TENS Machine Bluetooth and Wireless at iTENS

Chronic pain may develop after an injury or due to a medical condition. People with chronic pain can experience deep throbbing or burning sensations that persist longer than twelve weeks. Because pain is persistent, pain management should be safe, effective, and sustainable. A practical method for alleviating pain is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS. TENS therapy involves stimulating the nerves with mild electrical impulses to reduce pain perception. It also aids in releasing endorphins which act as our body’s natural pain relievers. The iTENS is a modern electrotherapy TENS machine Bluetooth and wireless TENS device for pain relief.

The iTENS TENS machine Bluetooth is suitable for painful conditions like arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, ankle tendonitis and even periods. Similarly, TENS is also favourable for relieving activity-induced pain, injury pain, and post-surgery pain. The modulated frequency of the iTENS is beneficial for relaxing sore muscles and healing damaged nerves. Furthermore, electrical stimulation can also boost blood circulation to the affected area, which helps provide faster recovery and rehabilitation. The iTENS unit, from iTENS Australia, has adhesive gel pads that stick comfortably to the skin in different body areas. Furthermore, the wing-like pads are light and slim and can be worn discreetly underneath the clothes. Therefore, you can use the iTENS while working without disrupting your movements.

iTENS: A TENS Machine Bluetooth and Wireless Device

Replacing the lead wires from a standard TENS, the iTENS uses Bluetooth connectivity to deliver mild electrical impulses through the skin. The TENS machine Bluetooth can wirelessly sync to a mobile app to facilitate electrical stimulation. You may select a wide variety of treatments from the mobile app to start the therapy. The app features pre-set programs based on commonly painful body areas and conditions. For example, you may conveniently choose treatment for the shoulder, upper back or feet and have it start instantly. Each program or mode has predefined parameters for optimal pain relief for a specific condition or body area. This feature allows users to treat themselves even if they have a limited electrotherapy experience. Conversely, you may use manual mode operations to program your settings. For example, you can adjust the frequency, pulse rate, intensity, and duration according to the settings that you’re comfortable with.

The iTENS is a TENS machine Bluetooth and wireless device with FDA approval to be a personal pain relief device. So, if you are looking for a non-invasive and risk-free method for pain relief, the iTENS is for you. Additionally, a TENS device does not have the adverse side effects of oral painkillers. Therefore, you can use TENS machines to manage your chronic pain without repercussions. The iTENS is available for over-the-counter purchases without needing a medical prescription. You can also get the iTENS and its accessories directly from the iTENS Australia website. For best results, consult with a physician or physiotherapist before using a TENS unit for the first time.

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