Advantages of Having a Rechargeable TENS Machine

You can achieve pain relief in a variety of ways. Physical therapy and oral medications are common forms of pain treatment. However, if you are looking for a more convenient and sustainable method, a rechargeable TENS machine is what you should use. TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is an electrotherapy treatment that sends mild electrical impulses to the nerves through the skin with electrodes. A TENS machine is a portable device that can intervene with normal nerve functions, reducing pain perception.

There are many kinds of TENS machines in the market. The standard TENS is a device that connects to its electrodes via wires. They commonly use 9V or AA batteries to power the device. On the other hand, the wireless iTENS uses rechargeable lithium batteries for more energy efficiency. Using rechargeable batteries is more efficient in the long term. The lithium-ion battery of iTENS approximately lasts for 24 to 36 hours, depending on the intensity or frequency used. There are many advantages of using a rechargeable TENS machine for pain management. Firstly, TENS therapy is possible even with other activities. A wireless device allows you to move more freely with no other distractions or restraints. 

Why use a Rechargeable TENS Machine?

A rechargeable TENS machine could allow you to go on with your daily routine without any disruptions. For example, a wireless TENS therapy machine could enable you to manage pain without skipping school or work. This convenience is mainly due to being able to wear these devices discreetly under your clothes without any movement restrictions. Additionally, the Bluetooth capabilities of the iTENS allow you to connect to your smartphone and use the app easily. You can place the electrode pads near the pain site and operate the device from the iTENS app. The app features pre-set modes for different pain treatments for the back, arms, shoulders, neck, and feet. You will feel a mild tingling sensation as the device begins to work. You may also manually adjust the frequency until you reach optimum pain relief.

Another advantage of a rechargeable TENS machine is that it is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative for pain. Unlike oral medications, TENS does not have adverse side effects. Additionally, you can use the TENS machine any time of the day whenever you need it. As a result, it is virtually safe to use TENS frequently. However, while TENS therapy is suitable for acute and chronic pain, it is not advisable for specific conditions. For example, TENS is not appropriate for pregnant women, people with cancer and epilepsy, or cardiac pacemakers. Moreover, do not place the TENS pads on the temples or the head or throat. To effectively use your rechargeable iTENS, check the pads placement guide.

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