibres and repair tissues. Beneficial effects of EMS therapy include:

  • strengthens and re-educates weakened or atrophied muscles
  • reduces oedema swelling in the body tissues
  • aids muscle recovery
  • relieves muscle spasms
  • relieves muscle pain

A mini stimulator machine for both TENS and EMS are standard pain relief techniques that do not use medications. Physical therapists recommend combining different pain management strategies to achieve more efficient pain relief.

Other Types of Electrical Stimulation

There are also more types of E-stim therapies that use a mini stimulator machine. They are less common compared to TENS and EMS. Nonetheless, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend one of these other E-stim therapy treatments:

  • Electrical Stimulation for Tissue Repair (ESTR) – reduces swelling, increases blood circulation, and inhibits faster healing
  • Interferential Current (IFC) – reduces pain
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) – restores muscle function and strength, prevents muscle atrophy, and reduces muscle spasms
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) – preserves muscle function and motor skills
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) – relieves pain
  • Iontophoresis – speeds up the healing process

The iTENS Wireless Mini Stimulator Machine at iTENS Australia

A standard mini stimulator machine features adhesive electrode pads attached to wires. Moreover, having bulky devices with cables makes using them messy and complicated. These cables can quickly cause more hassle on top of the already aggravating pain condition with dealing with wire entanglement, breakage and shortage. Luckily, the iTENS device is an entirely wireless TENS machine that works effectively as a standard stimulator machine used in clinics or hospitals. With this device from iTENS Australia, the days of wired and bulky E-stim machines are in the past.

In addition, you may use the iTENS wireless unit as a mini stimulator machine by programming the frequency, waveform, and pulse rate accordingly. Furthermore, the iTENS smartphone app has pre-set modes to facilitate easy and efficient pain relief. Therefore, treating pain can be accessible with a few taps on your smartphone. Simply place the iTENS electrode wing pads in the pain site and choose the treatment you need. Then, the wireless iTENS unit activates the electrodes through a Bluetooth connection to begin the stimulation immediately. There are plenty of pre-set settings available, and they can treat many different body areas and conditions. It makes it ideal for users who do not have the time to visit their physical therapist for proper pad placement of their specific pain condition. Alternatively, you may also use the iTENS wireless unit manually thru the device itself. 

Advantages and Benefits of the iTENS Wireless Mini Stimulator Machine

A portable mini stimulator machine like the iTENS wireless unit is most effective when doing other physical activities. Moreover, the iTENS device is suitable to use even while working or on the move. The slim electrode wing pads are light and flexible and can discreetly fit well under the clothes. Furthermore, the wireless electrode pads do not inhibit movement. Thus, so are able to perform tasks typically even whilst conducting E-stim therapy. The advantages and benefits of the iTENS wireless mini stimulator include:

  • FDA cleared medical grade device with no prescription required to purchase
  • 100% drug-free and a non-invasive method of pain relief
  • flexible and contoured to fit around most joints and areas of the body
  • thin, lightweight, comfortable, compact and discreet
  • 100% wire-free
  • rechargeable batteries
  • easily accessible using the iTENS smartphone app while also having manual options
  • ideal for treating a multitude of pain symptoms, conditions and disorders; especially with the help of its built-in pre-set settings on the iTENS smartphone app
  • cost-efficient with its low-cost hypoallergenic replacement electrode gel pads


E-stim therapy using the iTENS wireless mini stimulator machine is a safe, non-invasive and drug-free method for relieving pain. However, using any mini stimulator machine for either TENS or EMS is inappropriate in some circumstances. For example, E-stim therapy is not advisable while driving or near a body of water. It is also unsuitable for use during early pregnancy (not in labour) or for people with cancer, epilepsy, and heart conditions. Likewise, it is not applicable for people with electrical or metal implants such as pacemakers, defibrillators or similar devices. Consult a doctor or physical therapist before using TENS or mini stimulators for safe and effective results. You can get the wireless iTENS at the iTENS Australia website.


The iTENS wireless unit from iTENS Australia is a mini stimulator machine that can help reinvigorate sore muscles by increasing the blood circulation in the area. It also relieves pain, restores normal range of motion, and aids in faster healing of injuries. Therefore, you can use the iTENS wireless unit more flexibly, depending on your situation.

In conclusion, with all its features in mind, it makes the iTENS wireless unit from iTENS Australia a highly effective mini stimulator machine with various applications for E-stim therapy with added benefits for comfort and convenience.