TENS Unit for Ankle Tendonitis

The human body is like a fluid machine. Machines derive screws and bolts that come together to function smoothly. If the gears fit correctly, the device works well. However, if you use a machine non-stop, it overheats and loosens up. It is the same thing with our bodies. Connective tissues and joints make up most of our body. Overuse of our body parts like the ankles will often cause inflammation. Ankle tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon in the foot because of the repetitive motion of the joints. Healing of the ankle usually takes time and is irritating, but pain during recovery would be a lot more manageable with a TENS unit for ankle tendonitis. 

The most common cause of ankle tendonitis is overuse. During this problem, the joint in the ankle would feel sore and stiff. An efficient way of dealing with pain from ankle tendonitis is through Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). TENS therapy is the process of conducting low voltage electric currents to reduce the sensation of pain. The TENS unit device is a small machine that sends the electrical currents through the skin to the nerve pathways. The effect is the stimulation of the nerves to block pain signals to the brain and the release of more endorphins, the natural chemicals known for suppressing pain. Using a TENS unit for ankle tendonitis is a non-invasive method for pain relief. An excellent alternative to a typical TENS unit with wires is the iTENS. The iTENS is a wireless TENS device that helps alleviate pain in the most efficient, comfortable, and hassle-free way.

TENS Unit for Ankle Tendonitis: Placement

How to use a TENS unit for ankle tendonitis? The TENS units, like the iTENS, has a set of electrode pads that can stick to the area of the skin where the pain is. Carefully place the pads on parallel sides of the ankles on the primary source of pain or around the ankle joint. Place the sticky pads at least 2 inches apart. Switch the device on from the unit or directly from the iTENS app on your smartphone. Select the preset setting for ankle tendonitis and let the machine do its job. Additionally, effective TENS machines can relax the feet and improve blood circulation and oxygen flow in the area.

Since our feet work hard every day and bear the body’s weight, it deserves to have the best treatment possible. Moreover, consult a medical professional for proper instructions of a TENS unit for your condition. Use iTENS as the TENS unit for ankle tendonitis and other body pains for a drug-free and non-invasive source of pain relief. The iTENS is one of the first wireless TENS devices with FDA approval and is available over-the-counter and online nationwide.

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