Wireless Tens Machines and Its Advantages

Have you ever used a wired Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine for an extended period? Are you sick of the jumbled mess that entangled cables make? And here is some exciting news! The most recent iTENS’ wireless TENS machine is now on the market. You may purchase for home or workplace use for the most suitable way of relieving pain. 

The iTENS utilizes electrotherapy innovation to provide a drug-free option for pain treatment, and with a twist. Unlike regular TENS machines, the iTENS device is completely wire-free. Controlling the machine is as simple as using a device-specific app on any IOS or android-based smartphone. Please note that you can also use the device manually if you do not use smartphones.

The wireless TENS machine blends wearable devices with originality to produce flexible equipment that is tiny, lightweight and it can be placed securely underneath your clothes to allow users to go about their daily activities. The sticky gel pads’ adaptable wing-like design allows for a dynamic and tailored fit over most joints and body parts, managed through Bluetooth on the iTENS app

The iTENS provides electrotherapy, a low voltage electrical pulse to activate nerve fibers for treating pain such as musculoskeletal pain of chronic and acute pain, muscular spasm and arthritis. The software that operates the wireless tens machine lets you customize the degree by selecting pain spots, functions and scheduled cycles. 

Wired vs. Wireless TENS Machines

A wireless TENS machine is slightly more expensive than a wired TENS device. However, wired devices are sensitive to cable breakage and prone to replacement after a brief time. Engaging in a wireless device is a potential option for reducing the likelihood of developing shorts. Saving you a lot of money at the end of the day. Furthermore, the cables are typically inconvenient while using the gadget, mainly because there is no one to assist you and requires you to be stationary. Using a wireless TENS machine is simple, easy and painless. 


Here are a few of the foremost striking focal points of utilizing an iTENS wireless TENS machine:

  1. Bluetooth connection and smartphone applications makes the iTENS simple to use when pads are positioned in difficult-to-reach places. 
  1. Using the iTENS is quite handy because there is no need to waste time and energy connecting wires to electrodes. 
  1. An iTENS device includes a variety of settings to accommodate various amounts of pain in major and minor regions of the body, such as for the lower back, arms, legs, shoulders, and joints. 
  1. Wearing an iTENS device underneath your clothes is possible without anybody seeing it, and this helps you obtain the essential relief whenever it is convenient for you. 
  1. Medication usage on a daily basis promotes addiction and other adverse effects. Also, using some medications frequently may cause the body to become resistant. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to consult with your doctor regarding the medicine that a wireless TENS machine can replace or use in conjunction with iTENS. This device provides excellent pain management without any of the risks of adverse effects from repeated usage. 

Enjoy the flexibility of wireless TENS machines muscle stimulation combined with better medical-grade strengthening innovation.  

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