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TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an electrotherapy that sends tiny electrical currents to stimulate the nerves through the skin. The TENS machine is a portable device placed on a painful area to reduce pain and soreness. Since the reviews of the benefits of this machine are starting to spread, people have started asking themselves, “Where can I find a TENS machine near me?”. Have you heard about iTENS? The iTENS machine is a cutting-edge electrotherapy device that combines easily wearable technology with the long-lasting pain treatment of a TENS unit. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the world’s first FDA-cleared, “true” wireless TENS treatment device. It can be managed via an iOS or Android smartphone app and used manually. Also, this authorised over-the-counter, drug-free method of pain relief does not require a prescription.    

Before finding a “TENS machine near me”, it is essential to know what a TENS machine is and how it works. The following sections will deliver more details regarding this matter.    

TENS Machine Near Me: What is TENS?

Since the mid-1960s, healthcare providers have used electricity to help reduce pain. This method of pain management delivers electricity directly to the target body areas. This method uses a machine called TENS for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The device sends electrical pulses via the skin to activate endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. While using a “TENS machine near me” unit, you will feel a non-painful throbbing or tingling sensation. Also, the TENS machine can be classified into three categories:   

  • TENS Conventional (HIGH) – It entails using a low-intensity/high-frequency current to provide a strong but comfortable sensation for 30 minutes.   
  • Acupuncture-like TENS (LOW) – This type of TENS uses a high-intensity, low-frequency current to provide a powerful but comforting sensation over muscles or acupuncture sites. It lasts less than 20 minutes.   
  • Brief Intense TENS – This type of TENS uses a high-intensity, high-frequency current. It does not last longer than 5 minutes. 

TENS Machine Near Me: How does it Work?   

Finding a “TENS machine near me” is easy. However, it is also essential to know how a TENS machine work. TENS can help with arthritis and other joint pain, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, and neuropathic pain, among other conditions. In two ways, this device can assist in pain control or relief. The first is the stimulus on a sensory level. According to the Gate Control Pain Theory, a TENS device’s electromagnetic pulse disrupts the transmission of pain signals by blocking the “neural gate” through which pain passes. Then, there’s the stimulation at the motor level. By increasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, motor level stimulation seeks to relieve pain. Thus, therapists commonly use it to aid muscle activation rhythms.    

Pain therapy with a TENS unit for pain can be categorised as low or high frequency. Low frequency is 10 Hz or less, and high frequency is 50 to 100 Hz or more. Low frequencies stimulate the body’s production of neurotransmitters and endorphins, which reduce pain. Pain gating is a technique that uses high frequencies to mask the pain while electrical impulses pass down the spine. You may start at the lowest settings and slowly work your way up. As the intensity increases, the currents should be firm but not uncomfortable. TENS also helps in the faster mending of muscle and tissue abnormalities. As a result, it offers the ideal experience a “TENS machine near me” can provide.   

iTENS: The Wireless TENS Machine

If you are searching for the best “TENS machine near me”, look no further than with iTENS. TENS therapy will be perfect for you if you seek back, muscular or joint pain treatment. TENS therapy includes applying conductive adhesive pads to painful areas and attaching them to a power pack. It can be programmed to supply electrical impulses through the skin to block pain signals before reaching the brain. The iTENS gives the same form of therapy treatment. Moreover, it is intended to provide pain relief without the typical tangled cables of traditional TENS devices. The Small Wings Kit provides the flexibility required for pain treatment in smaller and more flexible regions such as your ankle, knee, elbow and wrist. Furthermore, the Large Wings Kit provides the most coverage for your pain locations, including the back, shoulder and other large treatment areas.  

The iTENS resembles a flat dragonfly. The wings are the electrical pads with a changeable adhesive backing that allows them to cling to your body. The middle section contains a tiny circular disc that links to your smartphone and powers the TENS treatment. It is rechargeable and detaches to sit on the charging base when needed. Also, the iTENS machine can run for up to 24 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it has interchangeable gel pads that are good for 10-15 treatments. Therefore, the iTENS is the best “TENS machine near me” you can have.    


Where can I Find the iTENS Machine Near Me?  

If you have decided to avail a “TENS machine near me”, you may consider getting the best wireless TENS machine in iTENS Australia. The iTENS is the market’s most modern, innovative, and portable wireless TENS system. Additionally, the iTENS has numerous operating modes and treatment choices that are nicely arranged for the user into configurations.   

You don’t have to look for a “TENS machine near me” by going out and leaving your home in this modern-day. Instead, you can access iTENS Australia’s official website and purchase the wireless iTENS online without hassle.  Here at iTENS, each TENS machine can be dispatched anywhere in Australia, with all the products in stock and ready for shipping from the service centre in New South Wales. Once the shipping department has confirmed your transaction, you will receive an email with tracking information. Orders are often handled on the same day. Some of our products go on sale, so better check our website for these:   

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Finding the best “TENS machine near me” has been made easy by iTENS Australia. We offer the iTENS machine, a cutting-edge electrotherapy device that combines easily wearable technology with the long-lasting pain treatment of a TENS unit. There is no reason for you to leave home to purchase one. You can check the complete selections online to avail discounts on sale items. With just a click on our website, you can now have the best wireless iTENS and the comfort that a TENS machine brings.