iTENS Australia TENS Machine Priceline Guide

If you are concerned about your budget for getting a TENS device, the iTENS Australia TENS machine priceline guide will certainly make it easy for you to decide what is worthwhile for your pain therapy needs. 

TENS Machine Priceline Guide

TENS Pain Relief Kits – $̶1̶4̶9̶ – $99.97

The iTENS Pain Relief kits include everything you need to help you start wireless pain relief. 

  • TENS Pain Relief – Small Wing Kit ( Generation 2 ) 
  • TENS Pain Relief – Large Wing Kit ( Generation 2 ) 

Accessory – Spare Wings – $29.95 

The Spare Wings are interchangeable or replacement wings that are compatible with all iTENS devices. Having different Wing sizes helps if you have various pain points, you can easily change between Spare Wings for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Small Spare Wing
  • Large Spare Wing
  • Long Spare Wing

Accessory – Gel Pads – $12.95 

These reusable, long-lasting, and replaceable gel pads are good for about 15 – 20 uses per set. Each box contains 3 sets of gel pads, meaning you can get 45 – 60 uses in total per box. 

  • Small Gel Pads
  • Large Gel Pads
  • Long Strip Gel Pads

Looking at the TENS machine priceline. If you are interested in getting your own tens units, you should consider the iTENS Pain Relief Kits. The iTENS is safe, drug-free, convenient, and notably, the best effective device for managing your pain and easing discomfort. 


  • The iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS unit, and it is a drug-free alternative for pain management and easing discomfort. 
  • The shape of the wings allows for a flexible and perfect fit for the curves around most joints and body parts. 
  • The TENS device is thin, light, snug, and discreet for when you want to use it when you are outside and on the go. 
  • The device wirelessly syncs via Bluetooth to the TENS state-of-the-art App (available for IOS and Android devices), so you can easily control the tens device. 
  • It has medical grade strength, and no prescription is needed to purchase. 
  • iTENS have an inexpensive replacement and worthwhile gel pads and spare wings that make using the iTENS unit cost-effective 


  • A complete iTENS Wireless pain relief Unit that is pre-installed into the Wings 
  • 1 pair of reusable and replaceable TENS gel pads (which are good for 15 – 20 applications per set) 
  • A resealable bag for storing the iTENS device and pads when not in use. 
  • 1 charging dock and USB charging cord for use with lithium-ion powered device 
  • A manual for your tens device (Complete Users Manual is available in-App) 
  • 1-year warranty on the TENS electronic device 
  • 6-month warranty on flexible Wings 

Considering the TENS machine priceline, the TENS Pain Relief Kits are the most worthwhile and advantageous investment if you are interested in getting a TENS device for pain management. TENS machines require minimal maintenance while giving you long-lasting pain relief.

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