TENS Machine Replacement Pads for iTENS

TENS Machine Replacement Pads Information 

Are gel pads necessary? 

The answer is Yes, the iTENS wireless TENS machine can and should only be used with the iTENS gel pads; these gel pads are explicitly made for iTENS products. If you do not use gel pads while using the TENS device, you may experience skin irritation or burns. Please make sure you do not use the iTENS device without the gel pads. TENS machine replacement pads for iTENS are available for purchase online. 

Where to buy new gel pads? 

You can purchase new TENS machine replacement pads directly from our online store iTENS.com.au. iTENS offers 3 kinds of gel pads for the 3 wing sizes. The replacement gel pads are available in Small, Large, and Long strips. These Peel ‘n Stick gel pads can be reused and replaced whenever you want. The gel pads are suitable for 15 – 25 uses per set. Each gel pad pack contains 3 sets, meaning you will get 45 – 60 uses in total. 

How long does TENS machine replacement pads last?

The iTENS TENS machine replacement pads can be used for up to 15-25 applications per set. If you notice that the quality of stimulation from the device starts to diminish, it may be because of the gel pads’ state. With frequent use, the gel pads may begin to lose their stickiness; you can rehydrate the gel pads with a few drops of water to make them sticky again. Remember to dry the gel pads before placing them onto your skin. 

The body’s natural oils, body lotion, and sweat may affect the gel pads’ capability to stick onto the skin properly. You should clean the skin where you plan to place the pads with gentle soap and water before placing your iTENS wireless device to ensure excellent adhesion. If your gel pads do not stick to your skin any longer, it is recommended that you get TENS machine replacement pads. 

The number of times you can use the gel pads will vary, you cannot make the gel pads last forever, but you can certainly prolong their effect. It would be best to remember to prepare and clean the skin, and it is crucial to follow proper storage of the gel pads when not in use. 

How long can you use the iTENS device? 

You can use your iTENS device daily and as many times as you like. Getting TENS machine replacement pads are recommended if you use them frequently. You do not have to remove the device between TENS therapy sessions. Still, you should regularly rest between the TENS therapy sessions and check the skin under the gel pads for redness or skin irritation. Some people may have slight allergic reactions to the gel, and if your skin becomes irritated, you should discontinue the usage and consult a medical expert. 

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