How Electrotherapy Machine Works

Electrotherapy (also referred to as electrical muscle stimulation or e-stim) is a treatment that involves the use of an electrotherapy machine that sends electrical signals to a patient’s body. This stimulation promotes and facilitates muscle repair and tissue regeneration. 

iTENS is a modern electrotherapy machine that combines technology with the established effects of TENS therapy. It is highly a sophisticated equipment that delivers electricity to the body. If you are worried that electricity going to your body will be unpleasant, you don’t have to since there is no discomfort through this therapy. Most users remark that the experience is satisfying because they can feel the stimulation in their muscles. 

Electrotherapy is often used for muscle spasm comfort, preventive measures, increased local circulation of blood, muscle recovery, re-education of electrical muscle enhancement, sustaining and boosting mobility and dealing with chronic and unbearable pain.  Electrotherapy machines are now used for rehabilitation and pain treatment when exercise is impossible. It may reduce muscle mass loss and can enhance strength in the leg muscles. 

The electrotherapy machine assists in tightening muscles by sending electrical signals to them. The “shocks” are often administered using electrode-studded pads. The portable device controls these pads, which attach to the skin. The user may adjust the strength of the stimulation and as strength steadily increases, the user can feel and watch their muscles contract. 

Electrotherapy is beneficial for various medical purposes including the development of muscle control as well as treatment of acute pain. Currents are administered to the afflicted muscles and nerves using pads that attach directly to the skin. 

Why the TENS Electrotherapy Machine is for you

There are different types of electrotherapies. These include ultrasound, interferential therapy, muscle stimulation, laser treatment and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). The TENS is the most popular type of electrotherapy. The TENS electrotherapy machine works by preventing pain impulses from entering the brain and stimulating endorphin production, relieving neck and back pain. 

Physical therapists can offer a non-invasive treatment for many diverse patient issues without risks or side effects, whether treating chronic or acute pain. The iTENS device is a type of electrotherapy machine that is now accessible in portable devices and used by patients at home, in public and at the clinic to give a therapeutic alternative to traditional oral pain medicines. Because of these advantages, using the iTENS device is one of the most potent and widely used physical therapy procedures.

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