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TENS Machine Priceline: iTENS Australia Guide

A large and long wing electrode with refill gel pads

Many people suffer from acute and chronic pain conditions worldwide. Some may turn to pain medicines for quick relief, but these can have many adverse effects with short and long-term use. Hence, many are also interested in alternative treatment methods. One option is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). It provides a non-invasive and drug-free pain management method that is helpful for many conditions. Moreover, the iTENS from iTENS Australia is a wireless TENS unit that is popular for its innovative wing-shaped electrodes and convenient smartphone connectivity. People who are interested in the iTENS may check this TENS machine priceline guide.

There are many options for TENS machines available in the market. People can opt to buy in pharmacies or medical supply stores. However, many also choose to buy these products online for good deals. They may also choose to consult with their healthcare provider for advice. Some doctors or physical therapists may provide product recommendations or advice on what features to look for. This article will present information on the prices of the iTENS kits and accessories, the items included in the kits, and the features.

TENS Machine Priceline: iTENS Kits and Accessories Guide

The iTENS Pain Relief kits include everything people may need to help them experience wireless pain relief. Both small and large wing kits are normally priced at $149. However, the discounted prices may lower the cost of each kit to $119. In addition to the kit, iTENS Australia also offers packages consisting of multiple electrodes, refill gel pads, and a charging dock. The multi-condition package costs $218. Meanwhile, the multi-pain point package is priced at $307.

For accessories, the spare wings are interchangeable or replacement wings that are compatible with all iTENS devices. Having different wing sizes helps people with various pain points. They can easily change between spare wings for maximum effectiveness. The different types are the Small Spare Wing, Large Spare Wing, and Long Spare Wing. Without gels, they cost $29.97. The bundles with refill gel pads cost $39.97.

Meanwhile, the gel packs cost $12.97. These reusable, long-lasting, and replaceable gel pads are good for about 15 – 20 uses per set. Each box contains 3 sets of gel pads, meaning users can get 45 – 60 uses in total per box. 

  • Small Gel Pads
  • Large Gel Pads
  • Long Strip Gel Pads

Looking at the TENS machine priceline, If someone is interested in getting their own tens units, they should consider the iTENS Pain Relief Kits. The iTENS is safe, drug-free, convenient, and notably, the most effective device for managing their pain and easing discomfort. 

A large wing electrode with refill gel pads

TENS Machine Priceline: Items Included in the Kits

The following are the items included in an iTENS kit:

  • A complete iTENS wireless pain relief unit that is pre-installed into the wings.
  • One set of reusable and replaceable TENS gel pads (which can last 15 to 20 applications per set).
  • A resealable bag for storing the iTENS device and pads when not in use. 
  • One charging dock and USB charging cord for use with lithium-ion powered devices.
  • A quick start guide for the unit (a complete user manual is available in the app) 
  • A one-year warranty on the TENS electronic device. 
  • There is a six-month warranty on flexible wings.

Considering the TENS machine priceline, the pain relief kits can be a worthwhile and advantageous investment for people who are interested in getting a TENS device for pain management. Buying a TENS machine does not require a prescription. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance and are easy to self-administer. This makes them ideal for long-lasting pain relief.

A guide on how to the iTENS app

TENS Machine Priceline: iTENS Features

The iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS unit. In addition, it is a drug-free alternative for pain management and easing discomfort. It works on various conditions, making it an ideal investment, especially for those with chronic pain conditions.

The shape of the iTENS electrode wings allows for a flexible and perfect fit for the curves around most joints and body parts. Since it is thin, light, and snug, it can be easily worn under clothing. This can be helpful for those who want to use it discreetly outside of their homes. Furthermore, the device wirelessly syncs via Bluetooth to the TENS state-of-the-art app (available for IOS and Android devices), so individuals can easily control the TENS device without touching the electrodes.

Another feature of the iTENS is that it has medical-grade strength, but it does not require a prescription before purchasing one. Lastly, the iTENS has inexpensive replacement accessories. This includes the worthwhile gel pads and spare wings that make using the iTENS unit cost-effective, considering the TENS machine priceline.

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