electrotherapy machine

How Electrotherapy Machine Works

An electrotherapy machine is medical equipment that uses an electrical current to treat pain, muscle weakness, repair tissues and improve circulation. Although the idea of being treated using electricity might sound a little strange, the truth is that electricity has been used to treat these types of symptoms for a very long time. In fact, electricity is one of the safest, most effective ways to treat pain and other types of illness. Because it is not a drug and leaves no traces in the system, it has very few to no side effects.

In general, electrotherapy delivers a small, pulsating current to the muscles and nerve endings. This electrical current will cause the muscles to contract and relax. After a time, repeated stimulations cause the muscles to strengthen and relax to reduce pain.

The most common electrotherapy machine that is used today is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators or TENS. A TENS machine can be purchased and used at home generally for back or other muscular pain, which allows the user to treat the problem at his or her convenience. The electrical signal frequency is also adjustable, allowing patients to decide on the length and intensity of the treatment itself. The effects last significantly longer.

A modern-day electrotherapy machine that merges technology with the proven results of TENS therapy is iTENS. It is a specialized machine that is used to deliver electricity to the body. With this product, you get a full body massage with electricity and if you think the idea that electricity going to the body will be painful, don’t worry as with this therapy, there is no pain, and in fact, people usually say that the electricity feels good because of how deep into the muscle that the treatment provides.

With iTENS, you will not feel anything except for the fact that your pain will go away.

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