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TENS Machine for Plantar Fasciitis: How it Works and Pad Placement



The plantar fascia is a thin ligament located directly at the bottom of the foot and acts as a support. Plantar fasciitis typically causes pain in the foot’s arch or the bottom heel area.  It is a painful condition that occurs when the ligament becomes inflamed and irritated. There are various causes of inflammation in this area. This includes repetitive, strenuous, and straining activities like running. One option for treatment is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Using a TENS machine for plantar fasciitis treatments can drastically help reduce foot pain by applying pads on the bottom of the feet. It can help reduce inflammation and trigger endorphin production.

How Does Using a TENS Machine for Plantar Fasciitis Work?

TENS therapy is a highly efficient and beneficial method of pain management. It works by sending electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves and help reduce pain and discomfort. Additionally, with pain conditions like plantar fasciitis that heal with time, using TENS can help speed up recovery since it can increase blood flow to the target area. Using a TENS machine for plantar fasciitis therapy provides users with safe and efficient pain relief.

TENS devices are ideal for treating various pain conditions. Users can benefit from using wireless machines, like the iTENS, when treating conditions like plantar fasciitis because of its innovative design and the lack of movement restrictions. Additionally, TENS therapy can help reduce inflammation and ease pain and discomfort by triggering endorphin production. Overall, TENS therapy sessions can help rehabilitate the affected area and help with pain relief for those suffering from general foot pain caused by:

  • Straining the plantar fascial ligament
  • Having tight Achilles tendons
  • Sports activities like running
  • Wearing unfit shoes 
  • Running on your toes
  • Standing or walking for long periods

Benefits of Using a Wireless TENS Machine

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligament is overworked and strained. This condition has various causes and may develop due to wearing unfit shoes and having high arches or flat feet. Moreover, due to the ligament’s sensitive nature, it would be best to have knowledge on how to effectively treat it. Some of the beneficial pain relief methods available are regular stretching and exercise, using a TENS machine for plantar fasciitis, and wearing shoes with the proper insoles (well cushioned).

TENS therapy can effectively help reduce the pain and discomfort of various pain conditions with simple adjustments. TENS machines are easy to use without medical supervision. In particular, the iTENS is a wireless TENS machine that allows users to use either its manual or automated (in-app) mode. It also offers users Bluetooth connectivity features to pair their TENS device to any iOS or Android smartphone. The wireless companion app gives users several innovative features, including keeping track of their TENS therapy sessions.

Moreover, TENS machines allow the user to customise their treatments by adjusting the intensity, frequency, and pulse settings.  iTENS allows users to manually create their program settings, providing the most suitable TENS treatment. The iTENS app also provides users with pre-set programs to treat specific pain conditions and body areas, this enhances the convenience and benefits of using a wireless unit.

TENS Machine for Plantar Fasciitis: Pad Placement

One of the crucial factors for getting the most beneficial effects of TENS therapy is pad placement. Moreover, it is essential to remember that the TENS pad placement is correct. Having the proper pad placement ensures the best effects for treating specific pain conditions. Typically, the pain runs across the bottom of the foot from the heel to where the toes connect. Additionally, when using a TENS machine for Plantar Fasciitis therapy, there are practical pad placements for treatment:

  • Arch of the foot
  • Bottom of the heels
  • Sides of the heels
  • On the calf muscles

It is recommended to try out different pad placements and TENS therapy programs for optimal relief. The effects of electrical stimulation effects vary from person to person. Moreover, an individual may have other pain conditions that require specific program settings and pad placements. Additionally, it is vital to remember that TENS therapy should not hurt. When using a TENS unit for plantar fasciitis treatment, place the pads along the back of the leg and around the heel area. The general guide for pad placement is to attach them to muscles near or directly over the painful area.


Using the iTENS Wireless TENS Machine for Plantar Fasciitis

The iTENS wireless TENS therapy device is a compact, portable and highly beneficial medical device. The device can be highly discreet, allowing users to bring and use it almost anywhere. Being hidden, users can wear the device underneath clothing and easily access pain relief whenever they need it. Additionally, the iTENS is USB-powered, providing users with up to 24 hours of use and removing the hassle of constantly changing batteries. Having Bluetooth connectivity provides users with complete control over their pain management treatment. The iTENS wireless TENS device gives users the ability to control the program intensity through the free iTENS app. Therefore, users can easily adjust the treatment parameters without needing to reach for the device. Follow these steps on how to use a TENS machine for plantar fasciitis pain treatment properly:

  • Always clean the skin before treatment. We recommend washing the skin with mild soap and water before placing the pads. 
  • Ensure that the skin is dry then place the pads on muscles near or on the painful area.
  • Once secure, turn the machine on. It is recommended to start with the lowest setting and gradually increase it, depending on their tolerance and comfort level. 
  • Immediately stop the TENS session if you feel additional pain or discomfort. 
  • TENS therapy sessions can usually last up to 30 minutes. Users can have TENS therapy multiple times a day. Be sure to take breaks in between sessions and check the skin for redness or irritations.

The Takeaway

TENS machine for plantar fasciitis therapy is different for each individual and their pain level. Additionally, this pain condition usually heals with time and recovery is improved with the proper amount of rest and therapy. Furthermore, appropriate pain management treatment helps ease the pain and discomfort and enhances the rehabilitation process. Many people have considered trying out various treatments for acute and chronic pain. These treatments may include taking painkilling medications, physical therapy, and surgery. However, it is essential to note that electrotherapy can be an effective alternative for pain relief.

Furthermore, TENS therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free pain management method. Moreover, if the primary goal is to reduce the intake of oral medications, using TENS therapy devices will surely help. An effective TENS machine for plantar fasciitis therapy, like the iTENS, will significantly help reduce pain and discomfort. Purchasing the iTENS wireless TENS therapy device does not require a prescription. Additionally, various accessories for it are readily available. There are three varying pad sizes that are specifically created to treat certain conditions and body areas. If you are considering TENS therapy, you may also ask a physician or physiotherapist about its benefits.

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