The TENS is wearable tech meeting digital health at its finest. It is thin, lightweight and can be discreetly worn underneath your clothing. There are no wires to get in the way, and the device can be easily controlled from the convenience of an app on your smartphone.

The TENS incorporates advanced TENS electronics, a state-of-the-art APP, and an energy-efficient lithium-ion battery that provides exceptional battery life for on-the-go daily use. The TENS is safe, drug-free, easy to use, and most importantly, an effective tool in managing your pain.


  • Apply plug-n-play body part settings

    tens machine app
  • Apply settings based on a specific pain condition

    tens machine app
  • Customize and save your settings

    tens machine app
  • Track and chart your pain results

    tens machine app
  • Apply plug-n-play home screen

    tens machine app


  • FDA cleared, drug-free alternative for treatment of a variety of pain conditions
  • Shape allows for a flexible and contoured fit around most joints and body parts
  • Thin, lightweight, comfortable, and discreet for use under clothing and on the go
  • Wirelessly syncs via Bluetooth to the TENS App (available for IOS and Android devices)
  • Medical grade strength with no prescription required
  • Low-cost replacement gel pads make using TENS cost effective


  • 1 complete TENS Wireless TENS Unit installed into Wings
  • 1 pair of reusable TENS gel pads
  • 1 resealable poly bag for storing the iTENS device and pads
  • 1 charging dock with USB charging cord for use with lithium-ion powered device
  • 1 Quick Start Guide (Complete Users Manual is available in-App)
  • 1 year warranty on the TENS electronic device
  • 6 month warranty on flexible Wings

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