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Advantages of Having a Rechargeable TENS Machine

Rechargeable TENS machine with wireless electrodes

Body aches are common. It may be a result of fatigue or strain. Likewise, chronic pain is a condition that may strike anytime. Hence, it is vital to seek pain alleviation to minimise the symptoms or discomfort. Fortunately, a rechargeable TENS machine is a handy tool that can help manage various pain conditions. It offers many advantages such as portability, convenience, and natural pain relief. TENS therapy is suitable for most people with little to no risks or side effects.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a drug-free method of relieving pain using mild electrical impulses. It provides individuals with an alternative to managing pain without the usual side effects of medicines. In addition, TENS machines, like the iTENS, are safe and easy to use. The following sections will talk about the types of TENS devices, how they work, and their top advantages.

Traditional vs Rechargeable TENS Machines

TENS machines come in various forms and types. Mainly, TENS has two types of devices, traditional and wireless. A traditional TENS machine utilises lead cables connected to sticky pads. They are standard in clinics and therapy centres. Typically, they are powered by single-use AA batteries. On the other hand, wireless TENS machines have Bluetooth-enabled electrodes that can connect remotely to a smartphone. Most wireless units are rechargeable TENS machines using lithium-ion batteries.

Electrotherapy devices like TENS deliver fast pain relief on the go. The electrode pads stick firmly to the skin, making them highly wearable. Therefore, you can use a TENS machine while working or engaging in other physical activities. However, it is vital to use powerful batteries to attain optimal results. This is because it consumes power, depending on the intensity used. A weak battery may not deliver sufficient stimulation to affect the nerves.

In comparison, a rechargeable TENS machine is more efficient in the long term. In particular, the iTENS from iTENS Australia has a 24-hour running time on a full charge. It also eliminates the need for constant battery replacement. Hence, it is ideal for continuous usage. You can also ascertain you get adequate power while using the device. Moreover, since wireless devices are more compact, they do not hinder movement.

How TENS Works

A TENS machine uses modulated electrical pulses to stimulate the nervous system to perform the following actions:

  • Block nerve pathways – induces the pain gate controllers in the spinal cord to close, blocking the pain signals.
  • Release natural painkillers – trigger the production of endorphins.
  • Boost blood circulation – increase blood and oxygen flow for faster healing.

Rechargeable TENS machine with USB cable

Rechargeable TENS Machine for Efficient Pain Relief

A rechargeable TENS machine could allow you to continue your daily routine without disruptions. It is convenient and easy to use. For instance, the wireless iTENS has three quick methods to start the therapy: peel the electrode pads, place them on the pain site, and launch the app. It enables fast pad placement because it removes the process of setting up the wires. Therefore, you can save time and begin the treatment immediately.

Operating TENS is simple. After placing the electrodes, turn on the device and select the desired therapy. Most units have pre-set modes and customisable programs. In the menu, you may choose a treatment based on body aches or health conditions. Their settings are already adjusted, so you do not need to set them up with each use. Furthermore, the manual operation allows you to customise the parameters according to your preference. Thus, it lets you find effective results.

Moreover, the smartphone app for rechargeable TENS machines maximises efficiency. It lets you control pain relief with a few touches of a button. For example, you may easily scroll the menu on a large smartphone screen to access various pain treatments. It also lets you track your time to help you monitor your treatment and understand your pain better. You may also save your customised settings in the app for subsequent uses.

What Can TENS Treat

A TENS machine can help manage the following health conditions and body pains:

Wireless TENS device that is discreet under clothes

Rechargeable TENS Machine – Natural and Drug-free

A main advantage of TENS therapy over other pain management methods is its ability to minimise pain without adverse side effects of oral painkillers or potential overdose. Accordingly, it is a natural method using electrical pulses that are safe and painless. Likewise, rechargeable TENS machines have few reported side effects. It includes redness or skin irritation and burns. However, they quickly disappear once you remove the pads and treat them with warm water and gentle soap.

Moreover, TENS is non-invasive. The electrode pads adhere firmly to the skin but do not leave lasting marks. In addition, following the TENS usage guidelines may prevent possible side effects. For instance, do not place the pads on numb areas, broken or infected skin, and open wounds. Similarly, pad placement is not suitable in the head, throat or upper neck, spine, and joints. Lastly, if you have sensitive skin, you may use hypoallergenic gel pads to minimise allergic reactions.

Since rechargeable TENS machines are more compact, they are also discreet to use. In particular, iTENS have an innovative wing-shaped pad design, providing more flexibility and comfort. Being wire-free, it is lightweight and not distracting when worn under clothes. You can also easily interchange the pads to another size to treat various pain locations. For instance, the iTENS’ large wings are ideal for broad areas like the back while the small wings are for joints.

TENS Guidelines

  • Place the electrodes on clean, dry skin
  • Position the pads on the side of the painful spot
  • Start at the lowest frequency and intensity
  • One session must not exceed 60 minutes
  • Allocate 20 minutes before continuing a session
  • Do not use near water
  • Do not use while driving or sleeping


TENS therapy provides numerous benefits to pain management. Many people employ TENS to manage acute or chronic pain to lessen their need for medications. Thus, they may avoid potential side effects or complications. It is a safe and natural method using modulated pulses to control pain. Additionally, a rechargeable TENS machine is a cost-efficient device that you can use independently. You may use TENS daily without significant risks.

Various TENS devices offer different programs and functions. Hence, it is vital to choose a unit that suits your particular treatment needs. You may also consult a doctor for proper guidance and advice. Moreover, if you want to maximise pain relief, you may go for innovative devices like wireless iTENS. The rechargeable batteries of iTENS are energy-efficient, letting you administer TENS without interruptions. You may get iTENS at iTENS Australia in various pad sizes and accessories.

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