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Where to Buy EMS Machine in Australia – iTENS Australia

Various physical conditions need different treatment strategies for relief or conditioning. One of the top reasons people seek medical help is to treat or ease body pain. Body aches are common symptoms of overuse of muscles or an underlying illness. For example, lifting heavy objects all day can strain the muscles and cause nerve damage. Some body pains are minor and go away on their own, while some can be extreme and need remedies. The good news is that there are many recourses to improve your condition, and one of them is electrical stimulation. E-stim or electrotherapies are a sustainable method to relieve pain and improve physical function. In line with this, EMS (electric muscle stimulator) is a popular therapy targeting the muscles. You can buy EMS machine in Australia to help you treat a wide range of muscle conditions. 

The first EMS machines are big and bulky and used by physicians in clinics to treat acute and chronic illnesses. An EMS machine uses electrical currents to stimulate muscle fibres to contract. Since its early use, EMS has gained popularity among athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their training and performance. Athletes doing high-intensity training benefit from the muscle contractions that EMS brings. They use it to help their body recover faster and strengthen the muscles. Today, the portability of EMS makes it appealing to a broader audience. In addition, people buy EMS machines for muscle toning or post-exercise recovery. 

Buy EMS Machine: Benefits of EMS

There are many advantages of why you should buy EMS machine in Australia. With the many sports and activities available, you need one to keep you in top condition. 

  • Build Muscle Strength – The electrical pulses stimulate the muscles and improve their strength, power, and endurance. The muscle contractions are similar to the voluntary contractions in strength training. 
  • Accelerate Recovery – The electrical stimulation enhances oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. The increased blood circulation relaxes the muscles and reduces their soreness. As a result, it aids in the faster healing of damaged muscles or injuries. In addition, people recovering from surgery also use EMS for faster rehabilitation. 
  • Improve Performance – EMS helps restore range of motion and enhance overall fitness performance. It is best to use EMS alongside a physical workout or training. 
  • Prevention – EMS prevents muscle atrophy and further damage to the muscles. 

Buy EMS Machine: How EMS Works

EMS is a battery-operated device consisting of electrodes connected to wires with pads and placed on the skin. The electrodes transmit electrical impulses in the affected area to trigger involuntary contractions of the muscles. To illustrate, when you physically contract a muscle, only 30% are used while 70% are resting. EMS focuses on weak muscle fibres and stimulates them even in a resting state, as if you’ve been exercising. By varying frequencies, the electrical signals focus on key muscle groups to improve strength and blood flow. As a result, it improves muscle performance in weak or injured areas. Moreover, anybody experiencing muscle pain can use an EMS machine. Anybody can buy EMS machine in Australia without a prescription. 

Buy EMS Machine: Using the Device

EMS machines work the same way as sending electrical signals to the targeted areas. However, choosing an EMS machine for personal use can be overwhelming. There are many options to choose from with different features. If you plan to buy EMS machine, looking for these features and functions would be the best guide.

  • Intensity Controls – an EMS unit lets you control the frequency to suit different needs. You can set it low intensity for improved blood circulation and tissue repair or higher power for muscle strengthening. 
  • Pre-set Programs – EMS with pre-set programs gives you convenient access to several modalities for safe and efficient use. You can choose a ready program and begin the stimulation immediately. 
  • Channels – Channels or connections are the available outlets for the lead wires. Some EMS have single channels, and some have dual channels allowing for more electrodes to be placed on the skin. A single channel is best for smaller body areas, while a dual channel for broader areas like the back. 
  • Combo Unit – Contemporary e-stim machines combine EMS and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) in one unit.


Should you buy EMS machine or TENS? Many people are confused with the difference between EMS and TENS. They both use electrical stimulation but address different areas. EMS mainly targets muscles groups for stimulation or relaxation, while TENS works on nerves for temporary pain relief. Like EMS, TENS employs electrodes to transmit electrical impulses to the body through the skin. The electrical impulses reach the nerve fibres stimulating them to reduce pain. According to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, the spinal cord has a “neural gate” that controls the passage of pain signals. The electrical stimulation causes the gate to close, blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. In addition, TENS induces the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural pain relievers. As a result, the body feels reduced pain. 

TENS relieves symptoms from acute and chronic conditions like arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, and period pain. You can buy EMS machine with TENS if you are also dealing with chronic pain. In line with this, the iTENS is a wireless TENS and EMS machine for pain relief and muscle relaxation. The device can pair to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition, the iTENS smartphone app features pre-set programs and customisable settings. For instance, you can choose your treatment based on conditions or body parts from the pre-set mode for convenient use. On the other hand, the Manual mode lets you personalise your treatment by inputting your frequency, pulse rate, waveform, and duration. 


Where to Purchase an EMS or TENS Device

iTENS Australia offers iTENS as a cost-efficient solution for pain relief and muscle stimulation. The iTENS has a set of wireless electrodes and adhesive gel pads for convenient application. You can place the pads directly or near the pain site and activate the electrodes from your mobile phone. Wireless TENS and EMS is more convenient since no messy wires will limit movement. In addition, the iTENS slim and flexible pads are light and discreet when worn underneath the clothes. Therefore, you can use iTENS while working or doing physical activities. Moreover, EMS and TENS devices are safe and non-invasive. They do not cause adverse side effects, and is an excellent drug-free alternative to oral painkillers. For best results, consult your physician on using EMS and TENS for your condition correctly. You can buy EMS machine and TENS over the counter in pharmacies or directly from the iTENS Australia website. 

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