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TENS Machine for Wrist Pain

TENS therapy is an all-natural, safe, and drug-free way to manage your pain effectively. When properly used, the TENS device has little to no side effects and can help you relieve pain without using medications. TENS machines work by blocking the pain signals and preventing them from reaching the brain through electrical impulses that run through the electrodes or pads. If you are experiencing wrist and hand pains; consider using a TENS machine for wrist pain.

Using a TENS machine for wrist pain 

An excellent and easily accessible tool for pain relief is the iTENS wireless device. A TENS machine for wrist pain can be a fantastic way to help as a pain management device. When you use a TENS device on the wrist, hand, and forearm, it can help with relieving muscle tension and help with blood circulation. Using TENS therapy can give you practical and instant pain relief. 

Causes of wrist and hand pain 

There are four common known causes of wrist and hand pain. Using a tens machine for wrist pain can help relieve pain with these: 

  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Acute injury 
  • Repetitive strain injury 
  • Nerve damage 

Osteoarthritis is occasionally referred to as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, which can occur in finger joints, the thumb, or the wrist. 

You should consult your doctor to ensure that your condition has been determined and that you follow all medical advice given. 

TENS therapy with iTENS

Suppose you are diagnosed with chronic or degenerative wrist pain. Your pain management program should include and consider various methods for pain relief and should offer drug-free options. 

We can suggest using our iTENS wireless tens machine for wrist pain or chronic hand pain; the iTENS wireless tens machine can be used daily – without the fear of side effects; it is a drug-free way to relieve pain and discomfort. The iTENS pain relief device will be a worthwhile investment for managing your pain, and it is compact and portable. You can use the iTENS in the comforts of your home or when you are on the go. TENS therapy is non-invasive and safe to use as often as needed for relieving pain. 

For the best and most effective way, you can place the pads on either side of the pain area where your hand or wrist pain is as bad as possible. You can adjust the pads and set the intensity of the program setting until you find a suitable TENS treatment that works best for you. 

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