Using the iTENS as a TENS Machine for Labour Pain

Childbirth is one of the most important events for women. There are many things to consider when expecting a baby, and managing labour are one. Even though each women’s experience may vary, you can expect labour pain to a great degree. During labour, the muscles in the uterus contract, which helps push the baby out. It is characterised by cramping and pain in the abdomen and lower back. Fortunately, there are options to help ease labour pain. Most women opt for natural and drug-free pain relief, such as walking, breathing exercises, massage, and electrotherapy. iTENS Australia offers safe and efficient pain alleviation through a wireless TENS machine for labour pain. 

Preparing for childbirth takes considerable effort. If you plan on using a TENS machine for labour, it helps to acquire a unit beforehand. The iTENS is a suitable device that you can use during the delivery and post-birth. Additionally, your doctor may advise you on when and how to use a TENS machine. Identifying the signs of labour can give you a heads up on reaching for the TENS unit. The early symptoms include:

  • Strong, frequent contractions 
  • The mucus plug passes
  • Intense belly and lower back pain
  • Water breaking

TENS for Labour Pain

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a type of electrotherapy using mild electrical currents to reduce pain. TENS is valuable for people with chronic conditions or acute injuries seeking cost-efficient pain relief. However, many people wonder if you can use a TENS machine for labour. Many studies show that electrical stimulation does not harm the mother and the baby. Doctors advise using a TENS machine at the early stage of labour when regular contractions begin. TENS is effective when used in the first and second stages rather than during the delivery. When applied correctly, it can minimise discomfort significantly. Therefore, the iTENS is a suitable device for labour pain. 

iTENS Australia offers wireless TENS therapy for past and convenient pain relief. The TENS machine for labour helps reduce pain through two main functions:

  • Pain Gating – The Gate Control Theory of Pain suggests that non-painful sensations can override pain. Nerve fibres in the spinal cord act as a “gate” that opens and closes according to stimuli. The electrical currents from TENS stimulate the sensory nerves to block pain messages from reaching the brain. The fewer signals the brain receives, the lesser the pain perception. 
  • Endorphin Release – The low-frequency stimulation from a TENS machine induces the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are natural hormones that react with the receptors in the brain and help inhibit pain symptoms. It is also known as the body’s natural painkillers.

Using the Wireless iTENS through the iTENS App

Using a TENS machine for labour reduces pain in the lower back. You can use it while moving around to help ease the discomfort from the contractions. A standard TENS machine for labour that you can rent or use in a hospital has wired electrodes. The electrode pads are placed on the pain site to send the electrical pulses. Meanwhile, the iTENS utilises wireless technology to deliver effective nerve stimulation. The wireless electrodes of iTENS have Bluetooth connectivity to pair with a smartphone app. Using a wireless TENS is simpler and easier than a wired TENS unit. At the start of labour, place the TENS pads on the lower back and turn on the device. It is best to begin with TENS’s lowest intensity and frequency levels. Then, as the contractions get stronger and longer, you can increase their stimulation to get effective pain relief. 

The iTENS app comes with multiple treatments for various pain conditions. Using the iTENS companion app lets you manage pain more conveniently. Additionally, the iTENS app has user-friendly features for fast and efficient use. To use the iTENS TENS machine for labour, simply launch the app on the smartphone to access several pre-set programs. For instance, you may choose therapy for lower back pain. You may also use manually adjust the stimulation according to your preference. Manual mode allows you to control pain relief. However, do not turn the intensity too high to avoid causing further discomfort. 

Wireless TENS Pad Placement for Labour Pain

The TENS pad placement is critical for effective pain relief. You can place the electrode pads near or around the pain area. However, use extra caution when using a TENS machine for labour pain. Position one set of the iTENS electrode pads approximately 4cm on either side of the spine below the bra line. Then place another set on the lower back, above the sacral dimple area of the buttocks. Moreover, do not place the TENS pads over the belly or abdomen. A birthing partner can put the pads for you, following the guidelines above. The wireless iTENS makes it easy to place the TENS pads without any difficulties. Additionally, it enables you to move without restrictions to help ease lower back pain. 


Benefits of TENS Machine

Many women opt for natural methods to manage labour pain. Home remedies or treatments are available, such as walking, massage or counterpressure, changing position, or taking a bath. A TENS machine for labour is an efficient way to relieve pain without the need for drugs or oral painkillers. Furthermore, TENS therapy serves the following benefits:

  • Portable – The iTENS is a lightweight and compact-size device that is easy to carry or store in a bag. You may take the iTENS anywhere with you and use it anytime pain strikes. Additionally, the slim gel pads of iTENS make it discreet to use.
  • Drug-free – TENS is a non-drug and toxic-free alternative for analgesics. It helps lessen pain symptoms effectively without the adverse side effects of medicines.
  • Safe – Safety is a top priority when managing pain during pregnancy. The use of TENS during labour does not cause negative impacts on the mother and baby. You may also continue to use TENS post-birth. 

Getting a Wireless TENS

There are several options for getting a TENS machine for labour pain. First, you may inform your obstetrician if you plan on using TENS. This is because some hospitals have on-hand TENS units while others do not. However, it is best to purchase a TENS machine and have it ready when the due date nears. Additionally, TENS devices like the iTENS are meant for personal use. A personal TENS device lets you continue to manage pain after labour. Furthermore, TENS also helps relieve symptoms from health conditions like arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, sore muscles, or post-birth pains. Lastly, you may get the wireless TENS machine at iTENS Australia online. Purchasing a TENS machine does not require a prescription or medical supervision. Since it is a healthcare device, you may consult a doctor or physiotherapist and ask about the benefits of TENS therapy.