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What is the Best Bluetooth TENS Unit?

Pain management is and has always been an ongoing issue for many. Pain can present itself as a constant and persistent sharp, shooting, burning, or throbbing sensation. Fortunately, many methods and treatments can effectively help manage pain. Oral pain medication, exercise and stretching via physical therapy, and electrotherapy are the common forms of treatment. Electrotherapy is a process that includes using low-voltage impulses to help decrease pain. In electrotherapy, we can treat pain by using a TENS device. It is a machine that delivers electrical impulses using its electrode pads that are attachable to your skin. TENS machines can either be wired or wireless. An excellent example of an effective wireless TENS unit is the iTENS, the best Bluetooth TENS unit.

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the best Bluetooth TENS unit because it can provide effective treatment without wires. A TENS machine works by sending electrical impulses through our skin. These impulses stimulate our nerves and induce a reaction that helps close our pain pathways. When the pathways close, pain signals become less likely to reach our brains. This reaction and explanation fall under the “Gate Control Theory” for pain management. Additionally, to further help reduce even more pain, the electrical impulses improve endorphin release. Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers. Nerve stimulation and endorphin release effectively ease the pain we would usually feel.

What Can TENS Devices Treat

TENS devices like the iTENS can effectively help reduce the pain symptoms of several common conditions. Electrotherapy can help treat the pain symptoms of conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, and sciatica. Furthermore, TENS devices can also help other pain-related issues like period and muscle pain. However, it is important to note that TENS treatment does not cure these conditions. Electrotherapy is only a form of therapy that can help improve your comfort when dealing with these health conditions. Devices like the iTENS, the best Bluetooth TENS unit, can help ease the process of recovery. Without a doubt, your quality of life could drastically improve if you manage to take away most of your pain. These devices can also help you become more active and mobile. When you feel less pain, you will more likely be more capable of moving around. 

TENS devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia can treat several conditions mainly because they are versatile devices. You can attach the iTENS to several body areas effortlessly. However, you should ensure that the electrical impulses do not cross your spine when treating your back. TENS devices should also not be on sensitive areas like your temple (on your head) and spine. The iTENS’ versatility makes it the best Bluetooth TENS unit available. You can effectively place the iTENS on areas like the following: 

  • Back (not on vertebrae) 
  • Shoulder 
  • Knees 
  • Ankles 
  • Wrist 

iTENS: The Best Bluetooth TENS Unit

The iTENS integrates wireless Bluetooth technology with effective TENS pain-relieving technology. With its wireless technology, pain management has become more convenient. A wireless TENS machine allows for more fluid movement even during treatments. This feature will enable you to combine TENS therapy with work, chores, or exercise. Furthermore, this can allow more constant pain treatments, even for constantly busy users. Additionally, the compact size of the iTENS enables you to wear it under your clothes more discreetly. You can move more freely with the iTENS. The iTENS has made pain management more accessible. 

The iTENS accessories allow for more effective and optimal treatments. It has accessories made for specific body areas and come in different sizes. The large electrode wing pads can optimally cover and treat areas like the back. The small wing pads allow treatment in small and flexible areas like the ankle and elbow. The long wing pads can treat long areas like the thigh and the back for conditions like sciatica. Being able to optimally cover the body part’s surface areas that need treatment makes iTENS the best Bluetooth TENS unit. 


Using The iTENS

TENS therapy with the iTENS is easy, which is why people say it is the best Bluetooth TENS unit. You can effortlessly pair with almost any smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, you can use the iTENS App to control your device. Furthermore, you may also manually control the device. The App is free and is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Google devices.

The iTENS App helps make the iTENS from iTENS Australia the best Bluetooth TENS unit available. The App features pre-set settings that allow for optimal and effective treatments. Even if you have limited electrotherapy experience, you can still optimally treat yourself without professional help with iTENS. You can choose the specific condition or body area you want to treat from the long list of pre-set treatments available. Additionally, you may also manually input the settings you want in “manual mode”. This feature adds more personalization to your TENS therapy and can improve your comfort during treatments. You can easily manually change the intensity and frequency of your iTENS device. However, to prevent irritation, professionals recommend being with the lowest intensity available and gradually increasing it. This method can help you safely find the best parameters for your pain.

When Using the Best Bluetooth TENS Unit

When using the best Bluetooth TENS unit, there are still things you should look out for. Cancer patients, pregnant women, epileptic patients, and patients with cardiac pacemakers should not use TENS devices. However, electrotherapy with TENS devices is safe and highly effective for most people. TENS therapy is a safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free method of treating pain. Unlike oral painkillers, pain management with a TENS device does not have adverse side effects. Having no negative side effects allow for more regular treatments. 

You can perform Pain management with the iTENS from iTENS Australia as many times as needed. However, you should make sure you take 20-minute breaks in between sessions. This method can help reduce the likelihood of skin and nerve irritations. Moreover, this allows your body to take in the treatment entirely. When using the best Bluetooth TENS unit, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to make your treatment as effective as possible. Additionally, you may also follow TENS unit pad placement guides to further help with your treatments. 


Purchasing a TENS Unit

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the best Bluetooth TENS unit available, and it can drastically help improve your day-to-day comfort. TENS devices like iTENS can effectively treat acute and chronic pain. Moreover, you can use it for several pain-related conditions and painful body areas, making it a very reasonable investment.

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