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Things to Know About TENS Replacement Pads

A TENS unit is designed for daily use, typically 2-3 times daily. So there is no doubt about its durability. A physical therapist uses a TENS unit for pain management on their patients for at least 10 – 15 minutes every session with 6 to 8 sessions per day with little to no problems with their device. As a result, purchasing a personal TENS machine with TENS replacement pads is a sensible investment. It would also improve the quality of life for anyone looking for effective pain management methods. TENS can alleviate muscle soreness from excessive exercise, pain from issues like general sports injuries, osteoarthritis, sciatica, and post-operative muscular pain.

A long-lasting TENS unit can be used for a variety of purposes. High-quality units, such as the wireless iTENS machine, will be worthwhile. Despite being essentially time-proof, the device still requires maintenance. A well-maintained device will significantly increase the unit’s effectiveness; it involves TENS replacement pads.

TENS Replacement Pads Maintenance

Despite its durability, the TENS machine still needs constant attention on its padding. The padding significantly influences the effectiveness of the machine about its conductivity. Therefore, replacing TENS gel pads is crucial to TENS unit quality management. If you’re seeking a TENS machine pad that is inexpensive, easy to use and lasts a long time. iTENS gel pad from iTENS Australia has a variety of sizes and is reusable. The TENS replacement pads can use up to 15 – 20 times each set. With machines like the iTENS that work with such a high standard, the only issue you’ll probably ever have when owning a TENS machine is knowing when to start replacing the pads.

TENS units are becoming increasingly available to the public. The availability of TENS replacement pads online has also made it more accessible. TENS gel pads are recommended for single usage. As you peel the gel on and off the TENS, some gel pad residue will develop on the silver region of the wings. Periodically it is good to remove this gel residue by wetting the wing and rubbing it off with a paper towel. You can also wipe down the gadget with a moist towel to clean it. Furthermore, there are strategies to extend the life of your TENS pads, such as not placing ice directly on top of the pads and keeping the pads away from extreme heat.


How to Use TENS Replacement Pads

The TENS machine will deliver nerve stimulation to the TENS replacement pads and contact areas on your skin. The pad characteristics have a direct impact on the device’s efficacy. With our premium quality pads, you can be confident that your TENS machine will continue functioning properly. To effectively use the TENS machine, there are proper ways to place the pads correctly:

1. The pads should be placed directly close to the area of pain as possible by determining the precise location of your discomfort and highlighting the most sensitive part of the pain. If the pain location requires extra treatment, it is strongly recommended to use two or four pads around it simultaneously.

2. You can control the flow of electricity by adjusting the angle between the pads and their position in one of three ways: vertical, horizontal, or angulated.

3. You can place the pads parallel to the pain when it is concentrated on a minor portion of your body, like calf soreness. When the discomfort is more extensive, for example, over your shoulders and beneath your neck, you can also place the pads vertically on the left and right sides of your spine.

Benefits and Types of TENS Replacement Pads

TENS devices are highly flexible medical instruments that treat various injuries, body parts, and health concerns. Electric stimulation will be possible if the TENS replacement pads are effectively attached to the area. The iTENS offers three distinct pad sizes that may successfully treat different body regions, which are small, large and long strip gel pads. You can use the small iTENS wing pads to treat wrist and ankle pain. Furthermore, the iTENS large wing pads may provide excellent nerve stimulation in the back and leg areas. Finally, the iTENS long wing pads can aid in treating extended treatment regions like the back down to the legs. Long strip pads can also efficiently cure conditions like sciatica. Moreover, the TENS device is helpful in treating pain in the following areas effectively:


Usage and Safety Guidelines

TENS devices like iTENS are a non-invasive, non-toxic, and drug-free pain treatment option. Using a TENS machine has no adverse side effects, and you can use it often. However, take 20-minute rests between TENS pain management treatment sessions. Do not immediately increase the frequency of the iTENS wireless TENS unit to prevent any unexpected shocks or skin irritations. Furthermore, we do not recommend using TENS replacement pads for pain relief when:

  • If you have an open wound and irritated skin
  • Women at their early stage of pregnancy but not in labour
  • While driving, swimming or just around with water
  • With heart conditions
  • People with cancer and epilepsy
  • People with metal, electronic or electrical implants in their bodies
  • While sleeping
  • On numb areas
  • Around the mouth, eyes and head area

Furthermore, the TENS replacement pads pain is the world’s first FDA-cleared genuine wireless TENS therapy device. The device assures users of its safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, it shows that the iTENS wireless small TENS unit has completed all required testing and regulations to be recognized as reliable medical equipment for pain management.

iTENS from iTENS Australia

The iTENS is the first FDA-cleared, completely wireless TENS therapy device on the market. With FDA clearance, all iTENS have completed the essential product testing and certifications to be classified as a personal medical devices. All iTENS TENS replacement pads help alleviate various pain. In addition, the iTENS wireless device is available at the iTENS Australia online store without a medical prescription. Similarly, you can still check with a doctor or physiotherapist before purchasing one.

The iTENS device has different pad size selections. Each TENS replacement pads sizes is intended to treat particular body parts without limiting movement. This function further customises the iTENS while increasing the effectiveness of the user’s TENS pain management therapy. Electrotherapy with devices like the iTENS at iTENS Australia is entirely drug-free; you can use these units as much as you want without the adverse side effects associated with oral medications. The TENS machines being a natural pain reliever is the primary reason individuals choose electrotherapy over other more traditional treatments. Therefore, highly effective devices, such as the iTENS device from iTENS Australia, could help decrease chronic and acute pain with no side effects.

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