TENS Electrode Machine Placement

Do you experience muscular aches and pains? Your muscular discomfort might be the result of an injury or strain. People now use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines to alleviate muscular discomfort in the lower back, hips and arms. To provide the best pain relief, you must understand the muscular system and the position of the TENS electrode machine pads on your skin. 

The capacity to target nearly any area of pain on your body, as well as adjust the treatment intensity and time makes the iTENS unit so popular. iTENS units help treat chronic and acute pain such as arthritis, sciatica, aching muscles, fibromyalgia, etc. Since you are aiming for a specific sore region, you need to place TENS electrode machine pads correctly. 

One of the essential factors in obtaining the most remarkable results with your iTENS therapy is electrode placement. It is advisable to research several TENS electrode machine techniques to determine the best way to use them to match your needs. 

Every person reacts differently to electrical stimulation and their needs may differ from the indicated settings and locations. If the early results aren’t as promising as you’d want, don’t be hesitatant to try something new. Take note of the TENS electrode machine settings and region of placement. 

Areas to avoid placing your TENS Electrode Machine

There are also some specific areas where the TENS machine cannot be utilized or positioned. Here are several examples: 

  • Rashes or open wounds
  • Skin that is swollen, red, infected or irritated
  • Cancerous wounds or those that are adjacent to them
  • Any portion of your face or head
  • Any portion of your throat
  • Directly on your backbone

And one more thing to know is that TENS electrode machine treatment does not and should not hurt. The pulses may cause your muscles to vibrate but this should not cause you to experience any unpleasant feelings. You have complete control over the pulse intensity during the session, so you may raise or reduce it as you see fit. 

It is critical to ensure that the current from the TENS electrode machine goes through the painful area, along the nerves coming from the pain or across acupuncture spots when putting your TENS pads. Pain hurts; it affects millions of individuals each year, causing both physical and emotional harm. iTENS is a highly recommended device that will relieve you from pain in a hassle-free, discrete and easy-to-use device. Your body will be pain-free in a matter of seconds. 

Furthermore, iTENS is more than simply a portable, cordless TENS electrode machine. It is app-based, so you can easily follow your improvement and pain level over time. This device will assist you in understanding how your body reacts to regular activities and how this affects your pain levels and gives you a unique experience with your smartphone. Get one now and treat yourself with pain-relief every day. 

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