What is a TENS Machine Used For?

What is a TENS machine?

Transcutaneous – means ‘applied through the skin’ 

Electrical – TENS machines deliver light electrical pulses via the unit pads placed over the pain point. 

Nerve – the pain signals go through the nerves to the brain. 

Stimulation –  TENS machines, when used, cause the electrical impulses to block the pain signals from reaching your brain and, therefore, relieving pain and discomfort. 

The use of TENS Machines 

What is a tens machine? TENS machines work by the unit sending tiny electrical pulses to the parts of the body that the electrodes are placed over. These pulses help in providing pain relief to the user. The success and efficacy of the TENS therapy as a pain relief option may vary depending on the intensity of the condition you are trying to treat. When you are considering using TENS as a treatment for pain relief, you can use the device in the comforts of your home. The iTENS provides you with a tens device that is wireless and portable. The iTENS is compact and discreet, and you can use it while you are out and about. You should consult your doctor or health professionals if you are considering starting this treatment. 

Chronic pain? Use TENS

So, what is a tens machine, and what are the benefits of using it as a pain managing solution? If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, you might consider getting a wireless tens device like the iTENS. The iTENS wireless pain relief will be easier to use as you can control the program’s intensity via your smartphone. The iTENS is designed to be as convenient and comfortable for you. You may stick the unit pads over the skin or pain point quickly, and choose the intensity of the program and continue going about your day without any worries of wires getting in your way and causing problems. 

Conditions that react positively to iTENS devices and successfully treat types of pain such as:  

  • Musculoskeletal pain  
  • Back Pain 
  • Abdominal Pain 
  • Systemic Pain 
  • Lower Extremity Pain 
  • Upper Extremity Pain 

Understanding TENS safety 

The iTENS devices are USB powered, and you do not have to worry about changing batteries. You can use the iTENS device directly or control it using your phone. You need to keep in mind that the iTENS is an electrical device and make sure you use it correctly.  The user manual that comes with the tens device includes all information about the device and how to operate it appropriately. So you can understand what is a TENS machine. 

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