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TENS Unit Pads Maintenance Guide

TENS machines require minimal maintenance. And the durability of the TENS unit pads can be promoted with the help of adequate skin preparation and mindful post-use storage. 

It would be best to keep in mind that a suitable electrode or unit pad care and taking note that charging the battery is needed will be required. The life of the battery is based on the number of times the unit is used and the intensity of the programs you have set. You may not be able to make your TENS unit pads last forever, but you can definitely care for them in a way that would make them last longer.  

Skin Preparation 

You should always clean your skin with gentle soap and water before placing the TENS unit pads over your skin. By doing this, it will help eliminate any natural body oils that may reduce the stickiness on the electrode pads. If you think you pads are less adhesive than they used to be, it may be because of dirt or oil. 

Cleaning and preparing your skin before a TENS treatment will help the unit pads last longer. It is also advisable that the skin area is free from cosmetics by cleaning it with an alcohol swab. By doing this, it will also prepare the perfect surface contact for every TENS treatment period. 

Keep your tens unit pads clean

After each TENS treatment, you should care for your TENS unit pads by cleaning them with a moist cloth. It is advisable when cleaning the pads, that you are using a towel or a washcloth. Make sure not to use an object that may leave debris or residue, like paper towels. Just some droplets of water can help re-establish some of the stickiness of the gel pads. But make sure that you are aware and be careful not to over saturate them. For a more effective method to make the pads adhesive again. You may opt to use an electrode gel or electrolyte spray.  

While there are multiple ways to care for your tens unit pads to make them long-lasting. Eventually, the pads will need to be replaced. Proper safekeeping and pad positioning can make all the difference in getting the most benefit out of your TENS unit.  

iTENS offer a wide range of high-quality replacement pads that will suit each individual’s needs and preferences. The TENS unit pads are the touchpoints on your skin where your TENS machine will direct the nerve stimulation to help with easing the pain and discomfort. The quality of the unit pads will directly influence the effectiveness of your unit. With our excellent quality gel pads, you can be guaranteed that your iTENS device will provide you pain relief as it should. 

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