10's machine

10’s machine or TENS machine

Today’s generation is more likely to use slang words to make a unique language of their own and make it sound “dope” (cool or awesome). Other terms, for example, like TBH (to be honest) and LOL (laugh out loud), is becoming more viral than writing it completely. And 10’s machine (or TENS machine) is not an exception.

10’s Machine Uses

’10’s’ machine is used for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain syndromes and adjunctive treatment to manage post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain. TENS can also be used to assist with childbirth and dental pain.

In adults, the ’10’s’ machine is effective to help manage pain with people suffering from back pain, period pain, sports injuries and many other conditions. As for children, many of them using a ’10’s’ machine do report it has helped relieve their pain. However, children will only use the TENS machine if the doctor advises them to use it.

Tips for Buying Quality TENS

If you wanted to buy a TENS machine, the following are things to look for when you are shopping around:

Your best bet is buying products that are FDA approved. That way, you know that the device adheres to current medical standards and has undergone testing.

Since you want a straightforward and easy to use product, it is good to check the display and button layout before you buy. Think about how you use the TENS machine and make sure you get one that isn’t too heavy or awkward. This is where iTENS is a great substitute.

It is best to purchase a product that has a strong warranty. Then you know that the company stands behind its creation. Check out online reviews if it is possible.

Check the battery supply, mainly that the device does not require an abnormal amount of energy. Buy one with an AC adapter included if that is an option.

iTENS comes with a great quality product that is a safe, reliable TENS machine with all the quality stated above.

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