What is a TENS Machine Used For?

Most people experience pain and aches in their bodies every day. These aches and pain result from daily habits, work, exercise or even illnesses. Treatment for pain called electrical nerve stimulation is effective for both acute and chronic pain. It is an electrical energy type that is transmitted to the neurons in a variety of waveforms. The method of delivery when electrodes or patches are applied to the skin is what we call the TENS or the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The machine that uses the TENS method is the TENS machine. So, what is a TENS machine? This can be briefly explained as follows:  

  • Transcutaneous – means ‘applied through the skin.’   
  • Electrical – TENS machines deliver light electrical pulses via the unit pads placed over the pain point.   
  • Nerve – the pain signals go through the nerves to the brain.   
  • Stimulation – TENS machines, when used, cause the electrical impulses to block the pain signals from reaching the brain and relieve pain and discomfort.   

Nowadays, more people are using TENS machines to alleviate and relieve their pain in the body. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is a wireless TENS machine that is safe and easy to use. The following sections will provide more information on what is a TENS machine, how it works and its benefits.   

What is a TENS Machine  

What is a TENS machine? TENS machines are a battery-operated pain management technique with few complications or side effects. TENS devices, which are applied externally, are considered non-invasive and safe for use by many people experiencing pain. About the size of a small smartphone, the TENS device is compact. One or two sets of leads exit the device and connect to electrodes that anyone can apply to the body with self-sticking pads. These electrodes are then carefully positioned to deliver a gentle electrical current. With the unit’s programmable buttons, anyone can directly regulate these currents.  


What is a TENS Machine: How does it Work?  

What is a TENS machine, and how does it work? TENS machines work by the unit sending tiny electrical pulses to the parts of the body that the electrodes are placed over. These pulses help in providing pain relief to the user. The success and efficacy of TENS therapy as a pain relief option may vary depending on the intensity of the condition a person is trying to treat. There are two ways a TENS machine help to control or alleviate pain.   

  • Sensory Level Stimulation – According to the Gate Control Pain Theory, the TENS device’s electromagnetic pulse meddles with the transmission of pain signals by obstructing the “neural gate” through which pain travels.   
  • Motor Level Stimulation – Motor level stimulation aims to ease pain by stimulating the body’s natural painkillers called endorphins. Therapists frequently utilise it to help with muscle-activation rhythms.  

What is a TENS Machine: What are the Benefits?  

So, what is a TENS machine, and what are the benefits of using it as a pain managing solution? One of the best benefits anyone can get from a TENS machine is its non-invasive method of suppressing or preventing pain in the body. Also, this machine can relieve and reduce pain. Moreover, it can improve blood flow and recovery of a person. A person using a TENS machine can improve their sleeping habits. Since this method of pain relief does not require medicines, it reduces the use of analgesics or other painkillers. Lastly, users can enhance their movement efficiency. The TENS machine can help successfully treat types of pain such as:    

  • Musculoskeletal pain    
  • Back Pain   
  • Abdominal Pain   
  • Systemic Pain   
  • Lower Extremity Pain   
  • Upper Extremity Pain
  • Period Pain  

The iTENS at iTENS Australia  

What is a TENS machine, and is it wireless? When considering TENS as a treatment for pain relief, anyone can use the device in the comfort of their home. The iTENS provides everyone with a TENS device that is wireless and portable. The iTENS is compact and discreet; anyone can use it while out and about. The iTENS wireless pain relief will be easier to use as anyone can control the program’s intensity via a smartphone. The iTENS is designed to be as convenient and comfortable for the user. The user may quickly stick the unit pads over the skin or pain point, choose the intensity of the program, and continue going about the day without any worries of wires getting in the way. 

The iTENS devices are USB powered, and you do not have to worry about changing batteries. You can use the iTENS device directly or control it using your phone. You need to remember that the iTENS is an electrical device and make sure you use it correctly. The user manual that comes with the TENS device includes all information about TENS therapy and how to operate it appropriately. Although it is available with no prescription, it is best to consult a doctor or health professionals if someone is considering starting this treatment. This helps anyone new to the therapy understand what is a TENS machine..  

Understanding TENS Safety   

What is a TENS machine, and is it safe? Generally, a TENS machine is a safe device to use to relieve and control body pains. Skin irritation at the electrode site is TENS machines’ most frequent adverse effect, and anyone can treat it by using hypoallergenic pads. Also, the slight buzzing can potentially be too much for certain people. Many eventually adjust to it, or their doctor can recalibrate it to make them feel more comfortable. TENS tolerance is another issue that can affect some people. But it is easy to take care of this by pausing the machine to give the nerves a time to calm down. Although a TENS machine is considered safe, it has precautions that everybody should follow. These precautions are as follows:  

  • Do not apply to rashes or open wounds  
  • Do not apply to skin that is swollen, red, irritated, or inflamed  
  • Never apply to cancerous lesions
  • Never apply to skin that is not ordinarily able to feel (feeling)  
  • Do not apply to any area of your face or head  
  • Do not apply to any region of the throat  
  • Never apply simultaneously to both sides of the chest or trunk  
  • Never apply directly to the spine  
  • Avoid using TENS while showering or bathing  
  • Avoid using TENS while sleeping  
  • Never use a TENS when driving or using a machinery


Most people battle everyday body pain due to habits, work, exercise and illnesses. Most people already know what is a TENS machine and how it can help relieve or alleviate pain. The TENS machine is the best device for pain treatment due to its non-invasive method of pain relief. The iTENS from iTENS Australia provides a wireless experience for this treatment. Thus, anyone can live a comfortable life, away from daily pain.