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How Effective is a TENS Recovery Machine

Are you looking for a solution for various pain conditions? Or, are you searching for a safe and efficient pain relief method? Are you tired of suffering from lower back pain? Identifying a secure, risk-free, and drug-free pain relief solution can be challenging. Nowadays, various substandard TENS therapy products have invaded the market. How can you be sure these products are effective and can benefit you? You can purchase an effective device from a trusted supplier. iTENS Australia supplies the best FDA-certified wireless TENS machine available in the public market. iTENS brings users an affordable TENS recovery machine with modern pain management technology. Pain, in most cases, lasts typically for a short period during the healing process. You can use a TENS device to help improve your comfort during the healing process.

A TENS recovery machine like the iTENS can provide access to instant pain relief from various pain conditions and can help improve your overall comfort. iTENS Australia offers three pad sizes that work well for specific body areas. The iTENS “wings” or pads are placed directly on the skin near the pain point. The device then produces tiny electrical impulses to help block the feeling of pain.

TENS recovery machine for treating acute pain

Acute pain is a typical effect of injury or trauma; for example: broken bones, sore muscles, and post-surgery injuries. A TENS recovery machine will include various features to help manage the different pain levels. The iTENS Wireless TENS therapy device offers users the following features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – The iTENS provides users direct device control, or they can opt to connect the unit to their smartphone and adjust the settings on the free App. This feature is beneficial, and the user can easily adjust the program intensity depending on their needs. This feature gives the users more control over their pain management.
  • iTENS Mobile App – Providing users with innovative features, they can track their history of TENS therapy sessions and more.
  • Pre-set programs – iTENS offers users various pre-set programs that provide relief for specific conditions and body parts.
  • iTENS Accessories – The iTENS accessories are interchangeable with one another. Additionally, you can change “wings” depending on the body part you want to treat. Furthermore, iTENS provides users with reusable gel pads that can last up to 15 uses.
  • Wireless medical device – iTENS is entirely wireless, and it removes the hassle of tangled wires.
  • Compact – The device is compact, highly portable and discreet, you can wear it underneath clothing, and no one will notice.
  • FDA-cleared – iTENS is the world’s first FDA cleared wireless medical device.
  • USB powered – It uses a USB charger, and a full recharge can last up to 24 hours of run time.

TENS recovery machine for injury management

An effective pain management plan is essential for adequate healing. Before returning to everyday activities, you should ensure recovery of the injury first. In treating acute pain, you must secure the injury and prevent further damage. You can manage the pain by using a TENS recovery machine like the iTENS. TENS therapy is a safe and drug-free pain relief option. Additionally, nerve and muscle stimulation improves the rehabilitation process. You may ask a physiotherapist or physician on the benefits of owning a personal TENS pain relieving device..

Benefits of using a TENS recovery machine to manage acute pain

  • Easy access to instant pain relief
  • Safe, risk-free and drug-free pain management option
  • Users can reduce their intake of pain medications
  • Lessen the chances of harm and adverse side effects from painkillers
  • Improved recovery from post-surgery injuries
  • TENS therapy users can have complete control over their pain management.

Can TENS recovery machine help with chronic pain?

A TENS recovery machine works by producing non-invasive and low voltage pulses across the skin. These pulses affect the nerves and block the pain, thus, providing pain relief. Additionally, each TENS therapy session can go for 30 minutes per treatment. You can use TENS therapy several times a day to provide pain relief when needed. This treatment can provide pain relief if you suffer from back, shoulder, neck, and knee pain (and many more). Using a TENS recovery machine cannot cure chronic pain. However, TENS therapy can give instant pain relief that helps users feel better and improve their quality of life. Furthermore, users can enjoy TENS therapy devices like the iTENS safely and efficiently from the comforts of their home or even when they are out. iTENS provides users easy access to safe pain relief whenever they need it.

Advantages of TENS Therapy

Using a TENS recovery machine to treat various pain conditions is a highly effective and safe method. TENS therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free method of pain relief. It can be used alone or as a complementary pain relief tool to your pain management routine. The iTENS device from iTENS Australia does not require a prescription to be purchased. However, you may ask a doctor or physiotherapist about the benefits of TENS therapy. Furthermore, the amount of pain medication taken may be reduced for those who use TENS devices. Thus, it can help reduce the long-term side effects of certain oral painkillers. Lastly, the key benefit of the TENS therapy device is that it is compact and highly portable and, therefore, can be used whenever pain relief is needed.

Furthermore, using a TENS recovery machine for pain relief has no risks and no adverse side effects. Although, some users may be allergic to the adhesive on the pads (the iTENS pads are hypoallergenic). Additionally, we recommend that you take 20-minute breaks between TENS therapy sessions to check the skin for redness or irritations. It is also vital to clean the skin with mild soap and water before each TENS therapy session. Moreover, you must also remember that TENS therapy should not hurt. Users should feel a slight tingling sensation when the device is on. 

iTENS Wireless Unit

A high-quality TENS recovery machine is essential in pain management treatments. Traditional TENS machines have a control unit that attaches to the lead wires, which connect to the adhesive electrode pads. In addition, having to deal with wires on top of the already inconvenient pain condition can be a significant hassle. The solution to this problem is using a wireless TENS machine like the iTENS unit. The iTENS is where convenience and technology meet to improve quality of life. If you are thinking of trying TENS therapy, you should consider getting the iTENS wireless TENS. Furthermore, iTENS does not need a doctor’s prescription, and it is available for purchase on our official website. Here at iTENS Australia, we provide our customers safe and easy access to effective pain relief.

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