TENS Machine for Sciatica

Do TENS Machines work for Sciatica? 

If you are suffering pain caused by Sciatica, you are aware of how unsettling it can be. The emanating pain that may feel like burning or throbbing causes pain and discomfort all around your lower and upper back, down to your legs and feet. Suppose you have tried taking medication to dampen the pain but had no successful results. Or you are concerned about getting addicted to more potent painkillers. Then it would be best if you considered using a TENS machine for sciatica pain.

The TENS therapy provides pain relief that is safe, drug-free, and much more effective than conventional treatment options. You also have the benefit of using it at home anytime you need pain relief. The iTENS wireless device is the best example of a TENS device. The iTENS is entirely wireless, and you won’t have trouble with wires; it is compact and discreet. The iTENS wireless device is USB-powered, so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries. 

TENS Machines are excellent as they help with relieving pain instantly, especially for sciatica pain. Using a TENS machine for sciatica pain helps with pain relief as it does with other pain disorders. 

A TENS unit is a safe, drug-free pain relief option that you may want to consider if your goal is pain relief from Sciatica. 

Usually, the leading causes of Sciatica pain are: 

  • Cervical Spinal Stenosis  
  • Lumbar Herniated Disc  
  • Degenerative Disk Disease  

Pad placements for Sciatica? 

Placement of the pads is vital when treating Sciatica with Tens Machines. 

  • Lower Back Pain – Attach the pads on the lower back or pain point. Keep in mind: Do not place it on the backbone of the spine. 
  • Hip / Thigh – Attach the pads on the side of your hip or on the pain point 
  • Sciatic nerve – This will be on one side of the lower back. Keep in mind: Do not place it on the backbone of the spine. 

Benefits of having a tens machine for Sciatica pain: 

  • Sleep Easier and Comfortably 

The iTENS wireless device can help you relax and relieve the pain and help you fall asleep comfortably. 

  • Instant Pain Relief 

iTENS devices will help with Faster Pain Relief; in just 10 minutes  

  • Drug-Free Pain Relief 

No prescription is needed to purchase iTENS, and it is an approved over-the-counter, drug-free way to combat pain. 

  • Affordability 

There are various TENs machines, and while some may be more expensive than others, the iTENS is a worthwhile investment for pain relief. 

  • Portability 

The iTENS wireless TENS machine for sciatica are compact and fully portable. You can use it comfortably at home or on the go. 

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