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The Innovative iTENS Wireless TENS Unit and its Features

Pain is an uncomfortable feeling that commonly presents immediately as a burning, throbbing, stinging or pounding sensation. Numerous illnesses and problems can cause pain in different parts of our body. We can never totally avoid pain and never predict when it will strike. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to assist people in managing pain. One of the popular pain management techniques nowadays is electrotherapy. Electrotherapy such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices are now readily available for personal use that can significantly lessen discomfort. Physiotherapists also recommend TENS like the wireless iTENS device to patients with chronic and acute pain. Therefore, electrotherapy is achievable with the help of devices like the iTENS wireless TENS unit offered by iTENS Australia.

TENS therapy utilising the iTENS wireless TENS unit employs mild electrical impulses to stimulate nerve endings and block unpleasant sensations. Electrode pads on a standard TENS device are connected with lead wires. On the other hand, iTENS Australia provides immediate pain relief via its wearable wireless iTENS device. iTENS can be used to treat a variety of acute and chronic pain. It can help manage pain from physical activity in several body areas. Furthermore, the electrical impulses prevent pain signals from reaching the brain and interfere with the proper operation of the adjacent nerves. Therefore, TENS therapy using the iTENS can alleviate sore joints, muscles and other discomforts without difficulties. You can visit the iTENS Australia website to view the iTENS devices in different sizes and accessories.

iTENS Wireless TENS Unit: How does it Work? 

The iTENS wireless TENS unit blocks pain signals by stimulating the nerves with low-voltage electrical impulses. The electrode pads on a wireless TENS device send electrical impulses through the skin. In particular, electrical stimulation closes the pain gating mechanism in the spinal cord, slowing down pain reception. As a result, the brain receives and transmits fewer pain sensations. TENS also encourages the body to naturally release more endorphins, which have analgesic properties. Endorphins produce a euphoric feeling and aid in pain numbing. The consequence is an improvement in the body’s general health. Additionally, TENS devices work with the following frequencies:

  • High-frequency electrical impulses (90–130 Hz) stimulate the nerves to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. The spinal cord’s gate system regulates the transmission of pain signals. Therefore, when the gate is closed, we experience less pain since there are fewer pain signals.
  • Low frequencies (2–5 Hz) stimulate the production of endorphins, a hormone that reduces pain. The body’s natural painkillers are known as endorphins.

iTENS Wireless TENS Unit: Features

iTENS wireless TENS unit can enable fast and immediate relief through mild electrical stimulation. In electrotherapy, pad placement is vital because it can enhance pain relief when electrode pads are placed close to the area of pain. The large electrode wing pad is excellent for treating the thigh and back. On the other hand, the small wing pad is ideal for small body areas like the wrist and ankle. Furthermore, the iTENS wireless device has the following features, such as:

  • Portability. The wireless feature of the iTENS maximises its portability. Wireless TENS machines are more compact than wired TENS. The iTENS device is portable, lightweight, and convenient; users can transport it anywhere while receiving TENS therapy.
  • Pre-set modes. Treatments are available on the iTENS app for various body parts or health issues. These therapies come with pre-set, fixed parameters. Therefore, users will not need to change the setting every time.
  • Customisable pain therapy. The iTENS app allows consumers to manually change their TENS therapy in addition to the pre-set options. You can change the waveforms, pulse rate, and pulse width manually.
  • Flexibility. The flexible and shaped iTENS gel pads accommodate most body areas without limiting movement. iTENS is also very discreet and enables users to place it underneath clothing without other people noticing it. Therefore, users can still work, exercise, or do chores during TENS therapy. 

Types of Pain

One of the main advantages of the wireless iTENS device is its non-invasive approach to managing discomfort. The iTENS wireless TENS unit can also minimise and relieve various pain. Anyone can carry the wireless TENS machine because of its compact and lightweight design. Users can also operate the iTENS anytime they feel pain. Additionally, TENS therapy utilising wireless iTENS improves blood flow and rehabilitation for the user. This TENS therapy method of pain management does not require medication. Therefore, it reduces the demand for analgesics or other medicines that may have adverse side effects. However, TENS is not advisable to use while operating machines, showering, or driving. In addition, TENS machines are unsuitable for people with pacemakers or other implants, epilepsy and pregnant women who are not in labour. Users can also improve the effectiveness of their movements. Furthermore, the iTENS unit can successfully alleviate the following types of pain: 


iTENS Wireless TENS Unit: Benefits  

The iTENS wireless TENS unit can be advantageous to many. Pain alleviation is possible with the iTENS device for people experiencing pain. One of the advantages is that the iTENS has multiple muscle rehabilitation and massage modes. iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device of the highest calibre and prescribed strength. It is also a battery-operated device with a charge that lasts 24 hours of use. The iTENS also has Bluetooth connectivity and apps for iOS or Android. Furthermore, the iTENS is economical due to its affordable replaceable gel pads; anyone can purchase it from the iTENS Australia website without a prescription. iTENS Australia is the leading specialist for effective and secure iTENS wireless pain management solutions nationwide. Purchasing the iTENS from iTENS Australia comes in a kit. This kit provides everything anyone needs to start pain relief management at home.

iTENS at iTENS Australia

Using an iTENS wireless TENS unit can help users manage pain effectively. Nowadays, anyone can purchase a TENS unit for personal usages, such as the wireless iTENS. As a result, users can receive TENS therapy without going to a treatment centre. When selecting a TENS unit, ensure that you get a high-quality pro-grade device. TENS therapy utilising the iTENS device is an effective method of pain reduction that can be used to treat various pain or conditions. It also enables users to control the amount of pain relief by adjusting the frequency that works best for them. With the iTENS wireless device, users will no longer deal with the inconvenience of tangled wires. Therefore, users may perform TENS therapy more quickly and with less effort. Finally, you can get the wireless iTENS device that is a safe, cost-efficient, and hassle-free form of pain management from the iTENS Australia website.

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