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What is the Best Wireless TENS Unit for Sciatica?

If you feel radiating pain from your lower back or hips towards your buttocks and leg, you may be experiencing sciatica. Sciatica is a sharp pain in the leg caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. Moreover, the pain has a “knife-like” sensation or cramps that can last for weeks. A numbness or tingling sensation in the back of the leg can also be apparent when suffering from sciatica. Usually, only one side of the body is affected. Furthermore, mild sciatica usually goes away on its own without needing treatment or operation. However, some persist longer and cause severe pain that requires help. Doctors and physical therapists recommend Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) electrotherapy as a cost-effective solution for sciatic pain. With many available devices in the market, many ask: What is the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica? 

Luckily, iTENS Australia offers the revolutionary iTENS wireless unit as a means for combating sciatica and other pain disorders. The iTENS is definitely a leading contender to be the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica with its many innovative features. Find out more below.

What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Electrotherapy

Before we get into the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica, we must first know the concept behind how it works. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, transcutaneous meaning “through the skin”. It works by employing a device called a TENS machine. The TENS machine transmits tiny electrical current from its adhesive electrode pads to the skin, then into the nerves for stimulation. Moreover, traditional TENS machines have wires attached to their electrode pads. However, more advanced devices are now available with Bluetooth connectivity, such as the iTENS wireless unit. Subsequently, this form of electrotherapy causes pain relief using two methods. Firstly, at a high TENS pulse rate. Secondly, at a lower TENS pulse rate.

Method of How TENS Therapy Relieves Pain

  1. Pain Gating – also called the “Pain Gate Theory of Pain Management”. This theory states that setting your TENS machine at a 90 to 130 Hz pulse rate can cause the spinal cord’s nerve gates to close. Closing the nerve gates blocks pain signals from passing through and reaching the brain. The brain cannot process pain if it does not receive any signals. Thus, electrical stimulation using TENS therapy reduces or sometimes wholly blocks pain from being felt.
  2. Increasing Endorphin Production – the second method relieves pain by setting your TENS machine at a 2 to 5 Hz pulse rate. At this lower pulse rate, electrical stimulation thru TENS therapy causes the body to produce more endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers. They are natural chemicals in the body that act like morphine. Moreover, having more endorphins helps reduce the sensation of pain. Also, it causes the body to feelings of euphoria. Hence, why medical professionals often call them the “happy” or “feel-good” hormone as it can provide a better feeling of well-being.

Likewise, the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica should be able to employ both methods for treating sciatic pain as well as other painful conditions. Conveniently, the iTENS wireless unit at iTENS Australia provides users with multiple options for relieving different kinds of pain with added features for mobility and comfortability.


iTENS: The Best Wireless TENS Unit for Sciatica

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica because it is reliable and convenient. It is the world’s first 100% wire-free TENS therapy device with FDA clearance. Furthermore, it merges revolutionary wearable technology with the proven effectiveness of TENS electrotherapy. The iTENS can effectively deliver mild electrical currents to your body’s nerve pathways from its wireless electrodes. Pain management treatments with this device are more efficient due to their wire-free approach with an innovative electrode pad design. The iTENS electrode pads a wing-like shape to fit well with most body parts without the hassle of having to deal with wire-related problems. These electrode pads are also interchangeable, hypoallergenic and have various size options to choose from.

Additionally, the iTENS wireless device has built-in rechargeable batteries. Users no longer have to purchase batteries continuously, effectively cutting costs in the long run. Moreover, the iTENS is thin, compact, light and discreet. Thus, you can use this convenient device discreetly underneath your clothes, even while doing chores, exercising, working or just out and about. Truly, the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica should be practical, comfortable and straightforward. Indeed, the iTENS wireless unit delivers on this and much more.

Why iTENS is the Best Wireless TENS Unit for Sciatica: More Features

The iTENS unit has Bluetooth connectivity that syncs seamlessly to a mobile app. The iTENS, arguably the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica, has a pre-set program ready for quick and efficient pain relief. One of the programs integrated into the app is the treatment for sciatica. By launching the app, simply scroll to the options and choose sciatica. The iTENS wireless unit could then begin the stimulation immediately. Ensure that you place the iTENS electrode pads in the right location for optimal results. The pad placement for sciatica is at the lower back near the area of pain. For sciatic pain in the leg, place the electrode pads on the back of the leg. It should also be near the site where the pain is most felt.

In addition, you may also manually adjust the frequency and intensity by switching into the manual mode of the device. Check different intensity levels until you relieve the radiating pain. You may personalise your settings in “manual mode” for more optimal and comfortable treatments specified to your requirements. The iTENS is the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica because of the effective pain relief options it can provide.


The iTENS wireless unit is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative for oral medications. Therefore, you can use the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica without adverse side effects. Moreover, the iTENS is also suitable for other acute and chronic pain conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and ankle tendonitis. You can purchase the iTENS without a prescription directly from the iTENS Australia website.


Reason Why the iTENS is the Best Wireless TENS Unit for Sciatica: Summary

To sum it up, the iTENS device at iTENS Australia is the best wireless TENS unit for sciatica because it:

  • helps users sleep better
  • provides quick and effective pain relief
  • helps increase endorphin production
  • gives users a safe and drug-free option for pain management treatments
  • gives users a multitude of options for treating pain (either acute or chronic pain) aside from sciatica pain
  • can aid in post-surgery, injury or sickness recovery
  • offers users a highly functional device that is cost-effective with high portability

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