TENS Machine for Back Pain

TENS devices, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units, work by applying tiny electrical pulses. The electric currents flow through the electrodes with gel pads on the skin near the pain area. The small electrical pulses go through the nervous system and help lessen your pain. A TENS machine for back pain is a tool that can effectively help relieve lower back pain and muscle soreness.

Unlike oral painkillers, TENS devices can offer pain relief without adverse side effects. They can also be an effective complementary pain relief tool with exercise. TENS devices are worth the investment if you want to lessen medication intake and have quick access to pain relief. The iTENS, the world’s first FDA approved entirely wireless medical device, is an excellent example of an effective machine. Australia’s leading pain specialists highly recommend the wireless iTENS device because of its effectiveness. The iTENS can also help by relaxing stiff and sore muscles. Moreover, it can improve blood flow, which can then help promote faster healing and physical rehabilitation. With the features it can offer, the iTENS can be the best TENS machine for back pain and other injuries.

How To Use a TENS Machine for Back Pain

If you intend to use a TENS machine for back pain, you must identify the pain point. We recommend the iTENS machine to use as a pain relief tool. It is essential to place the pads near the pain point. In most cases, have the pain point in between two electrodes. iTENS offers replaceable gel pads that are reusable for about ten applications. It is crucial that you start on the lowest setting if you are new to using TENS machines, then adjust the program’s intensity that suits your unique needs.

To effectively use a TENS machine for back pain, you should ensure that the current intensity is effective. There is no exact intensity as it can be different for every user. We recommend that you try out various program intensities to find the correct levels to help ease your pain. You may use TENS machines daily and repeatedly as long as you require pain relief. You can perform TENS therapy sessions for about 20-30 minutes each. Having a wireless device, like the iTENS, can also make frequent treatments easier. A wireless device is more portable and could be less disruptive when used with activities. You may feel a bit of a tingling sensation when you turn on the TENS device. Some people may feel uncomfortable. Remember that using TENS should not be painful, so turn off the device at any signs of discomfort. 

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