Using TENS to Relief Pain

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, widely known as TENS, is a therapy that uses an electrical current to give relief pain massage. TENS is a type of electrical stimulation that offers acute and chronic pain relief by activating the sensory nerves. A TENS unit is a battery-powered machine that sends electrical impulses via electrode pads. The pads are placed on the surface of your skin. You just need to place the electrodes on the part of your body where you feel the pain or at the pressure points to experience pain relief. 

Chronic pain management demands consistency, between visits to your doctor, pain expert, physical therapist, acupuncturist, or massage therapist. There are prescriptions to remember as well as diet, exercise, and stress-reduction programs to follow. We understand that this will require time and not to mention will be costly.

That is why we introduce to you the iTENS to give relief pain massage to you. It will assist you in your pain relief treatment while keeping you on track with your everyday routine. The iTENS is used to relieve pain for a variety of conditions and ailments. It is most commonly applied to treat muscular, joint or bone. It treats issues associated with conditions like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia. And ailments like lower back pain, neck discomfort, tendonitis or bursitis. TENS has also been used to relieve short-term (acute) pain, such as labor pain as well as long-term (chronic) pain, such as cancer pain. 

The iTENS to relief pain

The iTENS function in two ways in terms of pain relief. First, the electric current activates nerve cells, which inhibit the transmission of pain signals, therefore altering your experience of pain. And second, the nerve stimulation increases the level of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killers. Endorphins then prevent the feeling of pain. The pain gate mechanism includes the stimulation of sensory fibers through the spinal cord and up to the higher centers to help give relief pain stimulation. Nerve fibers appear to benefit from being stimulated at an even higher frequency (in the order of 50 – 100 Hz). This device is wearable and wireless, and it may be readily concealed underneath your clothing. The gadget comes with an app that can adjust the device’s settings and track the progress of your pain alleviation and can also be used manually. 

The smartphone app for iTENS is impressive. You may select from a broad range of pre-programmed treatments based on a body part (such as the shoulder or lower back). Or an ailment (such as sciatica or muscle spasm). You may also directly generate and record your own unique patterns. As well as set favorites for easy access to the modes and applications you use the most. So, if you are looking for the best and efficient way for relief pain, iTENS is the perfect device for you. 

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