TENS Machine for Nerve Pain

Have you ever had a sharp pain that made waking up in the morning and going through your day difficult? Following acute or chronic nerve pain treatment, the pain management strategy would include various pain treatment alternatives, including drug-free ones. While people recuperate from sciatica and other pain related illnesses; a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine for nerve pain or iTENS machine (wireless) is the perfect choice to improve mobility.

Sometimes you need to utilize pain relief whilst out and about or just prefer to be able to move freely at home.  If this is your situation, the easy answer is iTENS device.  Provides same nerve pain relief as traditional TENS but gives you freedom to get on with your day as planned.

The term sciatica refers to the discomfort that spreads down the sciatic nerve and runs through your lower back to your hips then buttocks and down each leg. Sciatica often affects just one side of the body and causes moderate to intense pain in your spine, buttocks and legs. This can result in people experiencing numbness in these regions. (TENS) machines are used for nerve pain which sends an electrical signal to the skin. Those specific signals prevent pain impulses from traveling along nerves and causes endorphins to be released which are painkillers that exist naturally within the body.

TENS and iTENS successfully reduce chronic (continuous) pain for many individuals and there are also some indications suggesting that TENS can lower the degree of acute pain (pain of early development and short duration) in adults. Using a TENS or iTENS machine for nerve pain has become a safe and affordable therapeutic option and can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies. 

Use of TENS Machine for Nerve Pain

TENS is a non-invasive method of pain treatment and regular usage of the TENS machine can give pain relief for up to 4 hours after using it. Your doctor, physiotherapist or health advisor will be able to advise you on the length and frequency with which TENS machines are to be applied for your specific concern. Both iTENS and TENS devices allow you to control the electrical signal strength and frequency (low/high) however we suggest you start with a low level and gradually raise the stimulation to suit your needs. In general, pain management will arrive in the early and mid-period. You may change the amount of time each pulse persists before restarting from relatively brief to a longer time period. Your body may not notice a difference but your nerves can so it’s important to keep changing so your body doesn’t adapt 

An iTENS or TENS machine may provide you with temporary pain medication but don’t forget to consult your doctor/ healthcare specialist before using this product. 

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