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TENS Electrode Pads

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) electrode pads are used to give soothing relief. These pads are positioned near the paining area of the body. In some cases, these pads need to be placed directly in the pain area. And this is where the units’ electrodes start their work. They send calming and relaxing pulses from the unit pads through the skin. These pulses are the heart of the TENS electrode pads as they prohibit the pain signals from reaching the brain. 

In this modern-day, TENS is wireless, convenient, easy-to-use with application to your smartphone. Here at iTENS, we provide the newly improved TENS therapy, discrete and hassle-free, with the same effect as other TENS. 

iTENS is an app control device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet. Its adjustable wings get 360° of movement for a full range of motion. It’s an ultra-thin material that provides maximum comfort and flexibility.  

How to use iTENS 

When using the long strip, place the iTENS device at the lower end of the treatment area with the strip above. When adjusting the intensity, start low and increase to find a comfortable level that is strong but not overpowering. About ten minutes into your treatment, your body will adjust to the sensation. You can increase the intensity at this time. However, it is best not to continue the intensity throughout the treatment. Be sure to experiment with the programs to find the right sensation and pulse for your condition. The presets are a good start, and some people find that the customizable settings work even better for their condition. An excellent position to start is to try using constant stimulation by going into your manual settings and choosing the middle column ‘Constant’ mode.

Then, increasing the pulse width and pulse rate to your preference. Pain is very subjective, so settings should be explored. Judge a program by how it feels and how you feel after using it. Always keep the wings with a gel pad covered by a piece of plastic and in the resealable bag when not in use. If left in the open air, the gel pads will dry out and will need to be replaced more frequently. Be sure to apply the gel pads to a clean, dry area. Add a few drops of water to the gel pads to help reactivate them. You should be able to use the gel pads ten to twelve sessions before replacement gel pads are needed.

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