Using TENS to Relief Pain

TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, employs an electrical current to help relief pain. This electrotherapy stimulates the sensory nerves to reduce acute and chronic pain. A TENS unit is a battery-operated device that uses electrode pads to transmit electrical impulses. Additionally, your skin is where the pads are placed, then apply the electrodes to the pain area to help with pain relief. 

iTENS is an excellent example of a TENS machine effective in relief pain. Also, it will help you manage your pain while following your regular schedule. For several injuries and conditions, the iTENS is utilised to reduce discomfort. Thus, it is frequently used to treat bones, joints, and muscle pains. iTENS Australia provides an excellent selection of iTENS units nationwide. Additionally, using iTENS has several benefits and will help you improve your quality of life.  

How Do TENS Work to Relief Pain? 

It is crucial to be aware of other possibilities even though traditional treatments like analgesics can be successful. In addition, a non-invasive method to relief pain is TENS therapy. According to physical therapists, patients with chronic conditions may benefit from electrotherapy or TENS. Therefore, understanding how TENS therapy functions are crucial if you are new to it or unfamiliar with it. A TENS unit, first and foremost, is a small, battery-powered device with electrode pads. The conventional wired units would be used in hospitals or therapy facilities to enable electrical stimulation. However, today’s electrotherapy equipment uses cordless electrodes for more accessible and adaptable use, such as the iTENS from iTENS Australia. 

Electrodes send small electrical pulses to the sensory nerves through the skin. Furthermore, the Pain Gate Control and Endorphin Release Theories form the foundation of TENS. According to Pain Gate Control, the spinal cord features a gating system of nerves. Moreover, neural pathways manage the flow of pain signals. The electrical pulses in TENS therapy stimulate the nerves to block the pain signals from reaching the brain. The endorphin release theory states that these electrical signals help the body produce more endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Meanwhile, to deliver efficient and long-lasting help, the iTENS from iTENS Australia can be an excellent option for relief pain.  


What Conditions Can TENS Treat? 

A TENS unit is an effective daily pain management tool since it can treat various pain symptoms. Also, the wireless electrode pads of iTENS are lightweight, thin, flexible, and easily concealed. When worn beneath clothing, they hardly draw attention. Because the wireless iTENS does not limit the range of motion, many people utilise it at work or on the go. iTENS also avoided the trouble of tangled wires or breakage by going wireless. A TENS device is effective in relief pain and can treat the most common pain conditions such as: 

Why Is TENS Effective in Relief Pain 

Everybody feels pain differently. Each person can be affected individually by the same condition. Similarly, individuals who use electric pain stimulation experience a variety of outcomes. For instance, some users find relief instantly, while others report therapeutic results following the therapy. Consequently, you can adjust your TENS treatment based on how your body responds to the electrical stimulation. The following benefits for relief pain are also available: 

  • Immediate feedback – When a TENS machine applies external stimulation, the stimulated nerves respond immediately. Thus, the nerve fibres experience less pain due to the electrical pulses. 
  • Drug-free – Without the use of oral drugs, TENS therapy can reduce pain. Hence, it is low-risk and won’t impact your health in the long run. Without being concerned about any adverse effects, you can use TENS as needed. 
  • Non-invasive – Through the skin’s surface, TENS delivers electrical currents. Moreover, without requiring surgery, it effectively treats mild to moderate symptoms. The TENS electrode pads also adhere tightly to the skin without leaving any lasting stains. 
  • Controllable – A TENS device with customisable settings, like the iTENS, enables you to alter your course of therapy. With TENS, you may regulate the settings of the device. Also, you can achieve the best results by experimenting with various changes. 
  • Painless – The electrical pulses are not harmful enough to cause more damage. As a result, the sensation is intense but not painful or uncomfortable. 

When To Use TENS  

You can use a TENS device to relief pain because it has few adverse effects. Also, TENS is a drug-free method of treating pain. However, it would be best if you considered a few safety precautions. Do not use a TENS device if: 

  • You have a metal electronic gadget inserted (cardioverter, defibrillator, pacemakers, neurostimulators) 
  • Are pregnant. You can use TENS to relieve labour pain, but it is not in the first trimester of pregnancy. 
  • You have cancer. Additionally, it is advised not to use TENS if you have had cancer in the past, preferably within the last five years. 
  • If you have epilepsy or have any heart conditions or disorders, avoid using TENS because it could result in seizures or other issues. 
  • Do not use TENS while driving, sleeping, and in wet areas. 

TENS to relief pain may be used as often as necessary. However, it should only be used for thirty minutes per session, with rests of at least twenty minutes. The iTENS electrode pads are portable, light, and compact, making it simple to attach them to various body parts. The gel pads are also simple to maintain. Moreover, the iTENS pads are very discreet and virtually invisible beneath clothing. As a result, iTENS can be used while working. Also, the wing-shaped places are ideally suited for covering the key locations.  

Where To Place the Electrode Pads 

A TENS unit is a non-toxic yet very effective treatment option to relief pain. Additionally, TENS has some safety measures in place, much like most medical gadgets. Do not apply the adhesive electrode pads to the following body parts: 

  • Across the eyes 
  • The front of the neck 
  • Directly in front of the chest 
  • On an open wound or broken skin 
  • In areas where there at tumours 
  • Directly over the spine 
  • Internally 
  • Numb skin and damaged nerves 
  • Infected area 

Before using TENS, check with your physician or physical therapist. It would help if you had a diagnosis to make the therapy more effective in relief pain. Ask your doctor if a TENS machine is a safe alternative for you. 

iTENS: Best TENS to Relief Pain 

You can treat acute and chronic symptoms more effectively using correct pain management techniques. You can use TENS alone or in conjunction with other therapy. Furthermore, you can control pain with the iTENS from iTENS Australia without further harm. You can reuse the adhesive pads before replacing them. As a result, it is an affordable management technique to relief pain. 

Additionally, the FDA has cleared the iTENS as a secure wireless electric pain reliever. The tool is of professional-grade quality and can be compared with TENS equipment used by physiotherapists. Everyone can utilise relief pain through iTENS Australia’s website, which offers wireless iTENS online nationwide.