What does a TENS Machine Do?

Severe body pains can be debilitating and crippling. There are numerous ways that a person can deal with acute and chronic body pains. A popular alternative to pain management is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) treatment. Self TENS treatment, with devices like the iTENS, can be done by almost anyone looking for pain relief. However, some still ask, what does a TENS machine do?

What does a TENS machine do for the nerves? TENS help with pain alleviation to the body that involves musculoskeletal pain like pain in the lower back and neck, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other joint pains. TENS treatment is the process of sending out low electrical currents from the device to the nervous system through the skin near the pain site. The electrical currents stimulate the sensory nerves helping them block the pain transmissions heading towards the brain, thus reducing the sensation of pain. 

What does a TENS machine do aside from treating body pain? iTENS, the wireless TENS device for pain relief, also functions as a foot stimulation machine. Using a wireless TENS unit is more effective and convenient than a traditional TENS device with wires or a foot massager. The electrode pads of a TENS device acts as a stimulator on the feet that could help reduce the swelling and relax the muscles.

What does a TENS Machine Do: Other Uses

What does a TENS machine do during pregnancy? Not all TENS machines are designed for maternity, but there are devices like iTENS that can help in reducing labor pains. TENS machines are not advisable to be used during pregnancy, but TENS can be used as pain relief during the early stages of labour or when regular contractions start. However, don’t use the unit in a birth pool.

What does a TENS machine do to period pains? Period pains are normal. Some are mild, while some are intense. During the menstrual cycle, the muscles surrounding the womb contract. It temporarily cuts off the blood and oxygen supply causing the tissues to swell. A TENS unit can help ease period pains by inducing electric currents to the sciatic nerve around the womb. 

These are just some examples of what a TENS device can do. What does a TENS machine do that other forms of pain treatment can’t do? Unlike oral painkillers, TENS is virtually safe, non-toxic and have no adverse or complicated side effects. Wireless TENS devices like iTENS allow you to move as freely and as comfortably as possible. TENS units are an all-in-one type of pain reliever.

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