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What is the Best TENS Machine for Labour?

Before searching for the best TENS machine for labour pain, you may want to look up TENS therapy. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is a pain management treatment that users can control with a handheld device. Traditional TENS devices use wires, and nowadays, wireless TENS therapy devices are available for purchase. The iTENS wireless TENS device from iTENS Australia is the perfect example of an innovative pain management tool. Furthermore, the iTENS is one of the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless medical devices. Having FDA clearance means that using the device is safe and risk-free. Moreover, iTENS users can seamlessly pair with their devices using Bluetooth connectivity and allow users to change the program settings using their smartphones. The free iTENS app offers users various beneficial features. Additionally, it is also worth noting that the iTENS can used manually through its manual mode.

TENS therapy works by producing low voltage impulses through the device’s electrodes. First, users need to ensure that the pads are placed firmly onto the skin. It is helpful if the pads are placed directly over the painful area. Additionally, the impulses produced by the device help stimulate the nerves, reducing pain and discomfort. The iTENS is the best TENS machine for labour because it can effectively induce nerve stimulation. During treatment, it is vital to remember that TENS therapy should not hurt; you should only feel a slight tingling sensation. Furthermore, it would be best to take 20-minute breaks in between TENS therapy sessions.

iTENS: The best TENS machine for labour

The iTENS electrodes are designed to have wing-shaped pads suited for treating various body parts. iTENS offers users three pad sizes that will benefit users. Having larger pads helps with treating a broad body areas like the back. On the other hand, the smaller pad size is perfect for treating areas near joints like the feet and elbow. Aside from using the best TENS machine for labour to manage pain, the wireless iTENS device from iTENS Australia can be beneficial in treating various pain conditions like (some of which come secondary to pregnancy):

  • Sciatica – causes pain in the lower back and may spread down to the thighs or legs
  • Bursitis – Causing pain in the shoulder, knees and heels due to inflammation
  • Plantar Fasciitis – causes pain on the foot’s arch or in the bottom part of the heel due to inflamed ligaments.
  • Fibromyalgia – A widespread pain and soreness in the body. Typically comes with fatigue and memory issues. 
  • Frozen shoulder – causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint.
  • Period pain – commonly causes cramps in the abdominal area.

The iTENS and Its Benefits

The iTENS is the best TENS machine for labour pain and other conditions. The TENS device from iTENS Australia has great accessibility and usability. The iTENS’ compact and highly portable features make it discreet, allowing users to wear the device underneath clothing. Additionally, the iTENS is entirely wireless, removing the hassle of dealing with tangled wires and giving users the freedom to move around during TENS therapy sessions. Furthermore, the free iTENS app provides users complete control over their pain management treatment. The iTENS device connects to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, where users can access various pre-set programs. Users can choose from the pre-set programs to treat a specific condition or body part from the app. Lastly, users can also manually create and adjust the program settings to provide the most beneficial results. 

Using the best TENS machine for labour

The best TENS machine for labour should be a safe and worthy investment for pain management. It is worth noting that TENS therapy can be used multiple times daily and it can provide pain relief whenever needed. Furthermore, using TENS therapy during labour is safe and secure when properly following the instructions. There are certain situations where people should avoid using TENS therapy devices:

  • Near water
  • On damaged or irritated skin
  • While sleeping
  • In the head, throat, or chest
  • People with cancer
  • While driving
  • People with epilepsy
  • People with pacemakers

Using the best TENS machine for labour Pains

Suppose you are considering trying out TENS therapy for pain management and seeking out the best TENS machine for labour pain. We recommend that you consult with your doctor first or medical specialist regarding using TENS therapy for labour. Additionally, these medical specialists can help you decide if using TENS therapy is suitable for your needs. iTENS Australia supplies the FDA-cleared iTENS wireless device; thus, looking for trustworthy devices through iTENS Australia will not be hard. However, before deciding to purchase a TENS device, it is crucial to ensure that it is suitable for treating labour pains. iTENS Australia ensures that the iTENS can be a suitable device for labour pain as long as its instructions are carefully followed.

Generally, when treating labour pains, the TENS device is attached to the lower back to provide the most beneficial results. The iTENS is the best TENS machine for labour pains because it can easily be operated in areas like the lower back. Having a wireless TENS provides users complete control over their TENS therapy sessions, even in hard to reach areas. Furthermore, using TENS therapy is more efficient and risk-free than pain medications. TENS therapy is a non-invasive, risk-free and drug-free way of relieving pain. TENS has little to no side effects and will not cause harm to the mother and baby. Moreover, using TENS treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort can also help post-pregnancy pains. 

TENS: Drug-free pain relief 

Using the best TENS machine for labour Pains and other pain conditions can significantly help reduce the intake of painkilling medications. If the primary goal is to lessen or avoid taking painkillers, using TENS devices is ideal. Additionally, TENS therapy has proven to be an excellent complementary pain management option to relieve pain and discomfort during early labour. TENS users find this treatment helpful mentally as it can also help distract and remove the concentration of pain during contractions. Labour can be intense. It would be best to understand that various pain management options are available. The perfect pain management tool during labour is a TENS device, and it can provide easy access to pain relief. 

Furthermore, ensure that you are open to other options for pain relief. Doctors and medical specialists may recommend a higher intensity levels for more efficient pain relief to help with labour pain. Additionally, it is highly beneficial to know which pain management treatments are available and what can help during labour. We recommend getting the iTENS wireless device to help during early labour. Moreover, the iTENS wireless device can also be helpful during recovery (post-labour). The iTENS is the best TENS machine for labour because of its convenience and effectiveness.

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