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Guide on TENS Pad Placement

TENS gel pads 

Pre-gelled pads are very convenient and practical; they stick to the body firmly. They are, however, expendable. Eventually, the gel pads will lose their stickiness from the wear and tear, and the electrical pulses will not feel as strong as before. Keep in mind that at this point, you should ensure to replace the gel pads. The iTENS gel pads are reusable and replaceable and suitable for 15 – 20 applications per set. Make sure that the gel pads are clean and appropriately follow recommended TENS pad placement for best results. 

TENS pad placement tips 

Each person suffers from varying pain disorders. It is recommended that you try different options to know what is the most effective for your needs. The placement of the pads can be crucial in achieving the best benefits with your TENS therapy session. 

  • Pads are recommended to be placed at the pain point. 
  • You may place the pads on areas on ankles, wrists, or the nape of the neck. 
  • Choose a TENS pad placement that is not over significant muscles. 
  • If you cannot avoid placing it over muscle tissue, you should set the program’s intensity to the lowest setting to prevent muscle twitching. 
  • You may use TENS therapy daily and for as long as you require pain relief. 

TENS pad placement 

  • Shoulder, waist, and lower back pain: You can place the pads on the pain point with the backbone as the center. 
  • Joint pain: You can place the pads on either side of the joint or pain point. 
  • Leg & calf: You can place the pads onto the upper and lower calf. 
  • Ankle & foot: You can place the pad to the sole and another to the calf. 

If you are new to using TENS therapy for pain relief, iTENS provides a guide for where you should put your TENS unit pads. Using a wireless TENS machine like the iTENS is straightforward and effectively helps you with pain relief. 

Skin Care 

  • It is recommended that you clean the skin area where the TENS pad placement are. Use mild soap and water before and after each TENS therapy session. 
  • Excess hair on the area where the pads will be placed may be removed. 
  • When you are done, and about to remove the pads from your skin, you should try removing them by pulling in the direction of hair growth to avoid skin irritation. 
  • IMPORTANT – You should not place the pads over irritated or broken skin. 

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