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Wireless Tens Machines and Its Advantages

Wireless technology shook up the pc and telecommunications industry. It’s not so long ago that we had to plug a cable into our vast clunky desktop computers to browse the web. How times have changed and how rapidly the gadgets industry moves. Recently, we have seen a variety of TENS machine that incorporates advanced technology in manufacturing their devices. It appears the race is well advanced to design and manufacture the best wireless TENS machine.

Wireless TENS machines are easy to use because you do not need to attach cables to electrodes to plug them into a device. You cannot catch the wires and pull them by accident. Wireless TENS machines, similar to standard ones, diminish pain by fortifying your nerves with electrical driving forces and boosting the generation of endorphins, the common pain executioners in your body. It’s an easy, non-invasive, non-addictive process you can do at home or anywhere you would like.

They are also far more discreet; many people are frequently wearing the TENS device underneath clothing, without anybody else knowing or seeing the TENS device.

If you currently have TENS sessions to manage your pain, you are a perfect candidate to wear the device and as mentioned above, discreetly under your clothing and all that is necessary is that you turn it on with the remote or from the device as and when it’s required. Of course, this is assuming you have spoken to a medical professional first and made sure this treatment is suitable for you.

Why Are Wireless TENS Better Than Regular TENS?

Wired TENS units are widely used within the industry, but wireless units are growing in popularity. While wired TENS units are not a lot more expensive than wireless ones, you’re probably conscious of how quickly wires can wear out and need replacement which can add up dollar-wise and end up discarding. Wireless TENS units tend to be a less expensive option, and they are also more convenient. You can wear them everywhere, discreetly without messy cables and can appear as if you’re scrolling on your phone while you are activating your wireless TENS device. You can even exercise with them without the danger of pulling on one of the wires.

Wireless TENS machine, working while you are working

Advantages of Using Wireless TENS Machines

Here are a few of the foremost striking focal points of utilizing a wireless TENS machine:

  1. There are no cables. You can exercise and move around easily and not worry about cables getting knotted up and tangled, which can be frustrating.
  2. A wireless unit is discreet. Wireless TENS are often used beneath your clothing, and because the pads tend to be so small and thin, you can be assured they will be barely seen. Wires are hard to cover, but pads are not as they tend to be flat.
  3. The wireless TENS machine is easy to set up. With a tiny remote or a phone app, you decide which preset you would like to use then enjoy your treatment. The devices that provide app control are even easier to figure.
  4. They are portable. Wireless TENS units are mobile, and the wireless feature makes them easy to hold.
  5. Replacement for medication. A wireless TENS unit can give you an alternate drug-free way to pain relief. The technology is similar to how painkillers work, but you won’t need to take something which will enter your body and possibly cause addiction or other side effects.
    Of course, before using any wireless TENS devices, please consult your doctor and consider their advice and instruction in managing pain.

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