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How often should you use the iTENS Machine?

There are many pain killers on the market today. But you have no way of knowing whether they will completely relieve your pain. They may even have a long-term effect on your health. The good thing is even if you don’t take any pain relievers, there are some better and effective ways to minimize your pain. Electrotherapy has been around for a long time, but it has only recently become more widely available.  Back then, units were only available for usage in professional settings. But now, they are already available for home-use as well. With electrotherapy growing, a flood of questions regarding how it works are being asked. At iTENS, we’re frequently asked, “How often should you use the iTENS Machine?”

The iTENS machine is a pain-relieving Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) that transmits gentle electrical currents through the skin and sends it to the body’s nerve or muscle fibers. This device reduces pain by preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. Two features distinguish the iTENS and make it a better pain treatment option. First, it is wireless and has a range of modes and options that can be operated. Second, you can control it from an iOS or Android device. Some people say that the iTENS has the appearance of a flat dragonfly because it has electrical pads that look like wings, which have a removable sticky backing for attaching to your body. The center section has a small circular disc that connects to your smartphone and powers the TENS therapy. 

iTENS Machine Use Frequency

The iTENS’ non-invasive nature also eliminates any possibility of overdose. Using the iTENS machine will generate a great sensation, especially where the pads are placed. So, how frequently should the iTENS machine be used? In essence, you can use it as often as you can. The iTENS machine is a pain-relieving device that works quickly to relieve a variety of pains. The portability of this device is like TENS + EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) unit that is built in a therapeutic way that may be brought with you and be utilized all day. At the very least, consistent use of iTENS machines can lead to more activity, better-quality sleep, and a better mood. All of which will improve your overall health and quality of life. 

Possible adverse consequences 

TENS machine therapy sessions should typically last around 30 minutes, according to healthcare professionals. On the other hand, longer sessions pose no significant hazard as long as you give your skin a rest from the electrode pads every 20 minutes or so. One of the few drawbacks to a TENS is that the electrical currents might induce a stinging, buzzing or prickling feeling, which some individuals find unpleasant. 

The iTENS machine might also irritate the skin if the adhesive pads are in the same place for too long. Anyone who suffers from skin irritation and redness can switch to hypoallergenic products. The electrodes should never be placed on the neck or on your eyes. If you put your electrode pads on your neck, it might cause your blood pressure to drop and spasms to occur. Placing it on your eyes, the TENS electrode pads might increase pressure within the eye, potentially causing harm. 

The iTENS machine isn’t also suitable if you have a pacemaker or metal implant on your body, have a cardiac or heart condition and if you’re pregnant. 

Many individuals use the iTENS machine today because it is safe to use and does not affect your body in a negative way. This TENS device gives you better chances of finding long-lasting pain relief and regaining your life from suffering. There is no doubt that most individuals choose iTENS because it is beneficial to their health.

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